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SMWC Idol 9 - Voting! (Final Round voting underway!)
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aquaillusion: 6.5/10
I like that there are custom samples in here, but gosh dang is that lead so ear-bleeding. The drums are not bad. The bass is a bit lacking, but not the worst thing. I've never heard the original song, though, so some of my criticisms may apply to that as well.

KalosPowerPlant: 7.8/10
These chords are cool. I like the drums in here for their uniqueness, and the rhythm is pretty good anyway. The lead strings are just meh. The synth bass sounds cool. I don't really care about the flute that much. This gives off a cool feeling.

niceday: 5.1/10
I don't really like jazz-esque things. Sounds okay. I don't really know what to think of this. I guess I can see a solid rhythm and solid melody, but it doesn't change my preference.

SNESDEMO: 8.3/10
The drums are really cool for SMW custom music, if not SNES music in general. I really like the echo, too. The synths are really awesome, too. The brass, though, it's not good. The bell-esque instruments are still kind of cool.

zozo: 6.6/10
This is definitely a Final Fantasy track. The feel is mysteriously mischevious, I guess. The rain-esque sound is good, and the echo. I just don't really care about Final Fantasy's music that much.

zzz: 7/10
Is this some animu crap? Jokes aside, this does sound above-average. I don't like the SMW instruments, though. The bells are a nice touch, though. The chords do fit as well. I never really cared about My Ordinary Life(Nichijou), however. The melodies sound like they could be in a Radix keygen song, which means that they are good, though not my type.

Anyways, I hope my scores aren't too unfair.




My work in progress hack Kubakku.
aquaillusion: 6.9/10
A bit repetitive and a bit loud, and a bit grating, and pretty interesting. Makes you want to drink water. (seems odd)

KalosPowerPlant: 7.9/10
Sounds like Aqua Tunnel with the flute, almost, but its not. this is one of those that I can't explain why I like it so much

niceday: 6.5/10
yes, it is

SNESDEMO: 9.2/10
okay then

zozo: 8.9/10
One of my favorite songs of all time, and it's pretty accurately ported, so I'm biased af

zzz: 7.5/10
The medley's interaction with the percussion is nauseating, but maybe that's just me. The wood blocks (?? idk the name, its the clucking noise) sounds like someone's head banging against a hollow tree. it sounds spiffy nonetheless

These are all pretty dang good, if you ask me. A solid round, for only being the second one. I would've voted last round, since I felt very strongly about one of the songs, but time didn't allow
aquaillusion: 6.4/10
I don't like some of the samples and I think they don't blend too well together, but I'm picky on that. I think the effects in channel 5 are interesting. The panning LFO must've been really annoying to create, so I appreciate the effort that went into that!
KalosPowerPlant: 6.9/10
This one is just average for me. It doesn't grab my attention for being good or bad.
niceday: 6.8/10
The song is cool, but the swing feel gets a little odd for me during the fast triplets in the melodies. Sample mixing feels a little off somehow, especially in the bass. I really do like the soloing work though.
SNESDEMO: 9.5/10
This is really cool! Certainly shows off the higher quality side of Snes sampling, and all of the requirements for this round's challenge are clearly audible to me in this one.
zozo: 6.6/10
I don't really like this song, but the port is faithful and actually sounds a little better than the original to me.
zzz: 9.2/10
I really like this one too especially when I dissect the channels. The sample quality and loops are quite good. What grabs my attention is the gymnastics that went into the melody. And finally I'm not the only one trying to do melodies and harmonies on one channel :). Your two-note samples for the lead are especially well-crafted.

Make more of less, that way you won't make less of more!
aquaillusion: 7/10
not bad but like... idk

KalosPowerPlant: 7.5/10
i dont rember the original but yeah its cool

niceday: 9/10
nice melody

hi vilelabot this one is awesome

zozo: 7.5/10
n0ise is neat here

zzz: 10/10
朝起きて 歯を磨いて
あっという間 午後10時
今日も たくさん 笑ったなぁ
たくさん ときめいたなぁ

友達と バカみたいに
騒いでる 時にも
チラチラって 目が合う

ねえ あしたも会えるよね?

