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First hack you ever played?

I think the first hack I played was super ninji land 2, it's one of my favorites
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I seem to remember that it was New super mario bros 2: around the world it was on those pages of flash games with ads, I could never get far because of the difficulty but they enjoyed it a lot #smrpg{gasp}
Oh! The first SMW hack I can remember playing was Game.bps

It was a halloween hack of Super Mario World, made by Wakana, where Mario
is trapped in this mansion, and you had to make your way out. It was really
fun, difficult, and actually was scary for me.
Originally posted by M A R I O
And your flaming has gotten on the last nerve of people.

Good day.

Wise words from a... Creepy, but wise man.

For me it was rather unique to say the least, Uniquely bad!

This was back in 2006? and It was a spanish hack (I didnt know English that well back then) and it was released on this site called Taringa where they would basically post pirated games or game cracks.

First of all, it came in ROM form, so no patch, back then I was so stupid I thought patching a ROM with an IPS patch was some complex stuff! And it was an odd mix of original levels (which they sucked!) and levels ripped from an early version of Super Demo World (the one with the SMB3 music). It wasnt even finished and the text boxes were filled with insults in Spanish! which was quite funny due to the wrong reasons and mostly cus of the missing ñ's.

After that I learned about Super Demo World - The Legend Continues and I think thats what I would consider the first proper full hack I played. Then I learned about SMW Central (PRE PURGE!!!) and the rest is History!

Now that I think of I feel there's probably a lot of old spanish hacks released on sketchy websites that are just missing to time.
For me, the first SMW hack I played was Mario's Keytastrophe, the old one, not the new Keytastrophe. What invested me into playing this hack was mainly the music and the graphics, which looked amazing.

Sad that the old Keytastrophe hack got cancelled, but hey, it was a great hack to play nonetheless.
I'm not sure what hack is actually the first one that I ever played, but the oldest hacks that I can recall myself playing are Brutal Mario, Kaizo Mario 1, VIP 1-4 and Super Demo World. I know I found out about them on YouTube when I was very young, and I still remember Proton Jon's Kaizo Mario series and Raocow's VIP series very fondly.

I was also a huge fan of the various Automatic Mario videos when these videos were still trending, and the one that comes to mind to me the moment I think about it is the Kumikyoku one. The time and effort put into these always amazed me.

I also remember seeing a hack in the style of SMB1 but it was made in SMW. I think the hack was fairly old (I know I've seen it at least a decade ago) but it looked really well made for the time. I think it combined the graphics from the All Stars version of SMB1 and SMB3.

Eventually after watching some hacks I tried out Lunar Magic for the first time and my first results were very mediocre because I had no knowledge of importing custom assets into my hack, and even if I did my hack's graphics would usually corrupt and I was unable to get it back to how it used to look before it would get corrupted. I remember I was very happy when I managed to get the Hammer Bro and Bowser sprites to work with Romi's spritetool. Good times.
Unconventional-ish answer here: the M A R I O hack. It wasn't the first hack I ever saw or cared about (I had been watching DocSigma's LPs of absurdly hard SMB3 ROM hacks for years at that point), but my fascination with creepypasta was what actually reeled me in and made me want to try and become a part of the community.
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The first ROM hack I've ever played was Toad's World.
Does this strictly apply to SMW hacks or hacks in general?
I don't remember which I played first, but when I started playing SMW romhacks I tried out 2: "Mario's Amazing Adventure" by superwiidude (not the revitalized version) and "Return to Dinosaur Land" by RAGB
Super Mario World 3: The Koopas Strike Back
Super Mario: Grand Journey