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SMWC Idol 9 - Voting!

Link Thread Closed


Marc: 9/10

puzzleplank: 7/10

Shiokara: 9.5/10
東方の音楽みたい! かっこいいよね 9/10
Marc: 8.2/10
puzzleplank: 8.6/10
Shiokara: 7.5/10 9.8/10

Shiokara: 8.5/10
Great use of SMW samples here.

Marc: 8/10
I'm really liking the mood of this.

puzzleplank: 7/10
Guess I'm not too much of a fan of the original song. 7.5/10
Percussion sounds a bit busy to me.
Mario the Gaul
Marc: 8/10
puzzleplank: 7.5/10
Shiokara: 8.5/10 8.7/10
Final round:

Formatting is the same as before--if you missed it, check the first post, or refer to the previous votes in the thread. Votes are due Tuesday, November 6th at 16:00PT / 19:00ET.

SPCs here!
MP3s provided by Yuzu
YouTube (soon?)

Final Valley
angkorwat: 7/10
needs a bit of a bass boost imo

Final Valley: 8/10

iesua: 6/10
Song doesn't do anything for me :<

moon: 10/10
Rockin'! A real head-bopper! Thanks for not shying away from the drums! This songs really keeps a strong momentum all throughout!

rsecredits: 8/10
hit me right in the sensitive chord <:

time-trax-bell: 7/10
I love the synth bass, I love the rhythm, but the main melody's instrument gives me a bit of a headache :/

YoKaiDiscoBat: 9/10
song brings back memories. I love the tempo and rhythm track.
angkorwat: 6/10
It's a catchy tune there's no doubt about that. But there are too many high pitched sounds and way too little bassy ones. Eventually it starts giving you a bit of a headache. And the bridge is a bit repetitive.

Final Valley: 7/10
I really like the snyth work and the percussion in this one. But there is a part where they throw in another high pitched synth that sounds slightly off key that throws me off every time I listen to it.

iesua: 7/10
I feel like my score for this would be higher if they'd left out that intro part. Because the rest sounds great. The percussion gets your foot tapping and I can already see it in a high intensity boss or athletic level (just an observation, not a factor in scoring).

moon: 6/10
For the most part this has a really fun sound to it. But the higher the main synths go in pitch the more off they sound to me. They just sound like they are deviating from the note more than they should be when vibrating.

rsecredits: 8/10
A very pleasant song to listen to. I would much like to give this song a higher score, but as the bass synth begins it sounds wobbly and odd and takes away from the angelic sounding notes it's accompanying. Very good for credits, clearly (again, an observation).

time-trax-bell: 9/10
Now this is an intriguing tune. It's not particularly catchy, but it gets your attention regardless. Sort of experimental and futuristic. I'm digging the percussion and electronic bells throughout. In real time, while writing these, this is easily my favorite of the lot. It just has a wildly neat feel to it.

YoKaiDiscoBat: 6.5/10
I'm a real fan of how this track stays within a range that your ears can tolerate for longer periods of time. It reminds me of some of my favorite anime VGMs. My issue with it is that is a little too repetitive given the circumstances here.

Good game contestants!
angkorwat: 7.8/10
It's not at all bad, but it didn't drop me dead either. I like how the echo was used though, it's nice and big but doesn't go out of place and get in the way.

Final Valley: 8.4/10
Nice crisp samples and spacious sound here. I felt the song choice and the way it was ported made it easy to show off what the Snes is capable of without needing to push the limitations too hard to make it sound good. My only complaint is the sample for the drum before the main part of the song felt out of place for me.

iesua: 7.5/10
Got to congratulate you on the length of this port, I mean I know this round had a long working period but still long ports require effort and patience. The music itself has good and bad points for me. I like the use of echo and the song is cool, but some sample choices and use of some effects could be better imho. The trumpets sound a bit irritating at times and their vibrato is a little over the top for me. The church bells sample or whatever it is, also isn't to my taste. I do like the flute sounds, though. During those parts I enjoy this song a lot.

moon: 8.6/10
Always a sucker for things that feature synth/chip sounds or based on modules, and it sounds like this one might be though I am only guessing. I like this port. Particularly like how you added noise to the snare drum to give the highs a different character.

rsecredits: 6.8/10
I appreciate the effort, and for what this is, it isn't bad. But I've never liked pianos on Snes; there's not enough memory and channels. But I'm picky about piano sounds because piano is my first instrument so there's that. Aside from that, I feel the other instruments could use polish to improve their expression and tuning. And while I personally don't mind the instrument choices, some of them seem a little odd. I do like the variations in tempo, those are a nice touch that often don't make it into Snes music or other such formats.

time-trax-bell: 9/10
It's a damn good effort to perfectly recreate the original. Truthfully even though I was expecting something like this by reading the music Discord, my mind is still blown. Only thing I don't get is why change the strings?

YoKaiDiscoBat: 9/10
Really love this one. Catchy melodies. Thick chords thanks to multinote samples. Nice use of SMW instruments. Really a fan of the way you manage to put some snap/pop into the bass and drums. Only way to up this to a 10/10 would be to implement even more things I like :P
Make more of less, that way you won't make less of more!
angkorwat: 7/10
This is pretty neat for what it is.

Final Valley: 8/10
Oh this one is real good. I mean REAL GOOD.

iesua: 9/10
...So, this is the one who was actually crucified...

...Oh... wow... Really big and very epic... subarashii...