まぶたを 閉じると
キラキラ キミだらけ
今日も 楽しかったね
あー 恋 してんだなぁ

返事待ち 一時間
やっぱ脈 ないのかなぁ
ひたすら 受信ボタン

キミのメール 絵文字付き
ゆらゆら ハートマーク
期待して いいのかなぁ

キミのそばに いると
ねえ 運命なのですか

うまれて 初めて
ふわふわ 恋心
いつか 言いたいな
ねえ 大好きだよ

もう少しで 朝が来るよ
そろそろ 寝なくちゃだよね
またあしたね 電話するよ
やっぱ さみしいよ
もっともっと 隣に いたいから

ねえ あしたも会えるよね?

まぶたを 閉じると
キラキラ キミだらけ
今日も 楽しかったね
あー 恋 してんだなぁ

うれしいな うれしいな
はじめまして こいごころ
あした また あえるね
ゆめで すぐ あえるね

aquaillusion: 6/10
Neat effects generated using ever-changing *****FIR Filter values (well just Filter 7) and the echo volume fluxes as well (Fade Out). The instrumentation itself is lacking and roughly on par with the original SNES title. They sacrificed echoing on other channels to provide the excellent noise/FIR Echo effects. It deserves a nice hand but if you take out the main dish the performance crumbles. To meet the surround requirements they did actually use it on the channel volume, something rarely done.

KalosPowerPlant: 7/10
The instrumentation seems pretty faithful however could you REALLY not find/fit an actual *harpsichord? I believe the echo could use more feedback, as of right now it only serves to make the sound fuller which even that it almost fails to do. At 96ms you could be getting much better reverb-like effects. Saving grace is that porting a 3DS song may not have been easy so congrats on that! #smrpg{y}

niceday: 9/10
Very solid performance. Generally I dislike SMW instruments but they blend excellently with the FM-like sound. Unfortunately, once again, the echo seems like an afterthought. Crisis at hand is Disabling Echo fails to hinder the experience. At 64ms that's 8kb that could've gone to better use. It does use GAIN ****on release for softer sample decays.

Probably makes the best of the challenge requirements all wrapped in a 64kb package. Makes use of 2 **FIR filters, obvious non-intrusive echo, and pitch modulation. Best use of GAIN in the competition with ADSR interleaved throughout. Sadly the trumpets/brass are the worst part regarding the performance. Besides that it provides the most technical prowess and fulfilled the conditions more than the other entries. "Fix" the trumpet sample *(Lufia???) so it's a true 10 and not a rounded up score!

*Whatever it is it's some generic SNES RPG Trumpet.

zozo: 5/10
It's faithful? This is more or less the same SNES song slapped with one of RARE's ***FIR filters and different DSP values/mixing. Has little to offer besides a surround echo buffer. The non-echo quality appears to be a bit cleaner but this is a bog-standard entry. The seashore panning is less pronounced than the original; This is accurate but I don't think the changes [to match entry requirements] actually make it standout from Squaresoft's Version.

I'd like to acknowledge a small FIR Filter (FIR Coeff 6) flick but it's a sprinkle added onto an uninspired piece of cake.

zzz: 9/10
I'll admit to being negatively biased on the song choice (oh anime...) and is penalized for following the "not enough echo" crowd. Please understand the echo buffer is used differently here and acts as a sound filter/shaper. The result is a difference in mixing when disabling echo or turning off surround. Rather unique use of the echo buffer while featuring GAIN. Unfortunately SNESDEMO has a more complete implementation of its idea (even when marginally) and this entry is competing with niceday which is stronger, in my opinion, owing to its instrumentation and mixing. So even if we excuse echo it'll come out to a 9.

SMW instruments are easy to recognize. They are considered goofy and mixing them isn't always the best idea.

It's that N-SPC high pass filter (or whatever, it emphasizes most of the frequencies above 2khz.) The other filter appears to be.....

