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Blind Devil has some ASM releases

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i had a whole post planned at home and forgot it, won't be able to go back and retrieve it so um, well... let's go straight to the point.


I made stuff!

Sprites (PIXI):
> Rideable Falling Leaf - Download - Image 1 - Image 2
> Line-Guided/Stationary Bumper - Download - Image
> The Legend of Zelda Wallmaster/Floormaster - Download - Image 1 - Image 2
> Rounding Boo - Download - Image

> Enhanced SMB2-Styled Charged Jump - Download - Image
> Enhanced Low Gravity/Floaty (Luigi) Physics - Download - Image
> Hypothermia - Download - Image

> Sine Wave Motion for Horizontal Cheep-Cheeps - Download - Image 1 - Image 2
> Reprogrammed Vertical Scroll - Download - Image

Beta content:
> (UberASM) Layer 3 VRAM Text System - Download - Image


Once again, I'm terribly sorry for not adding descriptions to these resources. I'm a freaking weak brain. But hopefully, the Readme files and comments in files themselves may be of good help.

Also note that most links will expire after they successfully pass through moderation (except for the VRAM text system which may not be uploaded).

Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice C3.
I like everything you've shown here, my favorites being the rideable falling leaf and the vertical scroll thing! Special mention to Luigi's physics and the hypothermia gimmick - I foresee people using them quite often.

Excellent releases!
My hack thread
The bumper and the vertical scrolling look very polished (as well as really, really cool).
really cool and useful stuff
literally everything here is amazing. Especially the falling leaf and bumper sprite. I can't wait to use them in some levels!

// Layout by Maxo
Man, this is some creative stuff! I love seeing what gameplay gimmicks people come up with for C3 that no one thought of before. I'll be using that sine wave fish for sure, and hope the rest will see some good use in hacks to come.

(The VRAM text system reminds me of something, but don't let it discourage you that we had the same idea - without looking at your code I can say with absolute certainty that it's cleaner and more efficient than what I threw together eight years ago. [edit: and most of the idea and code was Alcaro's anyway.])

Really like the vertical scroll patch, looking into the VRAM cutscene asm right now and boy oh boy are there a lot of comments, RTL ;return and similar strike me as overdoing it a little but I guess it's ok to be thorough lol
That bumper is a 10/10 on both functionality and aesthetic design (referring to the smooth animation). The falling leaf is super cool as well, as is the rest of the showcase.

Minor suggestion, maybe add a spin to the rising portion of the SMB2 charge jump. Something to make it look different than the regular jump.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
The bumper uses SP3, not SP4 as indicated by the name of the ExGFX file.

I'm also not sure how the extension byte works. It seems that no matter what I put, if there's only 1 bumper in the level, then it will move at a slow speed; if I put multiple ones in the level, one might just not show up, and other strange things happen. (could be an issue with other patches in the rom I'm using)
Oh my god that camera scrolling patch is wonderful! Definitely way better than the way SMW handles vertical scrolling.
These are some excellent releases. very cool and definitely useful. Thank you so much for sharing them. #tb{:DD}

Like people above, I absolutely love a lot of the ideas shown here. That roundabout boo looks neat as hell and gives some unique behavior to a enemy already in the game. Oh, and the reprogrammed vertical scrolling just looks incredible. Tempted to use that sometime in the future for sure. Glad to see more from you like always, Blind Devil.
Wow, you got some cool stuff there Blind Devil!

I'm definitely considering using the falling leaves sprite in a forest level in my new hack.

Though in regards to the hypothermia code, if I use it in any of the levels in my ice world, will it work alongside an air meter sprite (e.g. mikeyk's air meter, which I converted to PIXI) if I edit the patch so that water cannot hurt or kill Mario?

It would be great to know how to disable the hypothermia effect while Mario is underwater, so if you know a way to do that Blind Devil, please let me know, and thanks.
The fish thing is probably my fave out of the lot.
The leaves falling should allow for some creative set-ups when it comes to level design.

Great work Blind Devil :D
This is some really great work Blind Devil! I especially like the falling leaf sprites and bumper sprites. I think both of those will get a lot of usage in hacks. I plan to use them both myself, so thank you :).

If I could suggest one minor addition for your Hypothermia UberASM; would it be possible to have mario's palette turn shades of blue when he stands still to indicate he is freezing? Perhaps using the blue palette of his overalls on his skin and shirt? I think it would add a nice effect.

That suggestion aside, your showcase is really top notch stuff!
The vertical scrolling patch makes the hack feel just a little more "professional" somehow. Compared to the vanilla scrolling and scrolling that always keeps the screen centered on Mario, it's an extremely impressive effect. You may have possibly ruined the original scrolling for all time.

The other things on offer here deserve the same level of praise, although the Wallmaster gives me a headache just because of what it is. It's going to be used in some very devious levels, I'm certain of it.

Other Submissions of mine!
Oh man, it should be called Vertical Sexy Scrolling because wow. The Layer 3 text is really exciting, too. I have not yet found a way to place text that I have liked.

Chapter Two: Land of No Shame
Good work!
This is excellent work and you are absolutely brilliant for pulling these off!

Love the boos who go behind and in front of the chain fence. I never thought of adding that functionality to other sprites.

Here is a thought that I just came up with inspired by your boos. What if you had a thwomp who when going down was in front of the chain fence, but when traveling back up it was behind the fence?

You could do all kinds of cool stuff with that in front/behind the fence gimmick.
While some of these might look relatively simple, I think everything's useful. The bumper looks really well-made and the sine wave motion for Cheep Cheeps feels just right. The vertical scroll patch is also a great improvement.
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