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Member of the Month ~ March 2018 ~ with a fellow russian sprite remoderator!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ March 2018 ~ with a fellow russian sprite remoderator!
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Man, timezones.

Erik: Hi everyone and welcome to another delayed Member of the Month interview featuring not only opposite timezones, but rising ASMer RussianMan! Just look around in our sections all you will see a fair chunk of submissions he has contributed. Besides that, he's also a helping with the (almost done!) sprite remoderation, and has quite a few hacks uploaded. How are you today?
RussianMan: I'm fine
Erik: Good to hear!

Erik: Let's get to our main talking point. You've been making quite contributions to our ASM sections as I said. What got you started into ASM? Which were your motivations?
RussianMan: I honestly don't remember how I got into ASM, but the programming in general is what I am intersted in
RussianMan: I've seen a lot of cool stuff made for SMW, and I thought that'd be cool if I make something myself
RussianMan: And obviously SMW is my favorite game, which is why I'm programming a lot of cool stuff for others to use
Erik: Yeah most of us start by seeing what cool stuff others do that we want to make.
Erik: Of all the ASM resources that could be done (blocks, patches, etc.) what's your favorite to make and why?
RussianMan: Sprites, because they can be very diffrent in behavor, and they are one of the most important things in level design, you have a lot of possibilities for using them
Erik: I too prefer sprites. More versatile and easy to make in general.
Erik: How would you describe your ability to create ASM? Do you feel you're a pro or are there still things you want to learn?
RussianMan: I think I have a decent knowledge. There are still things to cover and some things to improve. I don't know anything about stuff like Super FX.
RussianMan: I suck at patches. Hopefully I'll make one that will work.
RussianMan: And so on.
Erik: Yeah, no amount of learning is enough amount of learning.
Erik: Do you have any tips for beginner ASMers out there?
RussianMan: Read tutorials.
RussianMan: Ersanio's tutorials are very good, easy to understand. There are also tutorials in tutorials section.
RussianMan: You can look in others code if you don't understand something or want similar behavor.
RussianMan: And most importantly, practice is everything.
Erik: Yeah, that's what I'd say too.
Erik: Moving a bit more site-wide ASM, the sprites remoderation is what allowed you to show your talent to most members. What got you into wanting to apply?
RussianMan: I've noticed some sprites that were easy to remoderate (like removing old simple edits) and I wanted to speed up this procedure. Also, my love for this community and wish to be usefull.
Erik: Good to see you want to help, that's the spirit. What has been your experience with it? Has it left you with new things you learned along the way?
RussianMan: Yes, it greatly improved my knowledge on spriting, some ASM tricks used here and there and stuff. And knowledge about PIXI itself.
Erik: That's great to see!
Erik: Regarding the remoderation, what did you think about working in a team enviroment with different ASMers, each one with its own coding style and opinions on how to make stuff, all working to achieve a single goal? Do you think it wass hard or easy?
RussianMan: I guess easy, because I can ask someone if I don't understand something or something don't work. I didn't got a lot of problems though
Erik: That's nice.
Erik: Anything else you want to add regarding ASM before we move on?
RussianMan: IDK.
RussianMan: Nothing
Erik: lol

Erik: You have quite a fair bit of hacks uploaded to the hack section. Can you tell us a bit about each one of them?
RussianMan: Super Russian World is a VIP styled hack that is intended to feel like good ol' janky collaborative hack, but made only by me
RussianMan: Summer and Winter Seasons are made just for those seasons
RussianMan: Contest Maniac is just a contest entries compilation. Actually it also includes my unreleased entries finished for that hack
RussianMan: Super Mario Lost World is a collab that was a team hack before but turned into collaboration and I took over the leadership. join it
RussianMan: (if, if, if you want to of course)
Erik: wew using this to advertise!
Erik: Do you have any other hacks in the making besides lost world?
RussianMan: Yep. "Eh" is my most recent hack which is Kaizo one, and I am proud of it
RussianMan: Totally Vanilla is... Totally Vanilla hack. Unless you're playing Russian Version (yes, I've planned to translate it to Russian and possibly make it the first Russian hack in the section), which uses a little of ASM and custom font
RussianMan: And there's another collab I am leading which is dead.
Erik: That's quite a lot of hacks!

Erik: Let's pass to more site-wide. How did you find out about SMW hacking and SMW Central?
RussianMan: Ooh a long ago, don't remember much details, but I've found a some videos about SMW hacks. One of them is kaizo, the name of which I don't know and probably won't find out.
RussianMan: After that there's a so-called famous "Brutal Mario"
RussianMan: I liked playing SMW hacks on the internet even though I wasn't able to save my progress and I had to start all over again and again.
RussianMan: I've seen SMWC a few times but I wasn't very interested in it, untill summer 2014, I think? I've started visiting SMWC almost all the day untill I finally registered on may 2015
RussianMan: I've started playing SMW hacks on emulator from october - november 2014, and actually hack them somewere in november of the same year. Again, I'm probably wrong in some cases because I can't remember much.
Erik: That's quite the backstory.
Erik: What are your thoughts in the community?
RussianMan: It's good
Erik: Alright, anything you want to add before going to the random questions?
RussianMan: I don't have much to say, so let's head stright to the random randomness!
Erik: alright!

Erik: Favorite videogame?
RussianMan: Super Mario World
Erik: What's your favorite music genre?
RussianMan: I don't know much about music and it's genres TBH. 8-bit chiptunes I guess.
Erik: What's the best ROM hack you've played?
RussianMan: JUMP
Erik: last one. What phone do you currently use, if any?
RussianMan: Sumsung GALAXY Young 2. Old one
Erik: alright. any last words?
RussianMan: Have a nice day y'all
Erik: You're welcome! That concludes the interview. Thanks to you and to the audience for your time!
Congrats. You've earned it!
Inb4 the most underrated member becomes the most overrated

Congrats mate, fully deserved #smw{:TUP:}
this guy makes some Good ASMs
Erik: last one. What phone do you currently use, if any?
RussianMan: Sumsung GALAXY Young 2. Old one

Also, I need to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 lol.

Congrats, RussianMan!
Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery

Please pardon the eye.
Hey, congrats!
Might also mention that your latest hack has been really fun to watch so far 👌
Well deserved, Congrats !
Very deserved, Russ do cool sprites. He's also a very nice person too! #smrpg{<3}
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nice interview.

congrats russianman


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