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Super Kekcroc World: Kekcroc in Space by Knucklesfan

File Name: Super Kekcroc World: Kekcroc in Space
Submitted: by Knucklesfan
Authors: Knucklesfan
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Here it is! A hack that takes place entirely in SPAAAAAACE.

If you don't know what Kekcroc is, I don't blame you. Kekcroc is a meme from the depths of 4Chan. Kekcroc is a supposedly "lost" video game, which sold very poorly. To get a good background, I highly recommend this video, as for it informs you quite a bit about many of the jokes in this game.


- 16 Exits.

- A fully new comedic story (Be sure to talk to NPCs and hit message blocks!) (another ps, take the story with a pinch of salt, it's just jokes guys.)

- Super Cool Space Levels with some gimmicks

- ASM, and lots of it. Plenty of it.

- 2 endings (Good ending and Good ending?)

- Wall kick

- Uber Cool Mode 7 stage

- Moar Bosses

Try searching for secrets, there's plenty of 'em!

(Please don't get offended by anything in this hack, it's just jokes guys, so take this game with a pinch of salt.)

UPDATE: Resubmitted due to a game breaking bug introduced in an update. Removed the update, fixed the bug.
Hack softlocks when you try to exit the erase game screen, forcing you to reset the game.