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Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom - Full Version Beta 2 (27/09/2018)

after beating world 1 boss Morton Jr it stops working.
Uh, you're gonna need to be a lot more specific there.

Second Beta Test Build

Fixed a cutoff in 1-4.
Fixed the soflock upon defeating Morton (World 1 boss).
Filled blank space above the celling of the second room of the first castle with stone blocks.

Also I added a link to the hack's Discord server to the first post.

Fourth Beta Test Build

* Fixed the midway posts in 1-1, 1-2 and 1-5 (the right part wasn't attached to the ground).
* Replaced the Volcano Lotuses in 1-2 with Clappin' Chucks.
* Removed the 2 Pokeys at the end of 1-2.
* Moved the Chargin' Chuck at the end of 1-2.
* Added two pipes to the last pit at the end of 1-2.
* Added shading to Mario's name in the status bar.
* Changed the star graphic in the status bar.
* Removed title screen movement.
* Moved the "PRESS START" down a tile in the title screen.
* Fixed a tree tile with a bad palette in 1-2.