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Super Larissa World by KillerPitissa

File Name: Super Larissa World
Submitted: by KillerPitissa
Authors: KillerPitissa
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Essa é a minha primeira hack, e fiz ela em homenagem a minha namorada.

Ela é bastante curta,e seus obstáculos também não são tão dificil de serem feitas, portanto ela foi feita para se jogar sem save-state.
Status: Rejected

1. Casa Do Killerpizza-
Im not sure what is going on here? Some invisible blocks/ death tiles.

2. Parque Do Wieus-
First jump has some strange lag, but that is the smallest issue in this level.
The 1st chuck you need to traverse under is annoyingly tight, to the point where I was just hoping I would get lucky and not die to the death block. The second chuck jump is tight, but you can at least land on the right side of him consistently. Then it abruptly ends. This level was basically me trying to jump over 2 chucks for 30minutes, at least it was short. I would suggest loosening up the chuck jumps and adding other engaging content.

3.Rage Do Savegothic-
Most of this levels problems are aesthetics
Wrong corner tiles are being used on the ground and ceiling.
Some bad corner tiles here. Also inconsistent tile properties: The bones on the ground kill you, weird to get used to since they look like normal smw bones you could jump on, but the bones on the ceiling don't kill you. Kind of frustrating to figure out after you've been trying to avoid the bones on the ceiling the entire time.

4.Caldeirao Do Luca-
A few problems in this level. 1st being a softlock (maybe you deserve it) and wrong corner tiles/cut off again.
More examples of red corners and cut off.
Small break here resulting in a free mushroom and avoiding a shell jump(don't even need to grab the shell)

5.#7 Larry's Castle-
Someone needs to finish painting the castle red.
The main issue with this level is how confusing it can be to figure out the correct strategy. It actually looks pretty simple, but getting the shell to fall where you need it takes a strange amount of waiting and precision. It got the point where I couldn't even tell if I was executing the correct strategy.

6. Notice me Senpai-

Another example of inconsistent tile behavior. Some of the tape is solid, some of it isn't.

Overall - I'm not sure what skill level this hack is aiming for. The levels are extremely short (1 or 2 tricks per level or midway), but the tricks themselves are extremely tight or aggravating to achieve. This might be the first hack I've played where the levels actually feel like they are too short and don't have enough content. Add in the aesthetic mistakes and I feel like this hack does not match up to SMWCentral Standards.

Suggsestion: Loosen up some of the extremely tight jumps and expand on the level ideas to form interesting (and longer) sections.