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Staff Spotlight June 2018 - The Terrible Show w/ special guest Tyty
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Staff Spotlight June 2018 - The Terrible Show w/ special guest Tyty
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For this month's Staff Spotlight, the interviewing job was shoved onto me so I can question my good friend about his job and stuff. Enjoy!

FPzero: So this interview thing
Tyty: I have the image ready :V
FPzero: lol
FPzero: congrats Twitter man, ur spotlight
Tyty: hooray I did it

FPzero: Welcome all to the Half-Assed Staff Spotlight Interview Show Thing. This month's prestigious staff spotlight winner/roulette victor is Tyty, also known as Teyla on the forums
FPzero: He runs the Twitter account and also does some other PR stuff on the side
FPzero: probably some very important decision making that no one but staff are privy to
Tyty: You say that but really I just shitpost
FPzero: I forget if we're supposed to remain pg-13 for this or not
Tyty: We can call it funposting then
FPzero: Perfecto
FPzero: Anyway I was chosen to interview him because i know tyty the best and we're a package deal or whatever joke of the day about us is relevant right now

FPzero: Let's start from the beginning: What brought you to the site in the first place? How did you discover SMWCentral?
Tyty: Well it was pretty much after being laughed at on Acmlm's board a while before... I don't even remember which incarnation it was, but the split that made Jul and board2
Tyty: I was pretty interested in smw hacking, but honestly details are kinda foggy about the pre-nightfall stuff for me besides posting as the "Happy piranha plant" for a while for some reason
FPzero: The Happy Piranha Plant
Tyty: Yeah
FPzero: I'm gonna go rename the Bar & Grill, brb
Tyty: I vaguely remember having edited the yoshi's island sprite to be smiling
FPzero: The one thing that I know you'll lord over me a tiny bit is the fact you have one of the lowest userIDs on the site
Tyty: That's only because I was really quick to register after the wipe
FPzero: though that's after the great wipe yeah
FPzero: Acmlm's Board and Jul were fun times back then. Lots of cool people came and went
Tyty: Shame about the drama
FPzero: Do you remember what made you interested in SMW hacking? Back then it wasn't like today where you could just look up smw hack videos on youtube and become interested like that
Tyty: I remember a friend telling me about mario hacks, how people could change the levels inside the game
Tyty: It got me interested immediately. As a kid I had sketched out level ideas before, so I thought it would be pretty fun to actually make them
Tyty: Obviously my first level was absolute garbage, I don't have it anymore though
FPzero: Haha, I remember my first one was pretty garbo too
Tyty: I remember it was vaguely something like this
Tyty: With the goal tape just past the blue koopa
FPzero: inspirational
Tyty: I've always had an interest in putting things where they don't belong in mario levels
Tyty: Porcupuffers in lava, puntin' chucks kicking other objects, stuff like that
Tyty: Don't know why
Tyty: porcupuffers don't work in lava btw, they just die
FPzero: f
Tyty: f

FPzero: So that was the beginning. But what's kept you around the site all these years? I mean, we both pre-date the great wipe and here we are still hanging around
Tyty: I'm not entirely sure besides, honestly, mario hacking
Tyty: I kept drifting away and coming back every now and then, usually around the time of a contest or something
Tyty: out of all the communities I've been in, even if I just lurk and don't post, it's the one that's felt the most like "home"
FPzero: That makes sense to me. The site does feel pretty inviting
Tyty: usually
Tyty: I actually dug up my first overworld, since you brought it up
Tyty: My earliest hacking escapades mostly looked like this
FPzero: go post in showoff
FPzero: lol
Tyty: k
FPzero: by the way i actually did rename the b&g
Tyty: I saw, you're gonna confuse everyone
FPzero: then they should read the site interviews
FPzero: So I know you've been in a number of hacking communities besides here, what other games have you either tried hacking or been familiar with?
Tyty: Not a whole lot, at least with results
Tyty: but I've done graphics stuff in the GBA fire emblems, looked at pokemon hacking and went nope, and dabbled a bit in early 3DS Etrian Odyssey hacking
Tyty: Oh, also Brawl
Tyty: Someone called Tanks and I were actually a part of figuring out the brstm loop timing format
Tyty: where there was a delay if it didn't line up with the correct sample offset
Tyty: I'm also looking to get into SM64 hacking just because it seems fun
FPzero: SM64 does seem like it'd be neat. I know there's some pretty cool hacks for it being made these days
FPzero: Do you have any ideas what you want to do with it?
Tyty: Not really, honestly. Maybe a snow/ice level?
Tyty: I wanna make levels that have less bottomless void than a lot of hacks though
Tyty: They all seem to be made with people who have mastered the game in mind, a lot like earlier SMW hacks, not with people who played it before and are looking for something neat
Tyty: I notice a lot of awkward jumps, or requiring the player to know things that aren't super intuitive
Tyty: like how diving -immediately- after a triple jump makes the jump go way farther
FPzero: I suppose the hacking community is still going through some growing pains in that regard
FPzero: with hacks being made mostly for themselves or twitch streamers
Tyty: shoutouts to simpleflips i guess

