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Hack Glitch: Whenever I complete a boss room (level_ender sprite), it freezes

As it says above, whenever I complete a boss room with a level ender sprite or something else, it freezes the game and I don't know what patch I added to my rom that did that. I'm gonna need some assistance, please.

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What patches have you applied?

It may also help to port to a new ROM; try applying each patch one at a time until you see the issue occur, which will help identify what patches are actually causing the problem.

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The Minimalist Course Clear patch is notorious for causing that issue. Older versions of the SMB3 Status Bar have it integrated into them, too. Are you perhaps using any of those two patches?
I was actually able to restore to a previous version of my rom (and import some of the current levels and what-not). I guess this was some minor issue that might have involved the minimalist cc patch.

Thanks for the help.

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