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Super Mario World: Again in Dinosaur Land (back to business)


Felt like making a pure vanilla SMW hack that tries to emulate the hypothetical sequel to Super Mario World. I wanted to make it as a practice on making a lengthy hack which I suffer from lack of. Not only do the new worlds and hazards appear here, but there's also gonna be occasional uses of material left unused in the original game to make it even more interesting. The hack is aimed to be a good exercise for those who have played original Super Mario World already, but never played or aren't familiar enough with SMW hacks.

Mario returns on a vacation to Dinosaur Land. Seems like Bowser and Princess Toadstool had already appeared there. Right before Mario's appearance, Bowser captures beautiful Princess Toadstool once again in order to make her marry him. Some colorful Yoshis living there get stolen and trapped in eggs by Koopalings while others get trapped in colorful eggs left on the road by Bowser. It's up to Mario to save his beloved Princess. Yoshi will definitely help him once again. In order to impede Mario's rescue mission, Bowser uses brand new obstacles against him.

(Not an original plot, but it doesn't matter in the game)

World list
World 1 - Green Island
Level 1 - Green Island 1
Level 2 - Green Island 2 (S)
Red Switch Palace
Level 3 - Green Island 3
Level 4 - Green Ghost House (S)(B)
Level 5 - Green Island 4 (A)
Level 6 - Green Island 5 (3)
Level 7 - #1 Iggy's Castle (B)
World 2 - Vanilla Lakes
World 3 - Forest Maze
World 4 - Choco Mountain
World 5 - Humid Cavern
World 6 - Snowy Valley
World 7 - Spooky Island/Bowser's Grotto
Special World

(levels in the further worlds are still not determined)

Work in Progress
Not started yet
(3) - 3-up moon
(A) - autoscroller
(B) - boss
(S) - secret exit

Level screens
Green Island 1

Unlike Yoshi's Island 1, this one utilizes a Koopa and a chargin' Chuck. I changed next to nothing in this level. That bonus room on the second screen is different from its first version.

Green Island 2

Unlike Yoshi's Island 2, this level also contains Super Koopas, Pokeys, a clappin' Chuck and an exploding block at the end. As you can see, this is the first time in the hack when a bonus utilizes monsters. I find that detail on the last screenshot interesting. It changes gameplay a bit, you will meet that clappin' Chuck on your road while progressing if you have pressed the green switch first. The route to that secret exit is led by P-switch coin blocks but I won't tell you where you can get that P-switch as of now.

Green Switch Palace (how fitting it is!)

Instead of yellow, the first switch palace is now green (ah, those overworld tile and palette limitations!). Its layout has been also changed. The message also has been changed a bit, keeping its sense. Yellow Switch Palace will be in the second world instead.

Green Island 3

The same enemies as in Yoshi's Island 4, but shelless Koopas, Chargin' Chucks and wall-guided Fuzzies make their appearances, too. Except orange platforms, there are also checkerboard platforms there. Bonus uses not only Pokeys, but there's also one Monty Mole there. I left some secrets behind some spike balls, too.

Green Island 4

No autoscroll is used in the first half and the first part of the second half. After entering the last pipe in the first room, you get led to the slow autoscrolling segment. Took advantage of layer 2 in the whole level to use it for decoration because why not.


World 1 Map

(more to be revealed sometime)

Download world 1 demo here!

Latest news!
I'm resuming progress on this hack. Material on most screenshots above is subject to change. Some levels will be made from scratch and the hack will generally be speedrunner-friendly like the original game. There'll be a new demo with more levels and revamped world 1.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Ah, shoot. Just when I wanted to work on a hack with a similar idea behind it, you ninja'd me. Looks like my type of hack so far, keep it up.
Thanks for the kind words, Latias!

Decided to change the Green Switch Palace's layout. I found the previous coin challenge way too easy. I think that should be right.

Also, Green Island 4 is halfway done! Apparently, Mario is invisible here. That's the first time when the hack utilizes a star.

I've also made a C3 thread about this hack. Check it out here! I'm also gonna announce the world 1 demo's release there! I thought that I'd finish my demo before this summer's C3, but you'll see how it shapes out there until the demo's release.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Hey guys! Another update!

I'm here to announce that the world 1 map, Green Island 4 and Green Ghost House are done. If I had had time before July 16th, I would've showed them already, but at least they at last have been revealed!

Nothing much to say. I don't usually make overworld maps and am not really good with these, but I'm glad that I managed to make a decent looking world 1 map not using custom tiles or palettes this time. Looks simple, doesn't it?

Green Island 4 was done before July 16th. The first screen is still the first room, but two last ones are the slow autoscrolling part. In the second section, I wanted to use the same autoscroll as in Donut Plains 2, but I didn't know how to make it work properly.

Green Ghost House was also done before my break. I gave it a few tweaks today, so it looks slightly different than before. I don't think I'm good at making Nintendo ghost house levels, but I tried my best. Two first screenshots come from the first main room while the third one comes from the second main room. The last one is, apparently, a Big Boo Boss fight. Doesn't use any other threats than spikes. Oh, and this level has a secret exit, too!

EDIT: Made the overworld map picture work. Uhhh, I hate that thing with picture formats in links!

EDIT2: Added Green Island 4 screens which I forgot about to this post
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Kay, update time!

Since it's been a while with no post and the first demo of SMW: Again in Dinosaur Land has been finished, I decided to upload some good portion of screenshots. I'm showing off Green Island 5, #1 Iggy's Castle and slightly changed world 1 map.

This part is near the beginning of the level. I changed this it's time limit to 400.

This is the first time in the hack where you are forced to use a cape. Don't worry, you can also get past over the hole with Yoshi, too.

Fish and Diggin' Chucks are only two of the main gimmicks this level uses. Exploding turn blocks in disguise also appear there often.

Yoshi already ate the fish swimming there.

This is one of exactly three moments where Thwomp and Dry Bones are close to each other. It's the second one.

Net Koopas, Thwomps, Podoboos and Dry Bones are basically what #1 Iggy's Castle is.

In this autoscrolling section, you can even get an extra life killing all the net Koopas there.

I provided a few changes to the first submap, like maybe more narrow ladders, and slight shoreline and Green Island 2's surrounding changes.

And this is how the first submap looks like when all the events are activated.

EDIT: Is this perhaps a coincidence that it's my 1337th post?
EDIT 2: Download link for this hack is in the main post
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Quadruple post!

I decided to seriously go back to development of this project. I've made some minor changes like maybe changing the first switch palace's color to red and keeping the green one for later which was based on comments on my submission. I also decided to start some levels from scratch so they're more interesting and friendlier for speedrunners. But, before I get into them, I'm gonna ask you one question.

Should I use the new features from Lunar Magic 3.0 or not? I'm not sure if tall horizontal levels or wide vertical levels would still be considered pure vanilla. Levels like that weren't obviously in the original game, but they were allowed this year's VLDC. It'd mean some more level design opportunities. What do you think?
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.