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Super Wakana Land beta testing thread (resubmitted in the section)
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My hack was recently rejected. Since C3 is now gone and I'm probably not getting anything out of it, I decided to finally make a thread about testing this hack.
No matter if admins make fun of me and the hack's rejection, more than 3 years passed during the development of this hack, and I'm of course not giving up to some jokesters who probably have no idea how to pull off something like this working solo for more than 3 years, rather than working in a team and letting asmers do all the "dirty work".
It would be really wonderful for me to see this hack in the hacks section, but to do this, I need your help.

I mentioned that the hack's beta testing was disastrous: aside from Sariel doing all he could, the rest of the team gave up midway. Infact, many issues showed up in litterally the first days of C3.
This is where I ask for your help: even if you already reviewed the hack somewhere else, in the C3 thread and so on, feel free to post your thoughts here. I'll do my best to give you guys a 2.0 of this hack, sooner or later.

Link to the hack, this is the version it was relased for C3.
The hack has 69 exits, it's awfully demanding to 100%, and level design goes bullshit around the late levels of the hack.
Also the hack has NSFW content, seizure warnings, bad words, adult topics etcetc, you know all that already.

So far this is the list of issues I signed during these days:
- hack needs massive proofreading
- the "impossible boss" breaks on real hardware
- the boss with the fists can be beaten when being on the edge of the screen; it also teleports you in the wrong level once it dies;
- infinite complaints about the buttons mappings: let me know what combination would work better for you. Mapping buttons sucks but I'm willing to go trough this hell for you;
- many skipped the tutorial in the temple: I'll make it a forced level to go trough;
- "giant climb" isn't signed as level without WakaCoins;
- everything Lazy said in his removal log.

Go ahead and spam this thread with feedback. Once I get enough, and feel motivated enough to attempt all the fixes, I'll start working on it again. I'll probably avoid porting to a new rom, but if the hack will crash too easily, then I'll be forced to do so. Either expect a slightly updated hack, with all of your suggestions, or a total revamp due to the porting to a new rom.

Obviously, everyone who will post anything constructive (no matter how subjective it is) will be added as tester in the credits.txt of the .zip.
Well, I finished the hack a few days ago so, Here are a few suggestions

Well, Here is my "Button" mapping options

I assigned the slide as an alone button, Shot Missile was changed to the button L and can also be assigned to the button X, The grab can be assigned to the default button, in this case, "Y", As well to gain speed like Mario, Changed the "Healing" to select when you have 50MP since "Select" don't have a use in the game, This let free the "Start" button free to pause the game and exit the beated stages, The Ground pound could be performed whit "B" + "Down" just like NSMB

In some stages i can easily get stuck, Like this one In my first playthrough

In some stages like the one in the Big statue where you need to put the code "B B Y UP DOWN UP DOWN" you could put a little Hint of where you can get the combination

and that's all of my suggestions for now

I have been pretty interested in this hack since I listened to some music on your channel. I downloaded it on C3, but didn't have time to play until now.
I honestly really like it.

So far I played until Unusual Meeting, and I got the secret exits too.
I really like the fact you have an actual moveset that's pretty complex, especially by SMW standards. This actually feels like its own game, which is always a good thing for hacks in my opinion.

I personally wouldn't have the buttons in any other way, it's easy to get used to it, and the mechanics are nice enough that while you have to take your time to learn how to use them better (like flying), it doesn't take to long and you get to easily learn everything around the first world.

I don't mind the tutorial not being forced, because while you mentioned a lot of people skipped, there are still some hints on other levels, and the game tells you in other stages that you should really go to the tutorial (meaning if a player really didn't want to go through the tutorial which is quick and intuitive, they were just being stubborn about that and can't blame the game for being hard when they didn't try to learn the mechanics properly).

Anyway, I like the tutorial being optional, because if a player already went through the game before, they can just get straight to the regular levels (though again, the tutorial isn't long, so it would be ok, even if it wasn't optional).

Now the levels, I really like them too, all the hidden secrets so far haven't been too hard to find, as long as you try to search for them, you will find them. And I like the surprising lack of bottomless pits so far, you a whole lot more of creative ways to bring challenge.

Also, while I'm talking about difficulty, levels and the mechanics, may I just mention how well integrated they are?

The game can be considered hard, but you're provided with so many tools by default in your moveset, and with the items and powerups, it gets even better. The fact you can replenish one heart by itself is already a good thing, I never have to worry about hearts that much because of that. And it's well balanced, you spend 50MP, meaning that right after replenishing you can't shoot, sure, you can charge your MP, but it's not automatic, so it makes for interesting action sequences, you can recharge your health, but you can't shoot, and in a section with many enemies, this makes you think strategically (which... is certainly a word I would never expect to use when referring to an SMW hack). And I also love the fact you can't recharge on bosses, that's a nice touch.

Oh, and the slide here is pretty interesting, it spends less MP than the other moves, and the way it works also helps on balancing the game, because it's basically a dodge move, you can use it in intense moments, and it serves as a nice alternative for shooting or recovering health, if you're good at the game, you can use this in many moments and can be helpful if you don't want to sacrifice 50MP for the health recovery while having low health.

I also the fact there is no life system, and with that, no game over, and with that, you can just retry every level how much you need to, and I really like it, a lot of hard hacks can be tiring because you have to redo all the levels since the last save.

Honestly, that's so good I wonder why more hacks don't do it. It's really helpful, it would be pointless for an easier hack or a short hack, but here it's just great.