From Donkey Kong Country. If we're being serious it actually doesn't do much in shaping the sound coming out from EVOL. This filter used for some songs in DKC2 but I'm uncertain about DKC3.

It's actually more frequently used as instrument attacks. GAIN release is used but seldomly.

FIR Filter is a variant of Seiken Densetsu 3. Filter Coefficient 7 (30) changes but every other value matches.

Notes: Edited this like a million times.
aquaillusion: 6/10
Between the shrill lead and the disorienting noise channel, I found this one kinda overwhelming to listen to. Seems to be impressive on a technical level though, so I'm gonna rate it a bit higher than I originally would've.

KalosPowerPlant: 8/10
Oh it's the one song from X/Y that I actually remember! Aside from the lackluster synth lead sample, this is pretty nice. Also, there seems to be slight bit of slowdown at the very end, at least on my end, but that's minor.

niceday: 7/10
Pretty enjoyable, but the audible clicking (at least on my end) on some of the samples bring it down a tad. This reminds me of goodmorning from round 1 in that it's pleasant and competently made but not really musically extraordinary.

Great attention grabber at the start. I was hoping the song would develop a bit more as it went on, but it's very cool regardless. The pitchmod usage was particularily impressive to me.

zozo: 5/10
Was never really fond of this song in the actual game either, mainly just because of the gratingly high pitches at the start. The port itself is well done, but I don't find it particularily impressive since accurately porting SNES songs is more or less foolproof. idk

zzz: 10/10
something something anime. But the song's admittedly nice and the port is really good and thorough so it's all good in my book
aquaillusion: 5/10
KalosPowerPlant: 4.5/10
niceday: 7.5/10
zozo: 9.5/10
zzz: 4.5/10
aquaillusion: 4/10
doesn't do a thing for me. technically put together well, but eschews trying to sound pleasing in any sort of way. icky.

KalosPowerPlant: 6/10
this one disappointed me. the original is a really good song, but this feels very flat and one dimensional compared to it. the synth lead is really h, esp the bouncing back and forth just sounds tepid. like this song is afraid if it grew any further outside of its constrain itd break. i think this could be done better.

niceday: 7/10
pleasing but a bit generic. feels grassland-y, objectively nice, but nothing super catchy from it. i could see other people really digging it though.

SNESDEMO: 8.5/10
this implements the theme best, you can really tell the uses of pitch modulation here. pretty sort of aquatic sounding drum n bass stuff,, the intro set me up for something entirely different though. i'm not sure if it works too well in the grand scheme of things.

zozo: 7.6/10
this is a cute jam, but i was hoping it'd pick up somewhere into a full flourishing haunted kind of jam. instead the entire thing is just kinda quiet,, ported well but the choice of song is a bit less interesting than it could've been.

zzz: 8.4/10
interesting samples, the track is also a jam. feel snesdemo utilizes the theme of this contest slightly better, but this is really really close up there. both good entrants this time around.
heaven is other people
aquaillusion: 6.2/10
KalosPowerPlant: 5.9/10
niceday: 7.2/10
SNESDEMO: 6.9/10
zozo: 8.0/10
zzz: 7.1/10

aquaillusion: 7.8/10
I actually like this, kind of. The samples are flawless, especially the crash cymbals and the "whirling" effect.
It is sort of repetitive, but that's what I expect from some video game soundtracks.

KalosPowerPlant: 6.7/10
I'm not really sure what's going on with the wind instrument there. It's not bad, nice sampling, but hmm.

niceday: 9.6/10
Wow, not bad at all. There is a LOT of variation with the melody and I like that. This person is getting really creative with the melody. I have to score this person exceptionally high for that.