FPzero: So let's talk about your job on the site
FPzero: Tell me about the Twitters
Tyty: Well you tweet on twitter duh
FPzero: you heard it here first, folks
Tyty: But more specifically, it's my job to tweet out content, events, these interviews, and stuff like that from the site
Tyty: Though the content drip is usually pretty slow, largely because I'm kinda picky
Tyty: when it comes to graphics or sprites I try not to tweet out anything I wouldn't use myself, and it leads to droughts sometimes, especially with the leadup to C3
Tyty: though certain times of year are easier like halloween or winter
FPzero: Yeah I remember when you did the C3 "news station". That was pretty fun
Tyty: I'm planning on doing that for future C3 events as well if the theme allows, the newscaster shtick is fun
FPzero: Would you be open to suggestions for twitter content from other staff or regular users?
FPzero: To help with the droughts you mentioned
Tyty: For sure, especially when it comes to hacks or funny things like the Hacks 101 tile 1F0 tweet
Tyty: I don't always have time to play them so suggestions on ones to try and recommend would be welcomed
FPzero: we should find the old hack that had the "oh wow, this is forbittin" text box
FPzero: sadly i have no idea what it was
Tyty: Nah I'll just showcase The Forever Mystery
FPzero: no pls
Tyty: © 2007 FirePhoenix0

FPzero: So is there anything else you'd like to do on the site beyond just twitter?
FPzero: Like, a different or additional staff duty
Tyty: I mean, I like the lack of responsibility
FPzero: hahaha
Tyty: I wouldn't mind hosting or running some events though, maybe hacking contests. Other PR stuff. I don't think I'd want to move to actual staff duty beyond -maybe- graphics moderation...
Tyty: Though I worry I'd be way too harsh if I was a graphics mod. Like I said, picky.
FPzero: (this is the worst interview I have no idea what I'm doing lol)
Tyty: nah I'm just a terrible interviewee

FPzero: I don't think you've made any full SMW hacks but I know you've participated in lots of contests and events. What draws you to making levels for those?
Tyty: Probably the fact I finish them, I have ideas for a full hack but it'll never get rolling due to the amount of ASM required
Tyty: A contest, single world hack, collab, etc is a lot less commitment
FPzero: I totally feel that
FPzero: Which entry is your favorite, or did you have the most fun making?
Tyty: VLDC6 hands down
Tyty: Easily the most fun I've had designing a mario level
Tyty: MAGL3 was pretty fun too, but I drained myself by working so much on music
FPzero: I drained myself working on the sky ledges for that one
Tyty: music porting sucks kids, don't do it
FPzero: Do you think you'll enter whatever next contest we host?
Tyty: if I'm not absolutely dead I'll try to, I've never entered a 24hosmw
FPzero: Oh I forgot about that, I was thinking of the next LDC, whatever it is
Tyty: I was actually gonna ask to judge for the next big LDC
FPzero: That could be fun
Tyty: you heard it here first folks, everyone make fun romps this time
FPzero: hooray

FPzero: Alright I guess it's time for the rapid fire questions that i'm definitely not making up as I go
Tyty: I mean you've made up everything else so far
FPzero: the points don't matter either
Tyty: Just like my existence
FPzero: oof
FPzero: favorite sprite in smw and why
Tyty: porcupuffer, he's my boy
FPzero: best sonic game
Tyty: Sonic adventure 2 battle. Fite me.
FPzero: your least favorite color?
Tyty: dark yellow. It looks too much like a sickly green.
Tyty: There's a reason you shade yellow with orange and brown
FPzero: dark yellow is ass, I'm in total agreement
FPzero: What music do you like to listen to in the background?
Tyty: shuffle
Tyty: When working on something mostly chiptunes or game music though
FPzero: How many cooks is Too Many Cooks
Tyty: 5.34563
Tyty: it's fine if there is a 6th who just remains silent and nods sagely
FPzero: What's next on your sous vide experiments?
Tyty: Pork
FPzero: tell me more
Tyty: chops
FPzero: delicious
Tyty: Too many people dry 'em out
FPzero: Sprite the portraits?
FPzero: rate this interview on a scale of 0 to F
FPzero: favorite meme
FPzero: i really have nothing else to ask I'm very bad at this
Tyty: it's okay
Tyty: dw
FPzero: why did they think I'd be a good choice
Tyty: iunno they hired me
FPzero: we can question the mental acuity of the other pr folks another time

FPzero: Anyway! Thank you for joining me for this interview and answering questions about yourself
FPzero: anything else you'd like to say before we go?
FPzero: inspirational
Tyty: np
Tyty: it's what I do

FPzero: (this interview should've just been me copy and pasting all my drv3 endgame commentary to you)
Tyty: (sakura is indeed everyone's waifu)
FPzero: (mine died twice, too pure for this world or the fake one)
Grats Teyla- er I mean Tyty!
can i have your autograph

~~on my footer~~

e: lol I've been on discord too much

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

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congrats Tyty.

Well deserved and pleasant to read interview.


Congrats Tyty! And nice on you for getting to host FPzero!

I'll need to analyze this to find the projects mentioned.

Also, I'm with Ruberjig on wanting an autograph.

Please pardon the eye.
I don't think my signature is good enough for autographs to be entirely honest

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