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Ladida's All-Female Waifu Art Request Thread

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Eriko Kirishima please and thanks.
>Mark danced crazy!
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Originally posted by Teyla
Originally posted by Ladida
draw 菜乃花 please

I mean if I had a photoset. That kinda stuff can be good for studies sometimes.

"studies"... 🤔
SubconsciousEye's request: Koishi Komeiji
Cordelia - Fire Emblem
Shiny Ninetales' request: Ruri Hoshino

Yo hey I wasn't expecting this thread to be legit since it seemed like just a meme, but that samus looks really really good, thanks a ton

best of luck with filling in the rest of your requests
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
that face tho

lol joking xd, she looks kinda badass (I guess?) Thanks!
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Could you draw my predictable Female boo from Paper Mario (Lady Bow)
idol's request: Gali
YuzuMSX's request: Callie
Ultima's request: Momo (NSFW)
posting for FL4SHK:

Originally posted by fake dsicord quote
<FL4SHK> pls draw sherwina

with that, requests are now closed. will finish them all up

also 7k
Daizo Dee Von's request: Jessica Jigsaw

note that once the c3 forum closes (not sure when), if i havent finished the requests, then ill be posting the rest in my art thread
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