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Member of the Month ~ June 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest wiiqwertyuiop
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ June 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest wiiqwertyuiop
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Noivern: Welcome everyone to the Last Minute Show!
Noivern: Tonight's guest is wiiqwertyuiop, a rather prolific submitter to the ASM section.
wiiqwertyuiop: o/
wiiqwertyuiop: the last minute show at the last minute
Noivern: It is very aptly named.
Noivern: How are you doing tonight?
wiiqwertyuiop: pretty good
wiiqwertyuiop: i had off today so i was just relaxing
wiiqwertyuiop: school is starting again though so we will see how that goes
Noivern: What level of schooling?
wiiqwertyuiop: I am more than half way through a two year degree right now
wiiqwertyuiop: then i probably plan on getting on 4 year degree after
wiiqwertyuiop: in college
Noivern: I hope you don't mind if we go straight into the interview proper.
Noivern: This is quite the last minute interview even for the Last Minute Show.
wiiqwertyuiop: sure letsa go
Noivern: nice
Noivern: You have several, several patches in the section that date all the way back to early 2011.
Noivern: What got you into ASM?
wiiqwertyuiop: what got me into ASM was actually the same thing that got me into/made me aware of hacking
wiiqwertyuiop: i remember as a kid browsing youtube and somehow I ended up finding a video on a laser suit hidden somewhere on the overworld in SMW
wiiqwertyuiop: i thought it was real at first so I was trying to do it in game but obviously to no avail
wiiqwertyuiop: a little bit later I found out it was a mod someone did and I thought the idea of changing an already existing game to add new things was so cool
wiiqwertyuiop: so i spent a lot of time learning the ropes of SMW hacking and messing around with other peoples ASM codes and trying to understand it all
wiiqwertyuiop: all because I wanted to code that laser suit (which I couldn't find back then)
Noivern: ah, was that this submission
wiiqwertyuiop: yeah thats the one lol
wiiqwertyuiop: its not very good from what i remember but it is funny because it seems to be the most downloaded sprite on SMWC lol
wiiqwertyuiop: that might be the first or at least one of the first things i ever submitted
Noivern: Was there any sort of formal tutorial back then or did you just learn by tinkering with already existing code?
Noivern: I think I might be showing my ignorance here lol (not an ASMer)
wiiqwertyuiop: back then there weren't really any good ASM tutorials from what i remember, or at least not ones easy to find or that i found
wiiqwertyuiop: it was mostly me playing with the ram map and other peoples codes to try to figure out what stuff does
wiiqwertyuiop: it wasn't until later on when I found out about IRC and #serioushax when I started to get better
wiiqwertyuiop: people there helped me out a lot
wiiqwertyuiop: plus it was fun talking to the people there
Noivern: You submitted a lot of things in 2011, but after that there wasn't a whole lot of submissions until late 2015/early 2016.
Noivern: Did you lose interest in SMW hacking during that time?
Noivern: What happened there?
wiiqwertyuiop: well the thing is SMW was kind of just a "gateway" type thing for me
wiiqwertyuiop: i obviously like the game a lot but I like other SNES games more
Noivern: Did you move onto other games?
wiiqwertyuiop: yeah once I got a grasp on ASM i started looking into other games and hacking scenes
wiiqwertyuiop: I helped finish off the SMAS dissamebly
wiiqwertyuiop: i actually did my own dissasembly of ALTTP
wiiqwertyuiop: which took a lot of time
wiiqwertyuiop: and I also did a bunch of other random things in other games
wiiqwertyuiop: i also tried making my own homebrew game a couple of times
wiiqwertyuiop: so that was my big break point there
wiiqwertyuiop: the problem is though none of those other hacking scenes are as popular as SMW
Noivern: link to the ALTTP disassembly thread, for reference:
wiiqwertyuiop: i have a couple videos of some of the homebrew games i was working on too on my old youtube channel
wiiqwertyuiop: lemme see
wiiqwertyuiop: yeah theres one video
wiiqwertyuiop: I have a bunch of junk on there lol
Noivern: SMWC was just the perfect storm of a popular game, an easy to use editor, and an already existing community
wiiqwertyuiop: yeah the game genre is also perfect
wiiqwertyuiop: alttp is a whole story type of game for example
Noivern: If only some other games with good editors were popular... looks at the NSMB series
wiiqwertyuiop: not many people have the time to invest in something like that
