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Super Cheer World by HLXY
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File Name: Super Cheer World
Submitted: by HLXY
Authors: HLXY
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a kaizo rom-hack created to have a good time and have lots of fun. It's not that hard as others, but the levels are fun (at least I did it with that intention), so I'll be glad if you give it a try. There are 27 exits and all my effort in level design, I hope you like it!
First of all, as stated on the description of the hack, i can clearly see theres a lot of effort put on creating this.
But, ill completely disagree with the "not that hard as others" statement. This game is indeed really hard, with lots of really tight places, coupled with relatively long levels. I would say this is up there with the hardest hacks ive played.. but im not sure if in a good way.
Some sections are a bit hard to figure out (at least for me) due to the lack of any sort of hint or indicative of what have to be done.

Some general problems:
- Many levels force the player to kill himself after getting the midway point. While its not a big deal, its kinda of annoying. This is very easily patchable. The power up the player receives at the midway leads to the next problem:
- The player can exit a level he already beat by pressing start+select. This allows the player to go back to a level and bring items (power up, yoshi) any time he wants and break other levels.
- Recurrence of "half pipes". Smw pipes are already janky enough. No need for doing that.
- Fake pipes with with coins.. they get old and boring really fast.

IMAGE Index [batch uploaded.. hopefully its in right order]:

Start screen:

- [01]That is kind of painfull. For a hack intended to be easy and fun that was really a turn off. Personaly if i wasnt moderating it, i would probably stopped right there.

Early Mourning:

- [02] So this pipe leads me to the 2nd half of the level without giving me the checkpoint. Im not sure whats the point of this.

- [03] "Blind" jumping on a moving target. Even if this can be avoided, would be really nice to see the mole.

Yellow Switch Palace:


Water Level?:

Let´s Run!

- Not really necessary, but the 2nd half of the level doesnt match the level title/gimmick of the 1st half. Feels a bit weird / random.

- [04] Jump on Rng football. This seem like theres some luck involved on making this jump. Id suggest you to patch it so the football bounces are consistent.

Dangerous Bridge

- Whenever you put ropes in your level theres a chance for cheese (take a look on Linkdead´s playthrough of this level). Theres patches that fix it on the site if you want to avoid that.

- [05] This is really weird how the saw just disappear there. Im not the right person to give you a technical explanation on why this happens, but some sprites like those saws and ropes act a bit weird when they interact with tiles from certain map16 pages. Try using only tiles from map16 pages 1 and 2.. maybe 3.. to fix that. Maybe someone in the forums can explain that better.

- Having to re-enter the pipe every time if you die after the midway is a bit annoying. Consider using a multi-midway patch so the player spawns on the 2nd part. I dont know what version of the retry system you are using (assuming its the one by Worldpeace), but one of its version has this feature built in.

- [06] Those orange ropes that are not solid are quite counter intuitive. I would suggest you to remove it to avoid confusion.


- [07] Spinning throw block/ blind fall. The direction Mario throws it is kinda random. Even if the player is pressing right the throw block can go left. Im pretty sure it can be patched. The blind fall though can be a bit unfair.

- Again, the only thing the 1st and 2nd half have in common is the palette and the slipperiness.

- [08] Possible softlock here.

- [09] Try bringing the turn blocks/shell a bit to the right so they are visible. Its quite frustrating the turn blocks doesnt work if they are not on the visible area.

- [10] I think this is the 1st (of many) half pipe in the game. I dont know why do you think this is a good idea... well... its not.


- 1st Half: Pokeys.. 2nd Half: moles (see level below.. )

- Damn.. those pokeys are so slow... yeah.. its not really fun having to wait for it.. just a random comment.

- [11] Blind fall on a moving target.. not sure if its a good idea.

Valentine´s Day

- 1st Half: some moles.. 2nd Half: Pokeys..

- [12] Some weird sorcery going on here.. Some weird stuff also happens on the next levels. Please, refrain from keeping things like this invisible. Its counter intuitive and really weird.

Green Switch Palace

-[13] Blind jump on moving saw. Even though its consistent, try to avoid making blind jumps like this.

Creepy-Ghost House


Castle of Pain

-[14] Though its this what setup the intended trick, and its easily learnable, ill leave it here just for how weird it is..

- I would suggest you to patch out the bridge breaking animation. Sometimes it can create some weird cut outs on the level.


- Personaly i think this level is a bit all over the place with all kinds of tricks, without any gimmick or whatever.

- Ive had some trouble figuring out what to do at the beginning of the level. Maybe some coins as guides would help?!

- [15] Ive had some problems with the green shell not spawning (obviously not seen o the picture). Try changing the sprite memory index to something else. For me usually 0E fix all problems (its currently 07).

