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Lord Pickle World by MiniMawile303

File Name: Lord Pickle World
Submitted: by MiniMawile303
Authors: MiniMawile303
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack is dedicated to LordPickleKing, an amazing mario maker kaizo player.

Levels have been designed to incorporate platforming, item abuse, and a touch of custom things, which

I do my best to teach the player how to use.

Difficulty would fit around Kaizo 1 for the normal game, but gets much more difficult in special world

and for the switch palaces.

You can find things:

3 Palaces not required to beat the game

A special world, but requires those palaces

Circular saws

Vertical saws

These weird beanie hats that give you some sort of power

23 Exits, plus a final castle

There are also things you won't find:

Invisible kaizo blocks

A fourth switch palace

A green yoshi

Screw the princess, you need to save the people so they have food to eat. But I guess the princess

is a part of the people too... whatever.

Do you wish to see the trailer? Yes? No? Maybe? Well if you want you can check it out here:

Here is Lord Pickle World. Enjoy!

1.0: Release!


Fixed many major errors with the hack that were not caught during testing.

Touched up many jumps that gave 1.0 players issues with playing.

Fixed the checkpoint in "X Buck Supreme" to give a propeller if you die after getting it.

Edited the credits a little.
This hack is mostly pretty fun and creative. Unfortunately I feel like I can't accept this hack in its current state because of one level that is way beyond the rest in terms of difficulty and frustration.

X Buck Supreme - The first part is pretty repetitive, just using the block throw combo with the propeller to maintain flight. The 2nd half of this level is pretty ridiculous luckily I found a break in my playthrough that let me pass without juggling both shells. I went back and tried to learn how to juggle them for a while with savestates and eventually gave up, and this is what pushed into the red zone as far as moderation goes.

Since we are here I might as well express concerns I had with some of the other levels.

Exterminator-1st Half- Yellow Yoshi part with the goomba can be done without the goomba or shell, im not sure what the intended strat was. The fast autoscroller part is pretty janky, a lot of the time I got stuck on the walls or even clipped through them.

Supidoran Jam- Coin trails are not helpful a lot of the time, usually by the time you see them you are already dead.

Haunted Pawn Shop- Kind of annoying to find out there was a unmarked secret exit here.

Take a guess... - The respawn of the gray platform is cool, but I dont think most people are going to know what to do there, it took me forever to figure out myself.

Kojin No Dokutsu - A lot of the platform riding in this level is extremely easy and mostly just waiting. Some of the obstacles cant even kill you unless you try.