SNESDEMO: 7.7/10
Hmm. I didn't even know this was possible in SNES Instrument Format..? I love drum & bass and techno, and this soundtrack meets that criteria.
However, I'm not sure what happened with the melody in the second half of the soundtrack... I thought I was going to be able to hum along to it, but it just took multiple turns and ended abruptly.

zozo: 8.8/10
Reminds me of the Pink Panther theme song, haha. I suppose there is supposed to be a vintage-vibe to this, considering the static that I hear. So, I'll give you props for your creativity.
I like that the melody isn't "over-the-top," because it's vintage--like it's supposed to be repetitive. I'm not sure if that was the intention, but I like that.

zzz: 9.2/10
Very cheerful. I love the experimentation with the instruments, but I do have to admit that some of them do not go too well together.
One of the instruments sounds like a dog barking, so that threw me off a little bit.
Other than that, I love the elongated note near the end of the soundtrack, indicating that the soundtrack is ending. I've never taken music class before (obviously), but that's a nice method to hum along to.
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aquaillusion: 7.4/10
I like that woosh woosh thing, it actually sounds like it has a reason to be there (unlike the hissing in "zozo" cough)

KalosPowerPlant: 6.8/10
Slightly odd sample choice, and could have used a bit of reverb to sound less flat

niceday: 8.5/10
That @8 is yummy mmh.. I mean the 8th instrument, I don't speak spc700 that well sorry


zozo: 6/10
I get the hissing was in the original song but I find it pretty annoying, turning it off makes the song more enjoyable to me (but admittedly flatter)

zzz: 9.5/10
anime isn't real The way you mixed vanilla instruments in there is seamless, really nice job
aquaillusion: 4/10
Eh, I guess it's accurate to the original version. Not a fan however.

KalosPowerPlant: 8/10
I like the SMW version of this track. Pokemon X and Y didn't have many good tracks, but this one is actually a good one. It's not accurate to the 3DS version, but I mean, 3DS has much better sound hardware, and I think this version actually is better.

niceday: 7/10
I don't know what it is, but it's pretty good.

Wait, this is still SNES, right? You didn't use an exploit to download MP3 file and play it instead?

zozo: 3/10
I mean, is it that impressive to port SNES music to SNES all things considered? The same sound hardware, and all.

zzz: 9/10

more seriously, the port was good

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Tag (script) was not closed.
Round 3 voting is on!

Formatting is the same as before--if you missed it, check the first post, or refer to the previous votes in the thread. Votes are due Saturday, July 7th at 16:00PT / 19:00ET.

SPCs here!


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let see

thewindcanbestill: 8/10
a good song from Stardew Valley (well i think that song are from a JRPG and not from harvest moon like game) and in my opinion is better than the original

wintervacation: 8/10
a calm song and easly a one of the best of this round

sky: 7/10
funky and active song and only the noise is a bit high and why not use a hat sample? also this is a great port

viridian: 6/10
well i dont like the pokemon songs (i dont hate them but for me are very X (exept some songs)), but this is very good port

stages46: 4/10
the port sound very good a song form tim foilng but needs a bit more of work whit the samples

basement: 3/10
this is a joke?

mole: 3/10
sorry but someting this port is .... but i dont liked this port

basement: 2.3/10
A very short loop. It's interesting that someone decided to remix music from A Nightmare On Elm Street for the Famicom, but that's all I can say.

mole: 6.4/10
I like the use of noise and echo. Although I don't like the SMW instruments, because they don't really sound good by themselves. The pitch bends are surprisingly present on an MML song though, and that's cool.

sky: 7.2/10
Good use of noise here, though the SMW drums don't sound good. I've never heard a good use for SMW's drums, as they always sound too weak. The backing does sound nice, as well as the lead, both of which are a surprising good way to use SMW instruments. The echo is meh, though.

stages46: 6.6/10
It is kind of rare to see the rock genre in SMW custom music. The drums here don't sound the best aside from the kick, though I still love the noise cymbal/hi-hats here. I wouldn't be surprised if the kick was just a pitch bend, though. The pitch bends are cool. It's a shame that SMW's electric guitar is still used, though as well as a bunch of other SMW instruments. It sounds somewhat like GBA music, though. Overall, above average, though not there yet.

thewindcanbestill: 7.8/10
This mellow track is a bit good. Almost sounds like it can be in Minecraft. If most of the strings aren't custom samples, then that's a surprisingly good use of SMW's violin. If they are, then they are good custom samples.

viridian: 5/10
I don't really like elevator-style music. But for the genre, this sounds okay. The echo adds to the feel. I guess SMW drums fit mellow muzak music, though I don't like that genre. I know this is a Pokemon remix, but this song reminds me of that Go!Animate stock music.

wintervacation: 6.5/10
Meh. This rhythm is not bad, but the SMW instruments still don't sound good, drums included. I don't have much to say about this one.