- [16] Sorry to say that, but this fake trap is really dumb and unecessary.

Water Level!

- [17] This "invisible" turn block behind the red block is a bit confusing. Avoid putting blocks behind this sprite as the player cannot see it.

- [18] Yeah.. another unecessary half pipe bs.. ill point all of them!!

- [19] Half pipe.. but to be honest horizontal half pipes arent as bad as the vertical ones.

- Fake traps are dumb.

- [20] WTF is this?!!?! WTF?!?! Worst idea ever... EVER!!! but i guess its funny to enter the pipe the same frame you die.

Red Switch Palace

- Keep in mind most of the tricks on this level are highly dependent of the screen scrolling, which the player has control, but its sometimes annoying to learn.

- [21] Dumb half pipe

- The goombas at the end sometimes despawn, making the trick way more difficult than it should be. Try changing the Sprite memory.


- [22] This jump is really annoying. Theres probably another way to make that jump?! i dont know...

- Layer 2 scroll setting wrong, creating a bad looking background.

- [23] Almost invisible tile hiding a yoshi (top left of the screen). At least put some coins there to make it noticeable (there are coins that doesnt turn into blocks when p-switch is active).
Edit.. putting coins as suggested can be counter intuitive with the p-switch. So a better suggestion would be making yoshi totally visible there.

- [24] Yoshi and Baby Yoshi on the same screen causing this glitched gfx.. I must note that this Baby yoshi is really unecessary, and pretty much only serves to distract the player.

- [25] Not exactly a half pipe, but since i have to keep the power up this is as annoying as a half pipe.

- [26] A mild softlock here if you havent kept the mushroom.

- [27] WTF is going on with that green shell? invisible stuff everywhere.. Please, refrain from keeping things like this invisible.

- [28] Ive only managed to make this jump using the koopa bounce for extra height. I dont know if its possible doing it another way. If not, its only 1 chance or a nasty softlock.

- Glitched gfx of Yoshis tongue.

- [29] thats one weird 1f0 tile. Solid if holding the shell. Thats quite counter intuitive. Plus blind jump up whith is relatively high and a has fkn kaizo block to make things worse... Please, dont do that.

- [30] Another one of those dumb half blocks.


- [31] What nice looking apples this level has. This game has apparently even custom blocks, and custom exgfx for some death blocks.. why not fix that?!

- [32] Not sure if this is the best setup as this can happen. Maybe replace that muncher below the shell with a 1f0 tile so yoshi can keep its momentum and fall as intended. Also those weird 1f0 tiles that arent 1f0 tiles.....

- [33] More of those weird invisible blocks that are all around. Please, make things like this visible.

- [34] Here its visible... why not everywhere else?!

- [35] Really tight setup at the end.. So many things can go wrong.. i dont even..

White Day

- [36] This is one of those situations where even doing the trick i couldnt make it. Maybe lowering that floor a bit would make this trick less frustrating.

- [37] Really Really hard to get this trick to work.

- [38] And really annoying when you get the trick and the pswitch is still active... Thankfuly you can still get past the next trick without pspeed.. its just really annoying/hard.

- Another dumb fake trap at the end..


- [39] Really annoying throw. Even if i manage to avoid the rainbow shell, that koopa can be easily killed.

- [40] WTF is this muncher hidden behind the statue?! Just NO!

- [41] Softlock here. I must add that is weird easy get softlocked there as the turn blocks sometimes stop spinning real early for some reason.

Beautiful Night

- Tight!

Everything is Shell

- More of those weird invisible blocks.

- At the double shell jump sometimes the 2nd koopa goes directly to Mario/respective shell direction, making it impossible to steal his shell in time.

Sakura Petals

- More of those weird invisible blocks.

- That part with you have to pick yoshi, eat the red shell, bounce on the bullet, etc... is very tight/ hard to learn. Theres something about that green shell (stuck between the invisible blocks) that sometimes kill marios x momentum, making that section even harder.

- [42] This invisible thing is really weird...

Starless Sky


Blue Switch Palace

- Theres the glitched gfx on the message (probably in all other switch palaces too, i dont remember)

The Dream is Over

- A bit repetitive level with all the rooms having the same theme (saws/twomps/twimps)

- [43] passing through this thwimp to get in the door is really questionable.. dying to that after 5 rooms is as lame as it can get.

- [44] I think, just think, you forgot something there, no?!

- [45][46] But ive tested it without the platform, and sometimes Mario can die after beating the boss... if you intend on keeping this fight make the pit 1 or 2 tiles deeper.


