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Fanatical like a Demon
Dude... This is beautiful. I have no words, it's so simple to customize and brilliantly thought out and well done. Honestly one of the best ASM works I've ever seen. I can't imagine the time and effort put into this but it looks like it paid off. You should be very proud buddy, this is an amazing piece of work that'll hopefully be up there for years to come!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Not to dismiss Erik, Blind Devil, Yoshifinatic, or all the ASMers, but I think this is probably the biggest surprise this C3 ASM-wise.

^^^^^^^^^^ This

The fact you're being a lurker since 2009 and IN FACT this is your first post in 9 years make all this thing more curious. Obviously not ignoring the awesome ASM you did right here. For me you're the winner of this C3 dude (at least of the ASM stuff), simply awesome.
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
My sincere thanks everyone, for all the kind words and warm welcomes - I expected nothing less from you all.

Originally posted by Eminus
This is amazing! I looked into the patch, and as someone who has very little asm knowledge I still find it very clear and easy to customize.

This is exactly the feedback I was hoping for, thank you. I tried to keep the usage as simple as possible, but after refining the config files so many times it became all but impossible to see things from a fresh perspective - glad it wasn't too overwrought.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
I'd like to say welcome but you've been here for nine years, so, uh... welcome to the club of non-lurkers! #tb{:)}

Your patch is definitely no small feat - it looks really polished and well thought out, and it's something that makes you wonder why nobody else has made it yet.

Thank you kindly! I too would've thought that something like this would've been made years ago. I suppose the real "eureka!" moment was learning that the main Yoshi palette RAM address is only read and written to once each - after that, the patch's direction became quite clear.

(now to make sense of that footnote)

It only seemed fair to establish early on that I am not to be trusted.

To everyone else who responded, you have my thanks - I'm thrilled to receive such a positive response (I'm still anxiously awaiting some major bug I missed to come wriggling out). I will continue to support this patch as long as I'm able, so by all means let me know of any problems that arise or any features you'd like to see in the future.
Im impressed by this. Would be extremely useful for those who want altered physics for yoshis. Also an outstanding first post you made on here. I would like to see more of your works from you in the future.
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-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

Oh damn, that's seriously amazing dude; I'm not too acquainted with hacking at all outside of custom music, but even I can tell that this is a legit great first impression to pretty much anyone here! I always wondered why there weren't as many types of Yoshis on SMW honestly, so seeing this is definitely a dream come true, especially considering you can customize every single Yoshi to be unique compared to all the others #smrpg{gasp}

There's a lot of customization possibilities here, and I'm saying that without even having downloaded the files (take it for the ASM experts to know what to do with them :P), so kudos to you dude! I hope you enjoy your time as a non lurker now #smw{:TUP:}
Layout by Mathos
Oh wow, this is nothing short of amazing. I dig the simplicity and how you can easily customize it to your advantage. Good job!
holy fuckaroonie. this is INCREDIBLE. amazing job!
Ohhh, I thought you were just a new guy when you commented our thread and you had a tiny post count. This looks really good! You’re definitely blowing other 1st projects out of the water with this. Yoshi is surprisingly unsuported in the hacking community so you found something useful to do too. I’m not sure what else to say, this is all just really impressive, especially so for someone who has never submitted anything before. Really good job!

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
So this means we can have a Green Baby Yoshi get hatched and we have to feed that color 5 enemies or 1 item (of course his abilities are normal) without replacing a color? Dang, this is really useful!

One question?
Wouldn't these palettes (below) glitch up on the Overworld due to its palette not registered to the Overworlds Palette?
Palette 8 = Gold
Palette 9 = Grey
Palette E = Varies
Palette F = Varies

Palette 8-B on the Overworld is used for those four Yoshi's I know.

Also is it possible to have a Yoshi have their own dialogue when you first save them like in Super Mario Advance 2?
Originally posted by KingKoopshi64
One question?
Wouldn't these palettes (below) glitch up on the Overworld due to its palette not registered to the Overworlds Palette?
Palette 8 = Gold
Palette 9 = Grey
Palette E = Varies
Palette F = Varies

Ordinarily yes, those four Yoshi palettes pull garbage data if taken to the overworld. While this patch does not set up any kind of custom overworld Yoshi sprites, it does allow the user to pick which one of the default four colors to assign to each Yoshi. If you decided to turn the Palette F Yoshi into, say, an orange Yoshi, you could set it to appear as red or yellow on the map (or blue or green, but that'd be silly).

Also is it possible to have a Yoshi have their own dialogue when you first save them like in Super Mario Advance 2?

Possible with this patch, no; possible in general, absolutely. You'd probably have to borrow some message slots from levels to accomplish that, but I imagine that wouldn't be a big deal.

My thanks again to everyone for taking the time to post your kind words, I'm supremely happy to have had the opportunity to provide a resource of this caliber.

Originally posted by Ultima
I hope you enjoy your time as a non lurker now #smw{:TUP:}

I most certainly intend to, thanks!
I had that happen to me when I replaced a color and boy was it not pretty #smrpg{gasp}

If anything it's recommended to have players disable Yoshi from going to other levels. Just like TSRPR did and even the New Super Mario Bros. Series. but otherwise a hue between two colors (30 in RGB Gold which is between yellow and orange) is a good idea. But still, it would be silly. :P

Ah, so we have to replace a message to make Red Yoshi have his own message and even Green to get his own message? Yeah, that isn't a problem. :)

I'm more thankful this is finally a thing now!
Now we just need a Switch Palace expansion next!
Where we can choose our own colors of Switches and Blocks, items or the blocks be solid in blocks. :D
It looks like you have the ability to shoot shells out of yoshis mouth in the upward position like in Yoshi's Island: SMW 2.

That is awesome!
I just looked the code over and I wanna commend you for using defines for every single RAM address. That makes it a lot easier to modify and make work with other patches, which makes any tinkerer very happy. I’ll say it again, really good job! This is super neat and easy to use.

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
This is easily one of the most interesting patches I've seen in quite some time! I'm honestly surprised something like this hasn't come out sooner, but either way, it's really cool to see the Yoshi sprite get a patch like this. Nice work! :)
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And in one fell swoop SMW eclipses SMBX in yoshi variety and customization. Absolutely incredible!
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That moment when SMW has more Yoshi variety than any Nintendo game. Impressive work my man! It was very easy to understand and use.
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