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Overworld Softlock!

Basically, I went to change Mario's initial starting point on the overworld map, and even with an empty save file, he is completely unable to move on the map once the title screen fades. I can only enter my newly placed Yoshi's House and cannot move to the first stage. My initial stage flag settings are all set to move in every direction, and there is a path on my Layer 1. Any suggestions?

[If it's any consolation, I did delete most of the oveworld sprites.]
Common causes of missing or incorrect overworld movement:
- Missing paths; if they don't exist, you can't go there
- Imperfect paths; they're very picky about perfectly lining up
- Mario isn't placed on exactly the right tile; if he looks like he's on the level, he may be one tile too low (iirc he can be placed on any 8x8 tile, but only the 16x16 aligned ones work)
- Starting from a file labeled 0, not EMPTY
- Incorrect 'open path towards' or 'initially open this path' settings
You've already checked some of those. If the others don't help either, post a screenshot, using the 9 key to make paths visible.
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Here's what I'm working with. As far as I can tell everything you listed is in correct, although I'm not sure how to check the "Incorrect 'open path towards' or 'initially open this path' settings."

Apart from that, everything seems fine. Where should I check for that last item?

Select a level tile, then click #lm{owlevel}. On the right side of the window that pops up, you'll see "Initial Level Setting Flags", among which you'll see "Enable Up/Down/Left/Right". Check those to enable paths to be walkable by default (you only have to enable it on one tile by the way; the "destination" level tile will open the path back automatically once Mario walks across).

Once you change that, though (or anything else in the "Initial Level Settings" box), you'll have to start a new save file to actually have them take effect.

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I've already had that done, tested with a new save file and everything.

The paths ae connected properly, Mario's initial position is in a correct spot, so I'm just kindof at a loss here as of what to do.

A more detailed pic-
Did you think to click on this in the overworld page before loading it up in the emulator first? (#lm{save})

That's the only possibility I can think of why it's not working for you.

I can't see the picture since it says it doesn't exist for some reason.
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Thanks for all of your help, but I did figure out the issue, which was the fact that I was using the sram_plus patch, which when used disables any further editing of overworld flags.

I have to completely edit my overworld before inserting this patch I suppose.
Actually, it's how SRAM Plus works: SMW stores saved data in a buffer before transfering to SRAM. SRAM Plus stores saved RAM to SRAM directly. The problem is that Lunar Magic doesn't detect SRAM and therefore stores to the old buffer.

As mentioned in the readme, you need to reapply SRAM Plus every time when you save on the overworld or at least when you when you start on a new file (and obviously before you publish your hack).
Thanks, Gotcha.

I've been doing Lunar Magic for nearly 7 or 8 years now, but only as of recent have I been getting into adding external sources into my roms, such as custom music, graphics, or patches.

Thanks again.