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SMWC Idol 9 - Voting!

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Round 2 voting post
Round 3 voting post
Round 4 voting post
Round 5 voting post
Round 6 voting post
Round 7 voting post
Round 8 (final) voting post

Okay, it’s voting time for round 1. Now this is gonna be a little different from usual--firstly, you’re giving everything an actual score, and secondly, the scores are being counted by a script, so particular formatting is required.

You must score every song on a scale of 1 to 10, to up to one decimal place. How you decide to score is completely up to you; just be consistent. And as usual, don’t consider “use in SMW” a factor.

The formatting for each song should look like this:
Song Name: 5/10

Comments can go anywhere after the score, or on new lines, as long as the score lines start exactly like this; the song name, a colon, then the score out of 10.

As an example, these are both valid votes:
Super Mario World - Credits: 1/10
wow blatant edit

rse-pacifidlog: 7.8/10 too much water

Note that the song title must be EXACT--so I’ll provide a quick reference list you can copypaste from. The order you list the songs also doesn’t matter, but it’s probably better to still order them best to worst. The script doesn’t care.

ALSO BIG FAT REMINDER you cannot vote if you entered a song!!!

Get the SPCs here!

Gotham City Cathedral
goodmorning: 6.5/10
I don't have anything notable to say besides that it's too loud and the track is okay.

Gotham City Cathedral: 8/10
I'd be lying if I said this wasn't competent, even if I don't vibe with the actual track that much.

k64boss: 7.8/10
It doesn't sound consistently great but it's an adequate remix.

mansion1: 8.5/10
This is pretty much on point with the original, and the track itself is fairly captivating.

operation: 6.8/10
It is decent.

prepared_improvisation: 4.5/10
This seems like an unfortunate choice of track (or composition). When it sounds good, it sounds good, but it's awkwardly bare-bones and jarring when it's not.

Shifu_Robot: 5/10
It's okay.

TT: 9/10
This is primarily well crafted, but some of the echo needs adjustments.

zmm-final: 10/10
I'm blown away. This is excellent.
goodmorning: 7.8/10
it sounds nice! little loud, yeah, but its a pretty cute jam nonetheless. very quaint but nice.

Gotham City Cathedral: 7.5/10
well ported, the song choice is a bit less interesting than it could be (this just sounds like average fast paced track), but i can tell effort went into it.

k64boss: 6.8/10
not really too interesting, feels pretty repetitive even though it goes quite a few places. the part near a minute is really nice, though, even if it lasts a fucking millisecond.

mansion1: 8/10
atmospheric and understated, definitely unlike a lot of other stuff i've heard in this context.

operation: 7/10
this sounds like it tries its hardest to be a jamming sci-fi sounding track, but there's something about it that just doesn't click.. some oomph that's missing here.

prepared_improvisation: 9.3/10
this track takes a little bit of time to really get into the groove, but fuck it's really good once it does. only complaint is the solo drum stuff near the beginning and later on goes on the tiniest bit longer than it does,, those few seconds of stuff feeling pretty bare.

Shifu_Robot: 4.8/10
this feels just kinda empty? probably a fault of the composition at hand here, not so much the porting skill. but there's really not much here.

TT: 7.7/10
a decent port, great samples. not much else to say.

zmm-final: 8.5/10
really well done port, nice samples as well. doesn't do a lot for me, but it has a lot of care put into it.
goodmorning: 6/10

Gotham City Cathedral: 10/10

k64boss: 8/10

mansion1: 7.5/10

operation: 3/10

prepared_improvisation: 6.5/10

Shifu_Robot: 5/10

TT: 4.5/10

zmm-final: 9/10
(didn't bother with decimals cause im bad)

goodmorning: 7/10
Pretty unoffensive but still cool and really chill. The bass is v fun to listen to

Gotham City Cathedral: 4/10
Maybe not the best use of the high quality sample requirement? The synth pads kinda clash with the dopey sounding vanilla samples and they just kinda linger around in the background for the rest of the song while the vanilla samples do the heavy lifting. The song itself also isn't super interesting to me. idk

k64boss: 5/10
Sounds pretty accurate but the song's kinda boring imo.

mansion1: 10/10
Really good use of this round's requirements! Sounds super smooth n crisp. My only complaint is that the loop was kinda abrupt (tho maybe it's like that in the original version as well).

operation: 5/10
Same as with goodmorning. Neat but not too remarkable.

prepared_improvisation: 7/10
Def the most unique one in here. I'm a jazz stan so I can get behind this, but the composition felt a bit clumsy at times and the volumes could've been balanced better. Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed this a lot. Also the default midi soundfont bass is lol

Shifu_Robot: 3/10
Had an alright intro but then it just kinda fell apart. The lead is really weak and it felt like there should've been another section before the loop.

TT: 7/10
loud!!!!! Aside from that, it's pretty polished and accurate. Not much else to say.

zmm-final: 10/10
Really nice song choice and port, also stands out a lot among the other entries. As with mansion1, good use of the Large Sample™.
goodmorning: 7.1/10
A little repetitive, but it's a nice and casual listen overall.

Gotham City Cathedral: 7.7/10
Gotta say, this a pretty cool port, but the cymbals just kinda stand out. Also kinda wish a better song was used, but ah well.

k64boss: 6/10
The quality of this is rather inconsistent in a lot of places, but it's at least accurate to the original.

mansion1: 9/10
Man, you really nailed the creepy atmosphere of the source! It just works in all of the right areas, even if the song itself doesn't have that much variety in it.

operation: 4.5/10
Not a fan of the instruments used here. They sound too high pitched, and some of them even cut off when it feels like they shouldn't. Though I can't say that I like the source theme in the first place

prepared_improvisation: 2.1/10
This sounds like it was rushed. The instrumentation is all over the place, the percussion is really distracting, and the actual melody is too fast for it to be appealing.

Shifu_Robot: 5.2/10
I like the percussion on this, but nothing else about this leaves much of an impression really.

TT: 8/10
Nothing I could say about this other than that it's a really good port.

zmm-final: 9.5/10
Wow. This is an excellent port of the original, with almost zero difference in quality. Good job!
And Nikku is back!

goodmorning: 7.3/10
- The samples are really awesome, especially for Super Famicom standards. This isn't my kind of song, though, but it does sound solid enough to count as a recommendation.

Gotham City Cathedral: 7.3/10
- I never thought this would be enjoyable at all, until I was blown away by the strings. It's a shame that SMW samples were still majorly used here. SMW drums hold this down from anything more than 7 out of 10. At least the original melody from the NES game is still awesome enough as well as the suitable echo effect.

k64boss: 7.8/10
- Sounds nicely tempting and the fast tempo is great. The Kirby Super Star samples fit perfectly for the Kirby feel. Any criticisms I would have about the style would apply to SNES Kirby music in general, though there's not too many criticisms.

mansion1: 8.5/10
- I really like the atmosphere. That alone gives an automatic +1 because I haven't heard many songs with this feel in SNES music before, though this is a port of PS1 music. The closest SNES music usually gets to being spooky is cartoonish Boo-type music, which I do not enjoy at all. Aside from the atmosphere, I love these samples. I like the echo effect here, too, which is essential to this song's feel, and a pretty good usage of an SPC700 feature.

operation: 5.8/10
- The song itself is solid, since it preserves the original melody fine. While I do like that there are custom samples here, I don't like the new samples themselves. I don't like that 'saw' and 'square' sample that sounds like it was taken from a PCM Roland keyboard.

prepared_improvisation: 8/10
- Some of the samples are really awesome. Especially the drum and piano samples(when the piano isn't on a high note). This song is very fast. I don't like the brass samples, though. I don't know, it's just that SNES brass samples sound too cheesy, and not in a good way. The melodies and harmonies are like jazz. I don't really care for jazz as a genre, but it was really interesting to hear this kind of music on the SNES.

Shifu_Robot: 4.6/10
- While it sounds kind of cool to hear regular square samples in the SNES music, and the percussion samples are cool, I can't give too much praise. The cymbals are too distracting. The tune of the square samples is good, don't get me wrong, but they don't have much mixing to them, though this was likely made in MML, so I can understand why. The bass just sounds like typical early SNES music.

TT: 4.3/10
- Sounds like a typical Square SNES game, which is fitting since Paper Mario's an RPG. Unfortunately, I don't really like Square SNES town music that much, though I can say that it fits the peaceful but quirky feel good. I would take this over the regular unsampled Toad Town port any day, though.

zmm-final: 9/10
- Wow. I really like this. The accuracy almost made me cry. I love ambient music like this. The original song was in my childhood, since Majora's Mask is the only Zelda game on the N64 I've played, and I sucked at it when I was very young. The samples are mind-blowingly awesome. Telling the truth, the original song's coolness factored in my rating, but aside from that, fitting the N64 samples into the SPC700 plus the hardware echo effect (not only that it's there, but that it feels different from most other SNES echoes, the delay being longer) plus good usage of stereo amounts to something hard to compare with the also-mind-bogglingly-awesome Resident Evil port.

I apologise if any of my scores are a little bit unfair. I'm new to rating here, and my standards for SMW custom music are a bit too high.


My work not in progress hack Kubakku.

goodmorning: 7.5/10
Gotham City Cathedral: 6.8/10
k64boss: 5.5/10
mansion1: 6.3/10
operation: 4.6/10
prepared_improvisation: 1.9/10
Shifu_Robot: 4.2/10
TT: 5.6/10
zmm-final: 7.6/10

goodmorning: 6.8/10
Gotham City Cathedral: 8.5/10
k64boss: 3.9/10
mansion1: 7.2/10
operation: 6.0/10
prepared_improvisation: 9.2/10
Shifu_Robot: 3.0/10
TT: 6.7/10
zmm-final: 10/10
goodmorning: 7/10
Like this one very much great samples used here.

Gotham City Cathedral: 6.5/10
The added strings give this song much more substance.
Probably could have used a better sample for the lead though.

k64boss: 6/10
Captures the snes Kirby music well.

mansion1: 8/10
Love the string samples here. Great use of multiple channel fades here.

operation: 5.8/10
Pretty good but nothing too amazing.

prepared_improvisation: 3/10
Kinda loud and empty in some places. Not really my cup of tea.

Shifu_Robot: 4/10
Not terrible but could have used better and less muddy samples.

TT: 5/10
Accurate and loud.

zmm-final: 9/10
Amazing sample conversion and very well put together. Sounds exactly like the original.
Mario the Gaul
goodmorning : 9/10 really good and every note seems to blend in together almost perfectly.
Gotham City Cathedral : 8/10 sounds good but some of the notes sound off-key and unfitting.
k64boss : 9/10 Very good in general. However it should include more echo
mansion1 : 10/10 sounds so scary but in a very good way!
operation : 9/10 Not much i can say but notes blend in perfectly.
prepared_improvisation : N/A i can't make heads or tails of this soungs quality.
Shifu_robot : 7.5/10 just. empty...
TT : 7/10 some of the notes sound butchered other than that it sounds really good.
zmm-final : 10/10 sounds exactly the same compared to the original, but some how even more intense.
I gotta stop reading these very old forums... they are really making me paranoid...
goodmorning: 10/10
Holy crap good melody and instruments. This is beautiful.

Gotham City Cathedral: 8/10
Nice take on it! Real nice focus on the vibrato

k64boss: 8/10
Sounds really identical to it!

mansion1: 9/10 wow. just wow. you caught the spookiness very well. and instruments match perfect.

operation: 7/10 could be a bit better but sounds mega man like!

prepared_improvisation: 10/10 Holy crap... I love the modernization going on. And the quick notes and instruments used, you worked hard on this I bet.

Shifu_Robot: 4/10
eh. short but simple. still nice though.

TT: 9/10 Absolutely spot on. That's all i have to say.

zmm-final: 9/10 Another one spot in. well done.
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The votes were based over an experimental algorithm.

goodmorning: 7.2/10
Gotham City Cathedral: 6.3/10
k64boss: 5.8/10
mansion1: 7.1/10
operation: 5.8/10
prepared_improvisation: 5.7/10
Shifu_Robot: 6.8/10
TT: 7.1/10
zmm-final: 7.8/10

FFT is fun.
#area51 - *boom*
goodmorning: 9/10
I don't know if this came from anywhere, but I do like how calming this is. If I had to guess, the 16 byte sample is probably that piano.

