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Staff Spotlight ~ April 2018 ~ more asm ft. Mr Manager Boy
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Erik: Continuing with the ASM Boys for Staff Spotlight wOOOOOOOOO! Joining me today it's Telinc1! He went from being a great contributor in our sprite remoderation before being promoted, to being promoted to the ASM Team manager. What's Up today, boy?
telinc1: Most mortals (author's note: "mortals" is defined as non-programmers) would call it a rather boring day. I've spent all day in front of a PHP IDE working on the new memory maps (which means that yes, you're distracting my shaky concentration with this interview) because apparently people like them. this answer is a genuine call for help please I'm tired of writing Java-grade PHP
Erik: dang!

Erik: Let us into the ASM stuff! What got you into ASM?
telinc1: Honestly, I don't remember exactly what made me want to learn ASM. I've always been interested in programming, so that may have been part of the reason. I do remember how I started, however. It was a couple of months after I registered on the website. Back then, there were no good tutorials, so I started with the one and only Schwa's ASM tutorial. Looking at it now, it's quite unclear and gets some terminology wrong, but I can't complain seeing where it got me.
telinc1: My first project was based off of an old patch tutorial and was functionally equivalent to the patch made in that tutorial (I may or may not have quietly nuked it from the patches section a while ago). Those who are brave enoough to read my first posts will probably be able to find a thread in which I asked for help with it.
telinc1: After that, I really just did whatever. I messed around with HDMA a little bit and mostly experimented with RPG Hacker's VWF Dialogues. I got truly good with ASM a little before the sprite remoderation because of everything I did for my hack, Mario's Final World.
Erik: Surprising, no Brutal Mario inspiration
Erik: Any tips you'd give to a newcomer to ASM?
telinc1: It actually took me quite a while to learn about Brutal Mario. Anyhow, no, I don't remember ever being inspired by it. Right, so, newcomers.
telinc1: Learning ASM is like learning vim - you'll have no idea what you're doing at first, then you'll just have small "Aha!" moments when you suddenly grasp something. You should practice so you can get comfortable with the many new concepts ASM will force-feed you. I know that sounds like the most generic tip you've ever heard, but it's true. Venture out of your comfort zone and try new things. If something doesn't work, don't be afraid to ask about it. If you copy another person's code, try to figure out how it accomplishes its goal. If you don't understand how it works, ask! For those who are familiar with high-level languages, do not compare ASM with any of them, not even C. You'll only get confused because ASM has very little in common with any other programming language. You don't get structs, you don't get if statements, and forget about object-oriented programming. Don't get discouraged - everything has an explanation and you'll get there eventually.
Erik: Moving a bit more site-related but still with a focus on ASM. You were given a promotion to team leader a while ago. Any not-so-top-secret plans you have with the section you'd want to share??
telinc1: I've already publicized my two biggest projects, the GIEPY standardization and the memory maps.
telinc1: The GIEPY standardization is definitely happening based on the majority rule. Right now, I'm focusing on the memory maps to get them out of the way, and then I'll move on to the standardization. The new CFG editor, which I've for now decided to call Faerie (name suggestions are welcome!), is also, uh, well... It exists, I guess?

telinc1: I think most people have seen the memory maps at this point. Currently (literally while being interviewed), I'm working on integrating them in the website. It's going well and I hope it'll be complete by the end of the weekend.
telinc1: My only real future plan is the patch remoderation which has been mentioned multiple times in the past. Of course, I'll reveal further details when the time comes ("the time" being defined as "after the sprite remoderation ends and after Asar 1.60 is released, whichever comes last"). Uncertain future projects include fixing organization of the data repository (may or may not involve the dead wiki) and improving all ASM threads, especially the dead requests thread.
Erik: Damn. Good luck with that new CFG editor. I'm also looking forward to murdering patches
Erik: Overall, what are your thoughts in leading a section? Especially since you've got to manage like, varios subsections with lots of moderators.
telinc1: Leading a section is normally hard. Leading a section which is as messed up as the ASM section is right now requires masochism, computer addiction, and tranquilizers. I don't think the community has ever been this split over the choice of tools (some people still prefer SpriteTool, some people have managed to tame PIXI, some people are trying GIEPY) and the whole thing needs to be quite carefully managed to avoid potential disasters. Even if the sections weren't in disarray, I still think that the ASM sections are the hardest to lead. As you mentioned, there are a ton of them and it's sometimes hard to keep track of what's happening with all of them. I definitely do hope I'm doing a decent job with it, though, even if people hate half of my decisions.
Erik: I personally think you've done a great job.