My work in progress hack Kubakku.
basement: 1/10
lol what is this

mole: 7/10
Superbly accurate. Not a fan of the song itself though, I usually thought these boss themes were pretty cluttered and noisy, which is why I'm ranking this low-ish. Also apparently it's incomplete? idk but Nevertheless, an incredibly accurate port and very good effort.

sky: 7.5/10
Ayy. Song is really good and it has very good use of instruments (surprisingly with no pitch modulation). I love how you used the thunder sample as a clap, that was insane. I do feel like the song lacks a bit of bass though, and also the noise is super loud sometimes (especially when it's supposed to be a crash).

stages46: 6/10
Intro sounds fart-y. #ab{>_>} Also I'm not really sure what's the point of all the EQ changes throughout the song since they're not that noticeable, but it clearly has a lot of effort put into it. After the @17 noise of the intro, the song becomes very good and enjoyable in my opinion, with some interesting chorus, legato and instrument mixes.

thewindcanbestill: 7/10
Sounds really good! I thought you were using samples in the intro at first, so that was pretty awesome. The song is very soothing and a very nice "feel-good" choice, although it can get short and unvaried. The mixing is a little off too, as sometimes the high notes can be rather ear-piercing, and I'm not the biggest fan of the echo choice. Regardless, a very nice entry!

viridian: 9/10
Short and sweet defines this pretty well. Everything about this sounds so good, I really can't seem to find anything to complain about. Incredible good use of SMW instruments, everything sounding so cohesive. I just wish the song was a little longer or that it went a different direction after a while, as I could listen to a bossanova like this all day.

wintervacation: 10/10
F U K.
Just read everything I wrote above but this time I l o v e the song. I can't get enough of this one. Every single detail you added, including the outstanding combination of instruments and the expressiveness of the main melody, just won't let me place this any lower.
Well, I'm not very good being a judge, but lets go...

basement: 2/10
Nah, just a ridiculous joke loop.

mole: 6.5/10
Cool, but you could improve on some parts of the song that in my opinion were kind of 'weird' huh.

sky: 8/10
I can hear noises of smoke that certainly fit more in techno and factories lol. Good port anyway.

stages46: 6.5/10
I did not like the beginning of it, but while I was listening, I felt that she improved more in the middle. It's also a good port, but I found it very strange the beginning.

thewindcanbestill: 7.5/10
Ohh...a very relaxing port I would say, but I think you could put more rhythm and more instruments in it...

viridian: 7.5/10
This is cool but very simple and I feel something funny in this song lol.

wintervacation: 9.5/10
Is a very nice song that fits perfectly on beach themes!

This is my opinion for all those ports! Good luck to everyone! #tb{:j}

basement: 2/10 "Yeah it's Real VilelaBot"
mole: 8.6/10 " Accurate than NES"
sky: 6.2/10 " The most song, Cool ! "
stages46: 10/10 " SNES4FX is automated FIR Filterable control. Also Hi Japan! "
thewindcanbestill: 5.7/10 " Excellent sounds than VSTi Synth"
viridian: 7.5/10 " Used for calm. Good.
wintervacation: 9.6/10 " Excited for an J-Pop Anime styled.. But Great ! "

These judges is ok but sorry my English is bad and how sounds better than SMW Samples

basement: 2.22/10


mole: 8/10
shovlel knight

sky: 8.5/10
The most song, Cool !

stages46: 8/10

thewindcanbestill: 8/10

viridian: 9/10

wintervacation: 9.5/10

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