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SMWC Idol 9 - Rules & Discussion

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brr_encoder doesn't have a very good interpolator, at least not the version i was using. C700 (vst) has really good sample compression.
Also compressed voices can sound good if you know what you're doing. The idea behind using multiple samples can work for one syllable, where you raise the quality on the S's, as long as you're not using single-cycle waveforms
Round 6 results:

1. YuzuMSX - an_endless_fm_challenge with score 81.27
2. Jimmy - credits with score 80.91 (83.91 -3pts @ -1pt/hr)
3. Gloomy - stone with score 80.78
4. Ultima - spacewalk with score 65.81
5. musicalman - lawanddisorder with score 62.36
6. Giftshaven - secretbase with score 57.84


not at home & no time to write comments sorryyyyy


i dont have a video this time, i decided to combine some of the remaining ones since we're nearing the climactic finale

You have 2 options this time:
a) Port a song released in 2010 or later, however you must use at least 5 SMW samples and at least 5 non-SMW samples.
b) Compose a song in the style of a song released in 2010 or later.

Since composing is encouraged this round, you have 3 weeks. I'll also note that challenge submissions will no longer be accepted (round 8 is special). Please indicate which option you chose when you send your song to me; if A, make sure I know what song you ported, if B, make sure to tell me which song style is being imitated. (this doesn't have to be in the tags necessarily if you wish it to remain private)

Round 7 is due Saturday, September 29th at 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET!
"an endless fm challenge" sounds really great on 1.25x speed
Don't forget to pull to 155BPM in my entry.
And Thanks for the grtz

Stone and Credits sound very "genesis"-y, which is pretty cool for SNES Standards lol. Secret Base sounds great!


Round 7 results:

1. Yuzu - Shiokara with score 81.54
2. Ultima - with score 79.18
3. Jimmy - Marc with score 69.54
4. Giftshaven - puzzleplank with score 55.18



It's the final round. So, to keep it climactic, your challenge is simply this: Make the best song you can. There are no restrictions; it can be a port or a composition of any kind, as long as it's within the rules.

Round 8 is due in two weeks, Saturday, October 20th at 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET!
welp, I'm officially sure now that Idol judging is absolute wack, because I literally only got that far because the song was interesting enough to most of the judges, when I could have definitely done a better job itself with that port, if AMK's and the SNES's quirks and imperfections didn't limit me so much lol

this port fucking murdered me btw; it took me one week to finish it, which took me way more time than any of the ports I made for Idol so far; well, was it worth it? I guess lmao; never doing that again tho #smw{-_-;}

oh, and if anyone wants to know the original song, here you go:

it's a godlike piece of chiptune, and since there was a near-perfect MIDI of it on the description I just had to cover it, haha
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I love that is an actual site.
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
A few people have asked for a week extension since it is the final round. I have stated already that there would firmly be no extensions, however if there is an overwhelming majority not against an extension I will open it up an extra week, considering it is in fact the final round and really should have been 3 weeks from the start. (note that if you already submitted you would be free to make as many updates or w/e you want during that time, as usual)

Here is the poll:

I will make a final decision at 7AM PT tomorrow morning.
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Round 8 results:

1. Yuzu - YoKaiDiscoBat with score 81.91
2. nobody1089 - time-trax-bell with score 78.78 (80.78 -2pts @ -1pt/hr)
3. Jimmy - moon with score 75.76 (85.76 -10pts @ -1pt/hr)
4. Wakana - iesua with score 72.71
5. Ultima - Final Valley with score 63.82
6. Giftshaven - angkorwat with score 50.29
7. Gloomy - rsecredits with score 41.5 (58.5 -17pts @ -1pt/hr)

The final results will be up very shortly!
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Link Thread Closed