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Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom - Demo 3
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2018 - Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom - Demo 3
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This is the third demo of Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom.


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Looks interesting. How much levels does this demo have?
Layout by Erik557
30 levels.

7 of these levels has a secret exit.


That's a good length. #tb{:)} I'll maybe provide you with feedback if I manage to beat it before C3 ends.
Layout by Erik557
I've played through this, and honestly it's eh.

Level design suffers from being repetetive, empty and simply not fun at times. Always wanted to use power-ups to break turn blocks to progress and bring springboard from point A -> point B in almost every level. Always wanted to wait for some platforms in line-guided levels and one ghost house level (shown way down below) without any challenge. It's not fun. Aesthetically it looks nice, but you won't get far away just with that.

There's also a big huge bunch of glitches and other issues.

-In almost all levels Layer 3 statusbar goes behind foreground. this patch may fix this problem.

-In switch palaces and probably other places where P-switch is present P-switch music doesn't will loop forever without returning main level theme.

-"Now yellow outilned blocks are now solid." what

-I've noticed blue pixels on "S" and "C" letters.

-Yoshi's message is empty.

-I can farm lives here.

-Bringing Buzzy from cave section results in this.

-Those hammer bros are BEEPs. This is just unfair. How I'm supposed to hit them without getting damage? You can bring shell or flower, but if you don't have any, first encounter with them will be just unfair. Seriously, they throw hammers fast, and it's difficult to hit them without getting any damage.

-For the first pic (2-1) player may think you need to throw springboard on lava so you can bounce off it And hit blocks from below. The thing is, it's required to get to the exit. BEEP!

-If you try to spinjump on spiny, you're likely to fry it. I'd change it.

-Also distance between this and next Dragon coin is pretty short.

-This pipe leads to Morton boss. I doubt it's supposed to be like this.

-Remember I've mentioned obstacles like this? This one lacks power-up. I'd recommend you to just get rid of all setups like this and replace them with something more interesting.

-Remember second screenshot I've posted in here (The one that's about status bar)? If you enter that pipe, you'll just appear in next level. No pipe animation? No Pipe?

-After I hit Green switch palace, I've decided to check main OW if there's any issue, and... here it is! Though those disappeared after I beat ghost house.

-Those layer 2 spikes are just unfair, I'd add transparency or something, just to make it clear where spikes are.

-This platform just suddenly disappears here. Magic!

-Entering the pipe that "resets turn block" also disables water (you can't swim, but jump/spinjump and stuff like that).

-Boss in second castle is bad bad. When it hits wall, it doesn't bumps into it going in another direction, but it runs interaction with wall every frame, which creates rain of rocks, which is hard to dodge.

-If you ride rock to the right, you may get inside wall, especially cool if you get stunned by buzzy hitting the wall.

-Ghost House 3-4 you enter with yoshi sign cutscene? Odd.

-Having player on the very right of the screen is a bad idea. It creates cutoff, and garbage when you move screen. Use this patch to fix it.

-Just a suggestion, I'd rename Castle to "Haunted Castle".

-Background in here looks wrong. Also "Here we go" theme playes in this and all next sections (except of boss).

-I dunno, but tryclide starts shooting upward when you right under it.

-Also I noticed in all bosses beating them results in music fading, but after some time boss music starts playing again untill level fades.

-Remember that you have yoshi from second level of the hack. This place doesn't like him though. I'd suggest to remove him completely, since he's only found in one single level.

-You can get stuck here. Well, unless you die of course.

-(4-4) Those upsidedown pipes hurt you for some mysterious reason.


-(4-Castle) Debug door? Also "Here we go" halfway through.

Part of the tree (?) on the left is missing for some reason. Must be because of some event.

Other Issues:
-Since Goal doesn't give you any star points, they're useless? I'd suggest to remove star counter completely.

-Like with my hack Minimalist course clear's ending time is a tad long. That's just a weird patch alright.

That's all.


Originally posted by RussianMan
-Having player on the very right of the screen is a bad idea. It creates cutoff, and garbage when you move screen. Use this patch to fix it.

That patch is not SA-1 compatible and this hack uses SA-1.


That patch is not SA-1 compatible and this hack uses SA-1.

Ah, I forgot your hack's using SA-1. Then you should move Mario's starting position to the left a bit, or just extend level by 1 screen.


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