So this took me quite some time to review.. and ive probably missed a lot of things.
So the general suggestion would be to nerf the levels a bit, make them a bit smaller.
Theres a lot of repetitive ideas/trick that can be taken out and wouldnt be missed.

All that said, the hack has the potential to be a really fun hack, as intended.
File Name: Super Cheer World
Submitted: by HLXY
Authors: HLXY
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Super Cheer World is a kaizo rom-hack made for having

a good time. 25 levels (with two secret exits) full of

entertaining stuffs. This rom-hack have a lot of

inspirations, but I tried my best to make it the

more original possible!

I hope you enjoy it!

Cheer up!

Things you will find in this hack:


-Vertical Levels

-Water Level

-Two Castles

-Some custom graphics and palettes

-A "SHELL" Level

-Some blind jumps (I´m sorry...)

Things you wont:

-Random sprites generator

-Fishin' Boo

-Bowser Fight


If you want to prove your skills, then I hope this hack will satisfies you!






Please forgive me if there's a softblock! I tried to fix them, but maybe there's one more left. (>w<)/



-A few changes in "Dolphins Everywhere", "Let's run!" and "Dangerous Bridge"

-Nerfs in "Water Level?" and "Green Switch Palace"

-Removed a cut off in "The Dream is Over"

-A few changes in some palettes

-Nerfs in "Darkness"

-Mistake fixed in "White Day"
This hack has some good ideas, but unfortunately those good ideas are massively outweighed by bad level design choices. Most of the offenses by themselves aren't worth of rejection, but there are so many that they add up.

I played up to 17 Exits without savestates before I had enough and decided to give up on them. I was presented with overly extreme platforming that was accompanied by frame parity based luck that caused me to play sections over and over until I got "lucky" enough.

Early Mourning - You use munchers on the bottom row of Lunar Magic making them indistinguishable from pits. Using the bottom row should be avoided whenever possible.

Dolphins Everywhere - Wrong Tile used for mushroom platforms. Not just this level, but every level they appear in.

Let's Run - One of the many cases of off screen munchers in this hack -

Glaciers - If the camera scrolls up at the end. The bullet doesn't spawn making it impossible to complete. I tried my best to not let this happen but it still happening mulitple times anyways.

Softlock 1-
Softlock 2-
Softlock 3-

Always make sure to check your levels for softlocks. Vertical vine levels are notorius for having these.

Valentine's Day - While not being super impactful at first glance. You should always try to prevent players from leaving your levels with power ups. This one was in particular very easy to accomplish.

Water Level? This is where things really started getting rough for me. You have a fairly long room with difficult tricks, that room wasn't bad on its own, but the 2nd room before the midway was filled with nothing but cheap shots at the player, where when playing blind you basically have no chance to win.

1. Even moving as soon as you see Mario you can't make this shell jump. You basically have to know its coming. Back to the first room for the player.

2. Another cheap shot for the fact that there is no way you can know you would need to carry the torpedo from the left (which is offscreen when you are lining up the jump).

3. One final insult. I'm all for trolls and giving a big middle to the finger every once in a while, but a constant kick in the balls 3 or 4 times a level right before the midway/end while having to traverse the entire hard level again is just too much.

This isn't just a problem in this level a majority of levels midways and endings are impossible to pass on your first attempt which gets really old fast.

Red Switch Palace - Not a huge deal but you should make throwblocks and turnblocks distinguishable from another

Darkness- Another Softlock

Kindergarten - This is the level I quit on.

Spiny Frame Rules- I tried my best to manipulate yoshi's bouncing so he wouldnt eat the spiny when I was spinning on it. Unfornately it still happened... alot... and I have to do those riding sections every single time i play the level, in both halves. Meaning every attempt I had to get lucky with the spins.

This is a similar problem to why I stopped playing the hack the first time through in the glacier level. The spinning while throwing turnblocks 50% chance should've been caught with proper playtesting. If you notice something doesn't work every time you probably want to fix it.

The second half contained jumps that were overly tight for no reason. Even with savestates they were extremely hard to pull off. Meaning you would need to do the riding spiny section again :(

I would avoid using tiles that look similar and do different things.
In the picture I can stand on the railing with an item, but all the other railing in the level I can't.

More inconsistent tiles-

Beautiful Night - Minor Cheese

--- No Rest --

Well if somehow I was still playing without savestates this level would've been the one I quit on.

Extremely demanding saw bounces in tight areas with perfectly timed bounces to hit switches multiple times.
Pretty much every single obstacle in this level you have to know the timing for and perform it perfectly. That wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have things like offscreen falling statues and this rock bounce.

