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Send Nudes (Kaizo Hack)

*Download Link*

Pardon the name. It's kind of a temporary name for this hack (but will be somewhat related to the plot once I write it).

I realized that despite being registered on this site for almost 10 years, I have never actually showcased anything at any C3 before, so I figured I would give it a shot this year.

So in October of 2017, I decided to work on a chocolate Kaizo hack to sort of bring me out of my comfort zone, considering that everything I have made in SMW has been primarily vanilla. I never really thought about (nor wanted to) branch out to a chocolate style, but after seeing Storks and Apes and Crocodiles, which was created by Morsel/Morceau, I thought I would give it a shot. As a result, a lot of levels were inspired by other hacks/creators (shoutouts to Motor Skills). Originality isn't my greatest asset, but I like to think I can create some pretty imitations of ideas I have seen in the past.

This demo currently has about 10 finished levels, with two half-finished ones. Each level in the hack is going to utilize a different gimmick only specific to that level (i.e. a no jumping level, an always jumping level, etc.), and ideally there will be (hopefully) 40-50 exits in the hack. I would honestly be impressed if I was able to make that many levels, but I will try my best. Quality is always better than quantity, but it would be a big test towards my creativity. This hack is far from being completed, and (depending on my motivation) I anticipate it being released some time in 2019, preferably the week after AGDQ ends.

Additionally, I have been trying my best to write all the code myself (with some help here and there *cough* Kaizoman *cough*), and this hack was a great way to actually helped me to learn ASM, despite reading tutorials on the site and never looking back at them after months. To my surprise, it actually helped motivate me a lot to not only learn, but to create this hack. However, I have been in a pretty huge slump the past 2 months, so I haven't actually worked on this hack in a long time. This means that it is a perfect time to release a (very janky) demo, which you can get here!

Some notes:
- Again, this is a demo, so a lot of stuff is not 100% finalized (and there might be some jank)
- The retry system is a little finicky at the moment. The music doesn't reset (unless a P-Switch was active), which will eventually be fixed
- Level names/Overworld is obviously temporary
- A temporary readme is included to explain some other "fixes" made (noticeably regarding some frame rules a lot of people complain about)
- There are also a few test levels, which are mainly used for testing purposes and have absolutely no level design in them.

And for those who are too lazy to actually play these levels, I recorded some videos of three different levels from the hack.

Ok back to lurking for another ten years on the site.
This thread's title deceived me. I thought that it would really be about nudes which would break the site's rules.

Title aside, I'd like to try this thing you've made. Even if there are some janks, I'll definitely enjoy it! Also, the three levels look insanely creative and very well designed!
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
I'm kind of disappointed.....

I just spent 2 hours taking naked pictures of myself.
I'm very flattered to see you mention my hack. I should also say in regard to :
Originally posted by PangaeaPanga
a lot of levels were inspired by other hacks/creators (shoutouts to Motor Skills)
that when I made that level I was really only trying to emulate the Mario Maker levels I'd seen from you on YouTube, so I suppose this arc is merely coming full circle.

Anyway, the levels I've seen of Send Nudes look very polished, with interesting premises and obstacles, and I look forward to starting to play the hack and giving up because it's too hard for me.
Sweet, looking forward to playing this!
The 2 levels I played at AGDQ were really fun. Looking forward to this!