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(Closed) Yuzu-San Request thread - Music

Hi everyone! Today I'm gonna request this song because I'm doing some job after C3 is closed.

- No memes here Will be opened after getting 20 requests.
- Sampled or Unsampled if your choice.
- Post any Music or Video games from any plataform. Including Switch, SNES, etc...
- including The MOD Archive
- Also including YouTube link, MP3, MIDI, Modules from The MOD Archive
- also I'm gonna request Anime song after getting 18 requests.
- 3 Song per person. Next day I'll give another requests
- Have fun!

After completing I'm gonna public this "C3 Music ports 2019 - Requested" at the next C3 2019.

So stay tuned !

- Yuzu note: Its gonna fun Today
Song: Sonic Heroes - This Machine
Game Origin - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube
Original VGM:
Port Sample: Please let it be unsampled

If im understanding this want us to request right? I ask because of the obvious language barrier.

Other: Chiptune take:
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Projects I support:

My turn: Mighty No. 9 boss
I want unsampled.

Edit: I changed my mind now...
Well well well, a music request thread? this is new

Song: AVGN II: ASSimilarion - Virtual Insanity
Samples: Yes

Song: Krematoa Koncerto - Donkey Kong Country 3
SPC: Here
Sampled: Yes

Now for the Hard part
Song: Bomb Gunman - Super Panic Bomber W
SPC: Here
Sampled: Yes
edit: MIDI

this theme is nice and underrated

Name: Stairway to Revelation
Game: Tower of Heaven
Composer: flashygoodness

it might work best with custom samples
// Layout by Maxo
Remix 9 from Rhythm Heaven. Doesn't seem too hard.

Sampled if you can.
Do all requests have to have MIDIs?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Added MIDI at the op
lets try

Mario Forever - YKY
unsampled or sampled

Dragon Fighter - Stage 3

Super Marisa World - World 6
Added to my list.

You can request 3 songs per person.
I want to request this:

Sora (Military)'s Theme from 100% Orange Juice!
(Sampled if possible, if not then unsampled)

Thanks in advance
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Song: Kirby Triple Deluxe Boss Theme
Port Sample:Unsampled
MIDI original song

Song:Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations - Objection 2004
Port Sample:Unsampled

MIDI original song
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Thanks for playing and have fun!
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Song: Sonic Mania - Built to Rule (Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1)
Game Origin - PS4, Nintendo, Xbox One, Windows
Original VGM: Here
Port Sample: Sampled or unsampled, depends on your choice.
I only want to request this song:
Song: F-Zero - Fire Field
Game Origin: SNES
Original VGM: Here
Port Sample: Unsampled
MIDI: Fire Field MIDI

Thank You in advance! #smw{:TUP:}
Journey to Silius - Stage 4
Sampled (but if it's too hard, unsampled.)

Kirby Super Star Ultra - Masked DeDeDe
Sampled (There is already an unsampled version, but if you can make it better then you can do so. But preferably sampled)

Kirby Super Star Ultra - Battle with the Enormous Boss
Sampled (but if it's too hard, unsampled.)
There is no Midi

This was made when there were 18 requests were made.
I also added the final request recently.
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Persona 4 - I'll Face Myself

Sonic Mania - Danger on the Dance Floor

Diddy Kong Racing - Wizpig Challenge


Preferably sampled. If unable, feel free to just do unsampled. :)