Since the rock is bouncing up and down it falls at different times. I found a method that works (eventually) about 75% of the time, but if the rock bounces as I hit the switch it goes right over my head.

This shell doesn't always hit on/off block -

One more cheap shot- pretty much impossible to time until you try it a bunch or get lucky.

Starless Sky- This is where I stopped playing even with savestates because I was tired of getting screwed by this guy

Who never went into his disco shell.

Midair P switch jump... tedious for no reason.

While shell jumps are cool, they are overused way too much in this hack. I thought about counting them all but I didnt feel like it... im sure its well into the hundreds. They felt like filler and detracted from the levels overall theme and experience.
File Name: Super Cheer World
Submitted: by HLXY
Obsoletes: Super Cheer World
Authors: HLXY
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Super Cheer World is a kaizo rom-hack that will prove your skills in 25 difficult levels. Are you ready to cry and suffer?




I know I'm no so good with this stuffs, but I also know I tried my best in this game, so I would really appreciate if you play it.

Things you will find in this hack:

-ON/OFF Level

-Ultra Star Level

-Water Level

-"Vertical" Levels

-Two Castles

-Original Tricks

-Some blind jumps (I´m sorry...)

-Custom graphics and palettes

Things you won't:

-Random sprites generator

-Fishin' Boo

-Bowser Fight

-Wall Clips

-Status Bar


12/07/2018: We have some new changes!

-Nerfs in "The Dream is Over"

-New message text in "Blue Switch Palace"

-Also, I changed some coins in the first and third rooms of "The Dream is Over"

Little changes, but very useful to you!


-Fixed up a stupid mistake in the last level

Version 1.0:

-Fixed up a lot of mistakes and cheeses.

-Removed every "special world beaten" effects, except it keeps the overworld colors only (thanks to Ersanio).

-Minor changes in some palettes.

-New graphics in several levels, also, some touch ups.

-Minor changes in the Overworld.

-New final boss!

-No more dumb fake pipes.

-Nerfs in levels like "Deep Purple" or "Kindergarten".

-New Title Screen.

Please forgive me if there's a softblock! I tried to fix them, but maybe there's one more left. (>w<)/
First of all, while I acknowledge this hack is an improvement to the already approved version, I feel that it did not address enough of the issues NaroGugul mentioned to justify approving another version just yet. However, I was very on the fence about approving/rejecting this version, so I feel it can reach an approvable form by addressing issues I'll mention in this log.


I liked this hack for the first 7 (out of 27) exits, then when I got to the ghost house, things went downhill. The ghost house started with a mostly blind drop to start the level, which made each death particularly frustrating. Most levels after followed a similar theme of starting each level with a tricky and/or blind jump before progressing at a lower difficulty, which essentially guarantees the player ~15 seconds to get back to a more fun part with every death. This issue was amplified in both halves of the water level, where you had to undergo long waiting sections before taking on learn-by-dying sections; and to make matters worse you had to do this twice for both exits. Most levels followed a theme of going under a two tile wide column, then a tight jump/shelljump/dismount over a two-tile wide muncher column, and repeat. It got repetitive, boring, and mundane VERY fast. Come 20 exits into the hack, I felt like all the levels since exit 7 were equal and there wasn't much variety. I was simply pouring my time out to do the same kind of tricks over and over again. I know you're knowledgeable of SMW, particularly with your TASes, so I admire you taking the time to give making levels a shot. I just think a little bit more real-time playing would help you appreciate the good and bad parts of your design.

Must-fix things:

Both Reznor fights have painfully bad musical clipping/glitches.
Fight 1
Fight 2

This color palette was abysmal to work with. I would recommend fixing a ton of them that had similar foreground/background colors but this one was hard to play, and this would be particularly rough for colorblind folk. It looks better in my capture than it did on my TV.

This drop. The color palette is so bad you can't even tell you're supposed to normal jump and not spinjump (even the vast majority of my chat chose incorrectly). Additionally, for the jump after, the shell going offscreen was still an unfair issue that was not fixed per Naro's post.

This trap was not fixed properly per Naro's suggestion, and requires camera manipulation or else it's impossible.

Move this egg one more tile to the right. The 1up spawning is clearly an unintended obstacle.

The water level has 3 sublevels. The first two are stupidly easy and slow, and the beginning of the 3rd room has a learning obstacle right at the beginning that was absurdly frustrating to deal with because I wasn't aware you were supposed to clip. Instead of removing this obstacle, I STRONGLY suggest swapping the third sublevel with the first sublevel so the player isn't forced to do two long/easy sections before coming across this.

I am happy you have acknowledged tons of issues so far and have found ways to fix the problems. I am optimistic that the next update you release will be a final version.
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