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SMWC Monopoly
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Good old fashioned monopoly, the one we all know and love. There will be room for up to 6 players (no, I won't be playing), and when you sign up, please choose which piece you'd like to be:
Wheelbarrow, battleship, horse, car, thimble, cannon, boot, dog, iron, or hat.

REMEMBER YOUR PIECE, as that's how you will recognize yourself on the board.

If there are already 6 signups, you may sign up for a future round.


- Each of you will take turns, rolling two dice.
- Rolling snake eyes (both dice land on 1) warrants the player another turn.
- Passing Go earns the player $200 from the bank.
- The Railroads cost $200 to purchase, and rent is $25 per railroad that the person you owe has in their possession. Mortgage is $100 a railroad.
- The electric companies cost $150, and rent is worth 4 times the number on the dice, or 10 times the number on the dice if the person you owe has both in their possession. Mortgage is $75 per company.
- A player may purchase 1, 2, or 3 houses at once, or can skip houses and get a hotel if money allows, as long as it is that player’s turn. A player may have up to 4 houses per piece of property.
- Each player will receive $1500 at the beginning of the game.
- All money received from players due to taxes or fines go to Free Parking, which also has an initial $500 put in every time it is cleared.
- Any player may purchase an unlimited amount of hotels and houses, but only on his or her turn.
- When in jail, a player may not trade or collect rent. A player may bail themselves out for $50, but will lose one turn. If a player does not wish to pay $50, they may choose to use their turn to roll for 7. Rolling for 7 (you only get one try per turn) gets the player out of jail, and into Just Visiting, so they are able to play on their next turn.
- Players may offer trades publicly in the thread when it is their turn; after rolling, each player will post about what they would like to do with their turn. Once I move on to the next player, however, you may not do anything until it is your turn again.
- The first player to reach $5000 wins the game! (just so it doesn’t go on for a year, you know)

And here are the properties... of the properties :O

And finally, here's the board:

Commence signups!

Game 1 Players

1. pieguy1372 (car)
2. Yoshiownsu
3. Grenade (cannon)
4. Quizler (battleship)
5. Drifloon (hat)
6. bored2death (dog)

Game 2 Players

1. Doooomster (iron)
I like Monopoly very much. Therefore, I will sign up, and I'll be the car.

Also, 4 hotels? Is that right, or is that supposed to be 4 houses?

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by pieguy1372

Also, 4 hotels? Is that right, or is that supposed to be 4 houses?

Makes more sense to be houses, doesn't it? *Goes to edit first post*
I hate the free parking rule, so I'll pass. Other rules that aren't offical are the 7 to get out of jail (It's supposed to be doubles), unlimited houses and hotels (no it wasn't just so they could be cheep or something), snake eyes aren't the only doubles that net you a second roll, the lack of the ability to collect money and trade, while in jail and the lack of 3 doubles in a row neting you a nice $50 speeding ticket along with a trip to jail, just in case you didn't know all of them.

I'll jjoin. I dont care what piece I am.

Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.

..what a weird forum game.

Kawaii !!



I wanna Play!
*Swipes the battleship Game Piece*
I love Monopoly.
I'll be the hat.

I wanna be a dog.

Just back here to browse a bit.
Cool. Ill be the iron.
so when does this start?
and how will the dice roll be done?
I will play as the Money Bag! Oh wait.....was the Money Bag in the standard version or gold? Does it matter?

I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn. I am less nurturing than a desert. -Demetri Martin.
dude, i luv monopoly, but this is going to be hard to play in a forum. bye!

can I play as the dog or the battleship. Round 2!!!

*WARNING: due to cosmic radiation, Quantum fluctuations, or earth going into sector x79352C, the world may end at any moment. Have a nice day.

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Current Issue

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Can I play? I'll be the wheel barrow. And a question. How are we to roll dice? Oh well. Waiting for round 2...
I have the Spongebob verson. Can I play (as Spongebob)?
P.S. Okay, HAT Round 2

2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
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- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
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27-day BUMPs are not allowed on SMWCentral. It's one of the rules.

Just a little warning.

I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn. I am less nurturing than a desert. -Demetri Martin.
I want the thimble
You need plenty of animations. Your going to have sooo much work. Hey can I join too? 2 round ok. Make me in the second round.

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