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Ugandan Kastle by Xgen_Product

File Name: Ugandan Kastle
Submitted: by Xgen_Product
Authors: Xgen_Product
Type: Original
Purpose: Low Quality
Description: The way can now be shown in SMW, I have no clue why somebody tweeted me to do this. Request by Lilboihax. Includes map16, ExGFXxx, and sample level.
This tileset has a lot of work that needs to be done to it. The first thing that you'll find a lot of people pointing out is the pillow shading. Pillow shading is just a horrible way of doing any kind of value, lighting and texturing. It'd be a good idea to read tutorials or look up articles on how to do proper pixel art; it'll help you to get ahead. A good tile set has many assets to use, all of which fit in with the theme and even expand upon it, opening a variety of uses and opportunities.

It is lacking in variety and usability. It is all very samey looking and that will get very tiring to look at very quick. The original Super Mario World castle tile set has more to it. The coloring is decent, but the sudden black cracks, where there's barely any black anywhere else in the tile set, save for the text, is very distracting and sticks out like a sore thumb. You'd do much better by making decoration tiles like pillars or brick walls and embedding the text in those instead of having it plastered in the foreground.

Lastly, the statue of Ugandan Knuckles doesn't look anything like the actual meme, and since this set is more or less dedicated to Ugandan Knuckles, I expect a certain amount of quality and recognition to be found, neither or which is present. And... not to sound like a prick, but in the description, it's da wae, not the way.#tb{^^}