Also... LOLI JESUS!?

moon: 10/10
Oh I really love this one! Absolutely fantastic!

rsecredits: 8/10
This one is very neat. Really suits a credits theme.

time-trax-bell: 9.7/10
Okay, I've already seen some ports that use huge Sega Genesis synth samples... but not like this...
I took a look at the data through the SPC700 Player and this one actually takes every "frequency" change of the synth sounds and puts it all together into a bunch of samples to play back and forth of each other...
And I don't mean just a bunch of samples... I'm talking like... OVER 200 SAMPLES IN ONE SMW PORT!!!
The Src numbers go all the way up to about "D0". I've never seen a SNES song at all that uses that many samples.

...As for the song itself, I like it... just the the synths just add such a neat taste to it. And most of the rating comes from the fact that you put so much effort to all of this.
SNES needs a Sega Genesis synthesizer.

YoKaiDiscoBat: 8.5/10
Now this one is really good too. Loving the feel to it.
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by: (🔞 Warning)
angkorwat: 8/10

Final Valley: 7/10

iesua: 8/10

moon: 9/10

rsecredits: 8/10

time-trax-bell: 9/10

YoKaiDiscoBat: 7.5/10
えっと… 忘れた
angkorwat: 8.4/10
Final Valley: 7.6/10
iesua: 9.9/10
moon: 9.2/10
rsecredits: 6.6/10
time-trax-bell: 7.1/10
YoKaiDiscoBat: 8.6/10

angkorwat: 7/10
not bad but kinda simple for a final round lole

Final Valley: 8/10
would give a 8.5 but that pitch slide at 0:41 lmfao

iesua: 8/10
inb4 2hou

moon: 8.5/10

rsecredits: 7/10
wtf for a moment I thought this was the 2girls1cup song

time-trax-bell: 8/10
I don't like fm samples and it's a boring song kinda

YoKaiDiscoBat: 8.5/10
only song that kinda fits for a final round

ok i voted jimmy leave me alone
angkorwat: 6.5/10
A generic shoot-em-up first level-ish theme is probably not a good song choice for a final round like this. It is pretty well made, but not something that exactly blows everything else out of the water.

Final Valley: 7.7/10
Nice instrumentation most of the time, and epic theme (although not exactly the biggest fan of it, but still can get behind it). There's some unpolishment here and there, though, like the weird toms used in the intro, and what even are those super slow bends in the main melody lol. Bonus points for using M3's sliding guitar sample, crystal clear samples are :O

iesua: 8/10
Nice song! It's very long too, that takes balls for a final round. In general it has great mixing and nothing really sounds wrong (except some parts of the composition itself, but it's hard to make EVERYTHING sound cohesive while making it varied in a 4 min. long song, so that's not really your fault), but I feel it's missing a little more punch; a song that's meaning to sound this epic needs to hit you very hard, and this doesn't exactly do that. Despite this, it has great instrumentation most of the time, and overall pleasing to listen to.

moon: 9.3/10
This aggressively reminds me of something please post source.
I really like this one! The harmonies, progression, mixing, it's all on point. Using noise to make the snare pop up more was very smart too. I sometimes wished you used a little more expressiveness on the melody, such as legato on quick hammer-on notes or more dynamics; that'd easily make it sound even richer. Regardless, one of my favorite entries so far. #tb{^V^}

rsecredits: 6.8/10
There's a problem when even piano samples clash with each other. In general, it sounds pretty dry and choppy, which kind of throws me off a little given how heartwarming the song itself is (which usually require everything to sound silky-smooth to really sell you on it). There was clear effort put into this, with little details like dynamics and tempo variations which definitely elevate this, but ultimately they get outweighed by the things I mentioned earlier.

time-trax-bell: 8.5/10
How did you even manage to swap samples at literally every tick? I'm feeling a little suspicious ngl.
I really like the feel of this song. These kind of mysterious-ish, atmospheric songs are kind of my weakness. And if my suspicions are wrong, then this is an incredible technical accomplishment (regardless of how you feel about FM samples). Despite how I feel about the song, I don't actually think it's fit for being the winner of this round, but it's definitely a highlight, rightfully so.

YoKaiDiscoBat: 9/10
Great song, superb mixing, everything's crystal clear and sounds very good! I really don't have anything to add, there's hardly anything to complain about here; I guess I just have to admit I'm a better fan of the moon song than this one, but this one is a super close second one and an incredible effort!

good luck everyone #tb{:D}
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angkorwat: 7/10
Final Valley: 8/10
iesua: 8/10
moon: 9/10
rsecredits: 8.5/10
time-trax-bell: 8/10
YoKaiDiscoBat: 9.5/10
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angkorwat: 6/10
Gives me some Hudson Soft vibes for whatever reason. It's pretty nice.

Final Valley: 6/10
Not bad, but it sounds like it's off-key in some moments.

iesua: 9/10
Sounds amazing, it's also very climactic sounding.

moon: 7/10
It's great, don't have anything else to say about this one.

rsecredits: 7/10
I love the piano sound in this. Sounds a lot like actual GBA sound too.

time-trax-bell: 8/10
I love the sound of the instruments and the melody. It's great.

YoKaiDiscoBat: 8/10
Oh wow! This is also great, it kinda reminds me of Goemon, but with instruments that sound like they're straight out of Rockman & Forte.
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
angkorwat: 6/10
Final Valley: 7/10
iesua: 7.5/10
moon: 8.8/10
rsecredits: 6/10
time-trax-bell: 9/10 dude when is mission briefing tho
YoKaiDiscoBat: 8.5/10


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