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Bowser Battle Idea

Would it be possible to have a Bowser battle, where Mario has to throw Bowser from platform to platform, and at the last platform, there's a mine? Sorry for asking.
In my hack I did something similar, theoretically it does work. The problem is thatm from my experience, Bowser always tends to jump slightly towards the 0,0,0 Coordinates, and even jumps completely to that spot if he can't find the ground underneath him while jumping back, and with floating platforms it is way more common for him to do that. Also, the chance that he misjudges his jump back is also higher - if he jumps from the void right back into the void, he will not respawn.

What I would recommend is to have a complete path from start to finish so that there's always enough ground underneath, and add some obstacles around there, like a wall you have to throw him over or aome fire spewer.

And don't make that battle too long and frustating, and make the path broad enough to allow some room for error. After all, it's hard to get bowser exactly where you want him to be.

Edit: Since I decided to extend my mod to 120 Stars and that will take another few months, here is how I did that for the first bowser fight. You start at the south, get him, across the bridge, and the mine is over the gap. Short and simple, yet still with some challenge.