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Werewolf [Game #1]
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Welcome to my first Werewolf game!
If you don't know the basics of werewolf games, basically a few players are werewolves and they eat the innocent players, and the village votes to execute who they think is a werewolf. Like the Mafia games that used to be very popular on the site, but different.

The rounds will play out like this;

Pre-Game. The host randomly selects the roles of the players, and selects one to be the overlord.

1. The werewolves vote on who to eat, unless any are affected by the merlin, in which case it is randomised. The chosen player is eliminated, unless the player is defended.

2. The overlord investigates a player's role, unless immobilized. They may investigate dead players.

3. Protected, or eliminated. players are revealed. If a rogue dies, their role is also shown, unless immobilized. If a werewolf dies to a rogue, their role is shown. If the jester died due to not calling, their role is shown. Any other death does NOT reveal their role.

4. If the overlord is out of play, players vote to re-elect an overlord first (It is not required to vote).

5. All surviving players may vote to execute another surviving player, unless the player is defended. They also cannot vote if immobilized. It is not required to vote, and voting for no execution is also an option. Calls to veto the overlord must be made before the voting is over. (If the overlord is defended, this cannot be done). It is acceptable for the overlord to veto themself from the position.

6. If the vote ends in a tie, the overlord makes the final decision unless immobilized or out of play, in which case the vote fails. The chosen player is executed, and their role is shown.

7. The merlin chooses a player to immobilize (they may not choose the same player twice in a row, or themself). The knights choose a player to protect each, unless immobilized (again, they may not choose the same player twice in a row, or themself).

8. Next round begins.

End-Game. If all werewolves are eliminated, the innocent players win. If all innocent players are eliminated, the werewolves win. Any survivors win.

These are the 7 roles that will be used in this game;

INNOCENT - No special ability.
ROGUE - If eliminated, the offender dies also.
KNIGHT - They can choose one person per round to defend.
MERLIN - They can choose one person per round to immobilize.
JESTER - If they don't say that they are the Jester before voting ends, they die next round.
WEREWOLF - They all vote to eat an innocent player; if they eat them all, they win, but if the werewolves are eliminated, they lose.
SURVIVOR - The werewolves don't have to eat them to win; if they survive at the end of the game, they win.

One of them is also the OVERLORD; any role can be an overlord simultaneously. The overlord can investigate one person's role each round, and if the vote comes to a tie, they get the final decision. Players may veto them from the position and if they are out of play, another must be elected on the next round. The overlord may veto themself.

Roles will PM me their choices, and will be PMed at the start of the game if they have one. If you don't receive a PM, you are an Innocent.

That's about it! Role distribution will change depending on player count; post below if you want to sign up for the game. Have fun!

I don't even know what I'm actually doing anymore... will I ever finish a hack?
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