wiiqwertyuiop: with SMW you can make a couple of really fun levels and you're done
wiiqwertyuiop: plus the editor helps ALOT
wiiqwertyuiop: i can't believe fusuya is still active
Noivern: That homebrew ROM looks suspiciously like VVVVVV. Is there something you're not telling us?
wiiqwertyuiop: no copyright plz thnx
wiiqwertyuiop: i also took a LONG break sometime in 2016 i think?
wiiqwertyuiop: maybe before that i dunno but i was inactive for a while there
wiiqwertyuiop: i have been getting interested in SNES hacking again right now though so we will see
Noivern: Do you think you might have anything to show off at C3?
Noivern: Haha no pressure.
wiiqwertyuiop: nah def not haha
wiiqwertyuiop: i mean i have some old projects i could release maybe
wiiqwertyuiop: but nothing amazing lol
wiiqwertyuiop: maybe ill release one though
wiiqwertyuiop: one of my old things
wiiqwertyuiop: btw super metroid is one of my favorite games of all time i'd love for that hacking scene to be bigger but alas D:
Noivern: Is there any non-SMW game you're currently interested in hacking?
wiiqwertyuiop: hm...
wiiqwertyuiop: like i said i really like super metroid but it's not as active as i'd like
wiiqwertyuiop: i mean i guess i could anyway but it is more rewarding making stuff if you know people would like it/use it in their own projects
Noivern: Are you already active in any Metroid hacking communities?
Noivern: I believe FPzero does some Super Metroid stuff, maybe you can bug them.
wiiqwertyuiop: nope i have an old account on metroid construction but i never use it
wiiqwertyuiop: in the future right now i see myself just doing random stuff for fun
wiiqwertyuiop: Super FX interests me i'd like to play around with that
wiiqwertyuiop: i dunno
Noivern: It would be interesting to see new life breathed into the SuperFX patch.
Noivern: That is, if you're even talking about SMW.
wiiqwertyuiop: kind of related
wiiqwertyuiop: but it is crazy how the sa-1 is so widespread nowadays
wiiqwertyuiop: never would have expected it to catch on
Noivern: Crazy, but not totally unexpected.
Noivern: Even if you don't know anything about ASM, more sprites on screen without slowdown is a big enough draw.
wiiqwertyuiop: yeah true
wiiqwertyuiop: but before I left people it wasn't even discussed much
Noivern: Of course, you could just design levels to need fewer sprites, but hey what're you gonna do.
wiiqwertyuiop: nah if i can't have 500 goombas on screen...
Noivern: I need my column of 12 parakoopas
wiiqwertyuiop: the floor is koopa
Noivern: Hope you're ready for the random question gauntlet.
Noivern: Favorite letter?
wiiqwertyuiop: wow tough one there are so many keys on a keyboard
wiiqwertyuiop: i'd have to say qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
Noivern: m
Noivern: Favorite color?
wiiqwertyuiop: purple is cool
Noivern: What's the last video game you've played?
wiiqwertyuiop: axiom verge
Noivern: Favorite model of car?
wiiqwertyuiop: hm...
wiiqwertyuiop: i always thought deloreans were cool
Noivern: Any good youtube channels to recommend?
wiiqwertyuiop: yeah there are a couple i watch
wiiqwertyuiop: 8bit guy is cool
wiiqwertyuiop: also ryukar and carlsagan42 if you like watching mario
wiiqwertyuiop: ryukahr is playing through claustrophobia right now on twitch
wiiqwertyuiop: i've been liking watching that
Noivern: Well uh, I've run out of questions.
Noivern: Is there anything you'd like to bring up and talk about?
wiiqwertyuiop: anyone else excited for the new smash game?
wiiqwertyuiop: only a few more days
wiiqwertyuiop: (depending on when this comes out)
Noivern: If it doesn't have Diddy in it, something's gonna happen.
wiiqwertyuiop: inb4 port
Noivern: Looks like that's all the time we have for this interview.
Noivern: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, and for tolerating my PMs.
wiiqwertyuiop: nah it was fine thanks for having me
wiiqwertyuiop: him
Noivern: him
Congrats, dude!

Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
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honestly, i thought you have already gotten motm before. it even feels weird for me you getting just now, lol.

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Yeah, that's what PR thought too until someone checked the list and confirmed it.
Congrats! Well deserved. It's funny because I've been fiddling with resources lately and I saw your name a lot, which also brought me to find that old youtube channel of yours. Watching those old videos and getting amazed made me feel like a new baby hacker all over again
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ June 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest wiiqwertyuiop

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