Erik: I think that's enough questions with ASM focus, so time for dem other SMW related questions. Have you got any personal hacking projects?
telinc1: I have a personal hack which I showed off at the 2018 winter C3. It's called Mario's Final World and I stuff it with ASM gimmicks to hide my pitiful level design and graphical choices. Right now, progress on it is a bit slow because I spend a lot of time managing the sections, but I hope that'll change after things have settled a little. The latest demo (which you can download and play from the C3 thread I linked) has 2 worlds out of the 7 the hack will hopefully have in the end. I've already created the plot, overworld, and bosses, so they only real thing I have to do is design all of the levels.
Erik: Good luck with that!

Erik: I'll move on to the site related questions. How did you find out about SMW Central?
telinc1: I found out about Super Mario World in late 2010 after stumbling upon SlimKirby's playthrough of it. I searched around a bit and found out about emulation (to give you a perspective on how clueless I was: I thought the Wii was a multi-system emulator). My first emulator was FCEUX, which you might recognize as an NES emulator.
telinc1: A couple of months later (in 2011), I heard about Super Mario World hacking and Lunar Magic (though I don't remember how; it may very well have been the damn laser suit video) and found a download which had Lunar Magic and a Super Mario World ROM (quick reminder that that's strictly against Lunar Magic's legal notice) which I still use to this day. I started with chainfire9001's tutorials and was so clueless that I didn't even know how to play the ROM: I only figured that out while watching part 3 of his overworld editing tutorial (at 7:28 he mentions ZSNES: guess which my first emulator was).
telinc1: I didn't find out about SMW Central until after I had completed my first hack. I registered on the website solely to submit it, then I made a bunch more bad hacks. Then ASM happened.
Erik: Damn I remember chainfire's tutorials.
Erik: What are your thoughts in the community and its evolution from when you registered onwards?
telinc1: The community has definitely changed a lot since 2011. I can't quite put my finger on it, but everything feels a lot different now than it did back then. Maybe the staff team has matured, or maybe the whole admiration of such a bustling website for a minor Internet group has worn off.
telinc1: While I can't say exactly which state I prefer, everyone was definitely a lot more free and less serious. I still remember relics such as SNN's congratulatory video even though I don't think I was around for them.
telinc1: My favorite moment from the website is the C3 in which System and Chester went to war - it was the first big event I participated in and I honestly loved it (I remember I even set my site scheme to Doomsday).
Erik: Okay, I think it's time for the random questions! Anything you want to add beforehand?
telinc1: I just want to say that I'm a prime example of a complete greenhorn who managed to work his way up to, well, almost the top. If I can do it, I think anyone else can. Never give up and you will suceed.
telinc1: Let RNGesus take the stand!
Erik: Inspiring.

Erik: AAAAAAAAlright time for the rng questions! If any, which language(s) do you wish to learn?
telinc1: German, which I'm actually studying right now. French and Japanese look interesting, but I don't think I'd have any real use for them.
Erik: Least favorite color?
telinc1: #22CCCC
Erik: That's an ugly color.
Erik: Do you think pineapple on pizza is acceptable?
Erik: Same!
Erik: alright seeing your discord avatar i can't not ask this.
telinc1: 5
Erik: Any song (can be something commercial, VGM, your soundcloud mixtape, whatever) you'd reccomend to our audience?
telinc1: It would be,, or
Erik: Any finishing words?
telinc1: Give me Harry Potter, and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded.
Erik: Well, that concludes this interview. I hope you had a good time, and to the audience, I hope you enjoyed giving this a read. See you!
telinc1: I definitely did have a good time, and to the audience, I hope you actually gave this a read. See you from me, too!
Just adding that Telinc has also done great work on the caffiecraft server as well, so congrats to him for that too =D
Planning a Data Repository overhaul #smrpg{gasp}

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now show me your secrets
Congrats telinc.

Your asm is pretty good so it´s definitely earned.


Good boy telinc1! BlessRNG
Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
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absolutely deserved! well done

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Much deserved! #tb{^V^}
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