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beyond a war of good and evil lies the chaotic, the otherworldly & abstract. there lies a primordial evil, an unconquerable behemoth abject from reality.

those who are wise refer to it by only one name,,


unlike the regular yump, the conquerable yump you can enslave for your own bidding, evil yump will not bend to your will.

download file.... if you dare

included in this heinous, accursed link is a regular evil yump & a 100% save file. the other bps contains a version with all paths unlocked, but its probably effectively broken. its also worth noting that due to addmusic4 disagreeing with something licensing disagreements, there is no custom music in evil yump. that does not mean levels that had custom music were replaced - rather in these experiences you get to sit in silence and contemplate the malicious aura of evil yump. a special thank you to wiiqwertyuiop for creating the means for this bad thing to exist. this bad, horrible, naughty little creature.

He's Here.
I have no idea what I just downloaded... but I already hate myself.

idol invented evil aesthetics
a good hack is finally released this c3
Oh, for crying out loud! The only slightly amusing thing about this is, seeing LPers slowly go insane, and seeing them start to question their existence.
Layout by Erik557
Oh boy...
Hoo boy, this is gonna be fun since I flabbergasted myself with YUMP. Sweet victory.
Is this a comedy or a tragedy?
I'm gonna be honest, this really, REALLY didn't need to exist.
I'm dissapointed, while this hack was being made, idol could have been working on YUMP 2, watering her garden, reading a book, or volunteering in the community
Would this be considered the final boss of ROM hacking?
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
lol, what kind of sorcery is this Miss Idol?

Seriously though, that ASM is mind blowing.
The DLC no one wanted but everybody needed
As a fan of the inscrutable, I support this... experience?

I'm curious as to what manner of trauma the game code must suffer to turn into this kind of thing without crashing outright. How much time was spent engineering the "correct" level of chaos? Was it an undertaking of some measure, or did you just sort of hit it with a hammer a few times?

At any rate, kudos for hitting the "functional enough" vibe that leaves the players with just enough sanity to appreciate everything they've lost.
Somewhere Miyamoto is crying. and so am i

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
thx for making me wanna kill myself
Check out my new hack thread: