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A Light Kaizo Hack Without a Name
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So I'm new to rom hacking and to this website, but I'm nearly done with my world 2 (one more) and wanted to upload a few screen shots from world 1 (world 2 images soon).

Basically I wanted this hack to be both fun and a little forgiving while minimizing the jank. I've done my best to make sure most of the tricks have a little leeway and have used very few kaizo blocks. Instead nearly all the trolls are a visible sprite (ie if you hit the bubble in the image below you won't make the jump).

I have made use of the death counter and the reset system, but all of the sprites/ music/ backgrounds are vanilla SMW. I am also thinking of removing the banner at the top of the screen (blue box, coins, score) just for an overall cleaner look.

I still have one main world, the final boss, and the star world to make, but I'm hopeful I can finish within the next couple of months. Any questions/ comments are appreciated.

(I realized after making this thread that all of the pictures I grabbed are of shell jumps. I promise there are more tricks than just that though world 1 does use them somewhat frequently. World 2 less so).
Not too much to comment here judging from the screenshots. Just be sure to not focus on -only- shell jumps, as we expect you to bring something new to the table, but I'm sure the gameplay seems fun otherwise. Not to say you can't use them sporadically.

Your screenshots are also kinda low quality and improperly sized, so take them from your emulator instead (their size is about 256x224). Best of luck with this hack!
Yeah, I mean the first level relies on shell jumps somewhat heavily (there is one of every kind I think except for a double) but that level is meant to be played fast, and after that they are much more sporadic.

And sorry about the pictures. I was pulling them from a clear video (which I do have, but it's on twitch. Didn't know if that stuff was cool or not on the forums). I just realized they were enormous at first and scaled them manually because I was running out of time.

But so far it's been fun for me to play a couple hundred times so hopefully that means at least a few other people will enjoy it as well.
Originally posted by TheStellarstrix
Didn't know if that stuff was cool or not on the forums

You mean the Twitch videos? It's fine, as long as you show the full video, unless you plan to stream yourself playing the level and announce it in advance. We usually post our videos on YouTube anyway
Oh okay, got ya. Well in that case here is the video link:

And because I am bad, all the times when a checkpoint or clear run starts:

4:46 – Level 1 Checkpoint
5:25 – Level 1
11:00 – Level 2 All
15:47 – Level 3 Checkpoint
17:06 – Level 3
18:40 – Level 4 Checkpoint
19:23 – Level 4
21:50 – Level 2 Secret and Red Switch Palace

After watching this again I probably will change the shell jumps in levels 3 and 4 to be a different trick for a height gain. That can be accomplished easily enough.

So I just finished all the levels for World 2 today. I've still got to do the events for levels and change a few things on the map, but otherwise it's finished.

I will probably try to stream it at some point soon (starting from the beginning). If I am able I will tomorrow around 3 CT, but it will mostly likely be later next week. I'll post the time as soon as I know for certain, and either way I'll put the video on here again.

Also, figured out the pictures thing. Honestly had no idea taking pictures with an emulator was a thing.
A little late notice but I’ll be on Twitch in an hour (4CT) to play test what I have so far if anyone wants to watch/ give feedback.

I guess I should probably specify my twitch name is also TheStellarStrix.
Video for World 2 with clear times:

Clears with links to save people from having to skip around:

2-1 Clear - 28:30
2-2 - Checkpoint - 33:00
2-2 Boss – 42:00
2-2 Secret – 55:35
Yellow Switch Palace – 58:25
2-3 Checkpoint – 1:11:40
2-3 Clear – 3:15:24 (it did not take me 2 hours to beat this level. I just went back to it later in the stream and got a cleaner play-through)
2-4 Checkpoint – 1:39:48
2-4 Clear – 1:50:00 (some frames dropped in this level, but it is there for the most part).

I fixed a few things and have notes to add a few more (a faster way to die in the secret exit for one). But one issue I am having is with the RNG sprites. I think this has to do with the using the reset system and makes some parts of levels a little harder than I would like.

For instance in the big boo fight the eeries are always random rather than having a set pattern after you die the first time.

Thanks in advance for the help/feedback.
Sorry, last link was broken.

Here are the World 3 levels.
The gimmick in each level is probably fairly obvious from the video, but I guess I should have included at least some text just in case.

3-1 For this level you have to keep p-speed the entire time or you can't make the jumps.

3-2 is a standard raise yoshi and kill him before doing a fast auto-scroll section. It was my favorite level in kaizo 1, so I felt the need to include something similar.

3-3 The task is to first avoid the mushroom. If you collect it the lakitu starts throwing spinies (spinys??), and because the player is forced to wait to jump up to the checkpoint, the spinies will fall into the hole the player needs to pass through. It's not impossible to beat if you collect the 1-up but it does make it more difficult.

3-3 For the second half the goal is to keep the shell and race it to the finish before killing the fishing lakitu who followed you in the beginning.

Not shown in the video was the bonus game. To beat 100% of my hack you have to collect the goal tape enough times to reach the bonus game. It doesn't matter when in the game you get it, but it unlocks the secret exit on the last level before Bowser.
Just a quick update.

The hack is basically done. I've just got to finish writing the last few info boxes and edit the title screen. After that I'll let a few people test it, close up any loose ends, then it should be good to go.
It has a name:

Super Mario and the Cretaceous Castle.

I grabbed a few screenshots while clearing it over the weekend. I'm going to play through it a few more times just to make sure there are no blatant errors, then give it to a few people to test.

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