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Hack Demo - contains custom powerups ooo

Click to download!

Here's just a showcase of a new hack I'm making, using LX-5's custom power-ups. It's hard, but not mice.smc hard. I wanted to make something a little more tame, while also showcasing the custom power-ups and making use of them. It's a fine line to cross, but so far I'm happy with the difficulty.

NOTE: Any glitches related to the power-ups, I'm working on fixing, but its a little tedious since I require a fresh rom. You might see glitchy-looking 1-ups, that happens randomly but it should be fixed by the time I can fix the asm. Aside from that, everything seems to be working fine!

Here is a youtube link to a trailer, showing the first world of the hack.
This looks pretty cool! You really put those powerups to good use--it's always nice seeing them have some actual purpose in the level's design.
Will definitely play through the demo!
First off, hey! Really like the idea at work here. A nice and simple idea that doesn't take itself too seriously and allows for a lot of variety in level design without seeming too out of place (especially since the overworld is barebones enough to not force any themes). And while they took a minute for me to get used to them, the patches you used along with the custom powerups also works pretty well for the idea you're going for in this; having powerups not transfer between levels makes a lot of sense since each level is supposed to be played with a certain powerup, and the "lives = hits" system also works nice as it allows for more playtime with each powerup without having to be thrown back to the overworld each and everytime. Plus it makes it so you don't have to constantly throw them another powerup every two or three screens, since players will be hit a lot. Afterall, the hack is pretty difficult. I won't go too into detail since this isn't a review or anything like that, but there are definitely a few parts where the hack feels a little unfair in its design (like the Big Hammer Brother at the beginning of Hammering Heights, and the grass at the bottom of Hammering Heights that has a habit of unfairly covering the ground below obscuring whether there's solid ground below or not). Regardless, I had a fun time playing through this hack and I hope to this idea extended upon.
this is cool and promising