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Staff Spotlight ~ May 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest NaroGugul
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Staff Spotlight ~ May 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest NaroGugul
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Noivern: Welcome all to the Last Minute Show! Tonight's guest is NaroGugul, a recent Kaizo Hack Moderator and also the creator of two recent very good kaizo hacks.
Noivern: How are you doing tonight?
NaroGugul: I'm doing good. It's only getting a bit cold here and winter hasn't even started... lol
Noivern: I wish winter could get here sooner.
Noivern: Mind swapping hemispheres?
NaroGugul: I wish. Climate here where I live (Curitiba) is probably the worst in the world... I mean it seriously
Noivern: Uh, scratch that then.
Noivern: You've been doing a great job as Kaizo Hack Mod for almost four months now. How are you liking the job?
NaroGugul: I guess its fun having some kind of power over something, like accepting or rejecting the hacks. But it can be stressing sometimes. I mean, playing kaizo by itself can be stressing if you are not prepared for the struggle, and evaluating them in sometimes their hardest/jankiest/least presentable version can be rough. But overall it's an interesting job and I learn a lot with most of the hacks I've been playing.
Noivern: I read a comment from a kaizo mod before that said (paraphrased) "when you play a harder kaizo hack and a section is bad for one reason or another, it's difficult to tell whether it's just poor level design or just too hard and the author didn't test it".
Noivern: To be honest, I probably just butchered the hell out of that.
Noivern: Is that true? Is it more difficult to determine the root cause of a problem section in a kaizo hack than a regular hack?
NaroGugul: I think it's hard to tell sometimes. It could be either properly tested or not [if there are too many inconsistent or overly tight spots], or overly tested [the author keeps thinking the hack is too easy and should be harder to be considered kaizo] or the author just accepts the problematic parts and let it as it is because he thinks its not a big deal.
NaroGugul: Personally from what I can see, the biggest problem is the understanding of what the "modern" kaizo is. Some people still think it's all about being dumb hard with trolls placed every corner, and all that dumb bs. While kaizo nowdays is pretty much more of a style, with well thought placement of enemies/blocks, than just overly difficult levels.
Noivern: At least when you see a waiting hack with stacked munchers and cement block ground, you know it's likely easy stats.
Noivern: So when did you start getting into kaizo hacks?
Noivern: You made the thread for your first hack last september, but it was obvious that you knew what you were doing and had been working on it for some time.
NaroGugul: Well.. I'm kinda new to kaizo hacks. Last year was a really bad year for me. So before I ended like killing myself or killing someone else I decided to kill Mario.. I've played hard hacks before, but the first kaizo I've played was maybe around May last year (so about 1 year ago)
NaroGugul: I've flirted with the idea of making my own hack. And I've had many ideas in mind, most involving custom graphics. By I think around August I found out about twitch, and there was this streamer (Barbarian) starting to make his smw hack (Grand Poo World), and I pretty much learned lunar magic by watching him. And it was surprisingly easy to mess around with LM and add custom graphics and stuff. So I tried making my first hack (The Joy of Kaizo), which the main point was pretty much inserting custom backgrounds. And I made it very quickly i think.. in 5 weeks from zero to the 1.0 release.
Noivern: How long did it take to make Claustrophobia?
NaroGugul: I started Claustrophobia when The Joy of Kaizo was being moderated (about the end of october). At that time I was trying to make more of a practice rom hack, with just some setups. But the idea evolved and I wanted to make a hack out of that. Meanwhile I stopped working on that for some time to work on the version 1.5 of The Joy of Kaizo, and didn't work on it all of january. So I think it took me about 5-6 months to make Claustrophobia.
Noivern: Those are some pretty quick turnarounds for SMW hacks, especially considering the praise both hacks have received since their releases.
Noivern: Do you have another project you're working on?
NaroGugul: Not at this moment. I have plans to make some sequels to Claustrophobia. Claustrophobia Zero [a beginner friendly 1-screen kaizo, maybe with an storyline] and Claustrophobia²:Hyperclaustrophobia [which I want to be a more experimental/heavy asm hack].
NaroGugul: The titles are inspired/stolen from the Cube movie sequels, which was some sort of inspiration for the hack.
Noivern: Zero sounds rather interesting. I'm playing through Claustrophobia right now and the level design is great, albeit a bit too hard for me. An easier game with the same design philosophy would be
Noivern: What do you think about the current hack moderation team? Any thoughts/comments?
NaroGugul: If you take me out, it's pretty much the dream team of kaizo mods.. lol.. All three of them [Linkdeadx2, Dodechehedron and Nexus] are arguably the best, most experienced and most knowledgeable players around. It's really a pleasure to be part of the team.
Noivern: well I don't plan on kicking you out anytime soon so I hope you plan on staying
NaroGugul: Lol... I hope so....
Noivern: Well that's all the prepared questions.
Noivern: Do you have anything you want to add to the interview before we end it?
NaroGugul: I only would like to say if anyone gets their hack rejected, don't take it personally. It's part of the process and can be a very fruitful learning experience if taken the right way. My own hack [The Joy of Kaizo] got rejected a couple of times, Linkdead´s hack [Super Panga World] got rejected. So if your hack got rejected, it's really not a big deal. It's not the first, will not be the last. Try to learn from it and make it better. The whole community wins.
NaroGugul: And thanks for the opportunity. Im really having a good time being around.
Noivern: No problem, thanks for the interview on such short notice.

NaroGugul's hacks mentioned in the interview:
The Joy of Kaizo
Naro really deserved it. He´s doing a decent job as a mod and i also enjoyed playing his hacks.

Keep up with your unique and well executed hacks #smw{:TUP:}


Congrats :D
what the FUCK do you mean there's no randumb questions

congrats narogugulplex! you've been doing a superb job regarding kaizo moderation
Congrats, dude~! #smw{:TUP:}
Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
Help us raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. #ДопомагаємоРазом / #HelpTogether
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Defs a great choice. I'm happy to see you always eager to moderate hacks no matter what.
grats naro :)
keep up the good work

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