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24HoSMW #11 - Rules and Submissions

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OLD - Level Design

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The 11th 24 Hours of SMW

Hello, and welcome to our eleventh edition of the 24 Hours of SMW (24HoSMW) contest. In case you aren't familiar with the mechanic of the contest: you'll be given a challenge, and you have to design a level around it in 24 hours or less.

Your Challenge
You'll be given a choice of 5 sprite sets. Choose between one of these, and your task will be to design a level using these sprites. Note that these sprites are for use with PIXI.

- 1 (Tornado; Mosaic/Clock Thwimps; Jumpy Grinder; Wall-Following Grinder; Stationary Magikoopa)
- 2 (Pyro Guy; Pendulum Ball N' Chain; Pipe-Dwelling Bullet Bill Blaster; NSMB Propeller Block; Shotzo)
- 3 (Bouncing/Rolling Spiny Egg; Better Bomb Koopa; Rock/Bomb Throwing Monty Mole; Venus Flyin' Trap)
- 4 (SMB3 Stretch; Cloud Drop; Sleepy Goomba; Wavy Boo Streams; Rideable Balloon)
- 5 (Atomic Muncher; 32x32 Chain Chomp; Controllable Carrot Top Lift; SMB3 Ptooie; Molotov Bro.)

You can:
- Use custom graphics, and add music
- Use vanilla sprites
- Use patches/UberASM so long as they don't affect the sprites. Bugfix patches are exempt and allowed.

You can't:
- Use any other custom sprites other than the ones provided
- Use custom blocks
- Alter the way these sprites were coded. This includes:
* Modifying any sprite code - though you can edit any defines if the file provides them -.
* Inserting a patch or UberASM or etc. that toys with the specific sprites provided.
I can and will disassemble your ROM if I see anything suspicious.

The following judging scale will be used:
Fun/Gameplay: 25/25
Is the level fun to play, and is it well designed? Does it break any core value?
Sprite Usage/Creativity: 20/20
Were the sprites given used well? Have they been used in interesting ways, or just slapped down with no thought?
Aesthetics: 5/5
Did your entry look good or was it a mismatch of bad graphics and terrible palettes?

For a total of 50 points.

Our judges this time will be:
- idol
- Sinc-X
- Tob
- Erik

Deadline and Considerations when Uploading
You have until 11:29 AM CDT (that's 4:29 PM UTC) to upload your entry. Since this is a 24Ho, I won't accept late entries or updates, unlike in OLDC where I did. Aditionally, your entry:
- Should be uploaded in bps format, as a proof that you read, as the bare minimum, this sentence. ips need not apply.
- Should not contain your name in the intro message box, level name, or any other means where the judges can see it - as they like to play anonymously -.
- Should work with snes9x.
My entry

It's a desert level.


Violates the rules by using custom blocks, but I honestly don't care at this point when the rules were changed an hour after contest has started to disallow that. Let's just say the level followed the rules for 50 minutes.
this is my entry

it's called "good morning mario"

edit: now as a bps
this is my entry

it's called "good night mario"

edit: little update
Layout by Erik557
These new tools are awesome
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Ghost in Forest
This stage is the night forest level.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
muncher molotov level

[updated 11:16 AM]

Fixed, used the wrong rom to patch apparently. Should work now
Cloudy Treetops

Userbar made by Green Jerry

(updated hello)
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OLD - Level Design

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