Gotham City Cathedral: 7/10
Doesn't really do it for me, but the string is very nice. The vanilla samples don't really fit in my opinion.

k64boss: 8/10
For what the song is going for, it's definitely a nice recreation using only instruments from KSS and KDL3. That being said, I really don't know which of these instruments would really take up 16 bytes; I'm actually very curious to know which is the offending sample here.

mansion1: 7/10
Never played Resident Evil, but it's a nice spooky piece. There isn't much else to it really.

operation: 7/10
Not really my favourite Mega Man song out there, but definitely sounds nice. The SMW percussion doesn't really sell it for me though.

prepared_improvisation: 6.5/10
I don't know why but it's very unpolished nature almost makes it somewhat charming in a way. I can see this being in a boss fight with a crazed wacko character. Sparks the imagination a bit, but it is very situational otherwise.

Shifu_Robot: 5/10
Cool weird little song, though the panning is not cool on the ears with the square samples (and boy I've heard better square samples). Like the above, pretty situational.

TT: 6/10
Feels like you were trying to max out the volumes as an experiment and forgot to remove it since it is jarring. Great recreation, though I am kind of tired of this theme at this point.

zmm-final: 9.9/10
Nearly perfect to the original, and I am probably a really big fan of the original piece. The only real thing I noticed is the bell isn't properly looped, as it seems like it's creating an unnecessary percussion when it plays. I can definitely tell which sample is 16 bytes, but it makes sense why that is.

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goodmorning: 8/10

Gotham City Cathedral: 6/10
its ok

k64boss: 7.5/10
kirboy so +.5

mansion1: 8/10

operation: 7/10
megaman so -.5

prepared_improvisation: 8/10

Shifu_Robot: 6/10

TT: 9/10

zmm-final: 9/10
im not a zelda weeb but its good
goodmorning: 8/10
Gotham City Cathedral: 9/10
k64boss: 9/10
mansion1: 8/10
operation: 10/10
prepared_improvisation: 8/10
Shifu_Robot: 8/10
TT: 10/10
zmm-final: 9/10

Congratulations to Jimmy, who got me to post on SMWC for the first time in like a year.
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However, IRC is freaking dead.
goodmorning: 8.5/10 nice
Gotham City Cathedral: 7.5/10 nice
k64boss: 7.5/10 nice
mansion1: 8/10 nice
operation: 7/10 nice
prepared_improvisation: 9/10 nice
Shifu_Robot: 4/10 tbh
TT: 7/10 nice
zmm-final: 9.5/10 nice

sponsored by jimmy52905
Although it wasn't specifically the challenge, I'm kinda disappointed that people basically just made one really large sample instead of using loops in an interesting way. The only one that comes close is zmm-final.

goodmorning: 8.0/10

Gotham City Cathedral: 6/10
Weird start, gets better later. Underwhelming considering the challenge being about sampling.

k64boss: 7.1/10
Could have totally used N64 samples, idk why you didn't.

mansion1: 7.7/10
High quality port. Song choice is odd, but very well done.

operation: 7.3/10

prepared_improvisation: 8.5/10
Absolutely love this. Spicy chords, upbeat rhythm, amazing trumpet.

Shifu_Robot: 5/10
Those squares are absolutely killing me, and the kick is so weak that it can barely be called one.

TT: 6.8/10
Very well done port, but TOO LOUD. The SPC700 can clip, you know.

zmm-final: 8.2/10
Really annoyed by the loop point you used on the bell. Doesn't quite capture the original and has some kinks, but is a nice port nonetheless.
Round 2 voting starts now!

Formatting is the same as before--if you missed it, check the first post, or refer to the previous votes in the thread. An extra thanks to nobody1089 for the date-removal script. Votes are due Saturday, June 23rd at 16:00PT / 19:00ET.

SPCs here!
MP3s provided by Brozilla
YouTube video of all entries (thanks Dan!)

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