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Super Mario World Alpha (v0.222) - A ordinary kaizo hack with some custom stuffs.

Originally, I intended uploading latest version of my kaizo hack to the SMW hack section, not the C3 section.
But since v0.15 is still getting moderating for some reason even after long time passed, and I wanted to preview my hack and get some feedbacks from others, I decided to put my hack here.
Anyway, this kaizo hack is not too much difficult if you familiar to other kaizo hacks (except some stages like stage 4 and stage 8, although former is slightly easier than latter, also latter is much easier than video-uploaded version.)
but can be really difficult (or maybe impossible?) if you don't know kaizo skills like shell jump and key jump etc... (although very small part.)
This version include 13 exits total and during C3 summer time, I will update my hack one more time with one special world stage. (If can't, I will do later and upload video of special stage in my kaizo hack thread.)
Well, hope you enjoy my hack a lot, and don't give up too quickly! :)

Download :
(Edit : Fixed some mistakes.)

Also here's my youtube channel if you want to watch some playthrough of my hack. (It's slightly outdated in some stages, though. :P)

My youtube channel :
I finished 10th stage! Check it now!
It's pretty short and straightforward level, though.
Video :