The graphics are great, and probably the first thing that made me interested in this game back when I just saw screenshots and music.

All of the stuff I mentioned make for a really fun and addicting game, because it's so intuitive to play, it becomes hard to stop playing, I kept wanting to play more and more, thanks to the way lives work in this game of course, I have nothing to worry about here. No game overs to make me feel tired.

I like the presentation too, the music feels atmospheric in some parts, which is interesting because that's hardly a thing that hacks do, and the music is really nice overall.

I didn't find anything to complain here, the closest thing would be the fact that if you were moving just a little bit, you will slide when trying to enter a pipe, but you can easily use the flying to get over that, and it's easy to get used to, so once you do, you will just remember to stop on the pipes anyway. I actually like the fact the game wants to you take your time and be careful about your moves, it's a nice change from the usual "run to the end of the level and avoid things" type of hacks or the "react to things extra quick or you die!" type of hacks.

The checkpoint system is also really good, I like how subtle it is.

Overall, I have to say, while I played just a little bit, this feels like one of the best hacks I have played in a long while, I really like it. It's fair and fun too, and the different gameplay is just refreshing in an SMW hack.

And you know, the fact this hack got rejected makes me feel really demotivated. It has a lot of passion and care put into it, the graphics, the music and most stuff here is not only unique to this hack, but it was also all made by you, and that's important to note. I couldn't do any of these really, I can't make music, I can't do ASM, but I can use what is already on SMWC, but that's pretty limited.
I really like how far you went when making this hack.
I'm used to seeing a lot of hacks that while play nice overall, have not a lot to make them memorable, this is not even exclusive to vanilla hacks. Even hacks with custom graphics and nice presentation can easily mix among the crowd, for many reasons.
But this one feels unique enough to stand on its own, it has its own identity, and I like that.

I generally wouldn't mention this, but I think it's important for many reasons. This is the type of quality I like seeing in an SMW hack, I didn't play much yet, but what I played already has been really satisfying, and that's way more than I can say for a lot of hacks honestly, I appreciate when a creator puts effort in their hack like this.

And I wish more hacks would do this. Not everything needs to be custom obviously, but when a creator goes out of their way to do beyond simple custom Mario levels, well... it's just something I enjoy.

It can be really grating to see a lot of good hacks with extremely nice and unique mechanics not being finished because the creator didn't feel motivated anymore or any other reason (like Saph and the Great Rebellion, and many other hacks out there).
And I don't want this to be one of these hacks that had a lot of potential but were never finished. It would be really sad if that happened.

I can understand how you feel, but I hope you will continue eventually.

I'm pretty sure once you finish it, it will be among my favorite hacks like SMW: The After Years, Mario Gives Up 2, Saph and the Great Rebellion, The Second Reality Project 2 Reloaded, Colors and many others creative hacks out there.

I like it a lot, I will play it more and talk about what I think later on, now I really have to sleep.

Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
The controls in this hack can be pretty hard at first but once I got the hang of it, I've been having fun with the hack since then!

I love the music you used for it and I noticed that a few songs in this hack are low or high pitched!

I also like the idea where in some levels if you fall in the water, you fail (Reminds me of ANW) because Wakana can't swim due to her Wings!

The storyline in this hack cracks me up sometimes but my suggestion is try to cut down on cursing so then It'll be like a PG-13 type of hack!

Great hack nonetheless! #smw{:TUP:}
Just wanted to say right off the bat that the game is largely unplayable on real hardware. If you try to enter a level on the overworld the game will either crash outright, or start the level normally only to have no music or sound effects. In the latter situation, dying will usually cause the game to crash. Tried it out on an sd2snes cart with firmware v1.8.0, so if anyone wants to prove to me that this may just be an isolated case, go ahead.

Anyways, one thing that's really bothersome to me is Wakana's sliding ability. There were a few occasions where I either tried to go down a pipe or duck, only to end up sliding away just because I had a tiny bit of momentum left. I think having it check for controller input [altogether] rather than player speed before activating would be better.

I'll update this/post again if I find any other troublesome stuff as I play through the hack.

Played all the way up to "Sudden Darkness", and I've really only come across general things that seem iffy. The levels have been great so far!

The player is unable to restore MP [by holding up] if they're also holding the X/Y buttons. Not really too big a problem since there's no need to constantly be holding down any of those two buttons, but it might really bug people like me who have a habit of doing so, despite the fact that Wakana is set up to auto-run.

The sudden black screen in place of level transitions is really jarring and too straightforward. The usual fade to/from black would look a lot nicer.

I already forgot which level it was that I found it in, but the "YOU FOUND BUTTCHEEKS" didn't have anything signifying or hinting at that it was a code. It wasn't until I read Lester's post below that I finally figured out the purpose of it. Up to then I thought it was just a joke screen like the one in Sudden darkness.

Silly ships
The captain's tiddies should be bigger. Please fix this horrible mistake.
I’ll start talking about what Lazy said:

Level icons:
Leaving everything in a mandatory tutorial would solve the problem, as the game contains several changes in the gameplay mechanics. About creating a level icon for the porn I don’t know, because I enjoyed exploring the entire hack, so I don’t care.

About The SUCCen Ship, I recommend let it as it, after all it’s a puzzle that the solution is under your nose. If you leave another hint, it would turn the puzzle in something really easy. What I would change is only the Hidden Area that I found thanks to the Ladylucky, since the block is difficult to see their difference between the others.

I had success with the Water Castle #3 password three times in a row without mistakes, but to help the players that don’t know if they are doing the right thing, a sound would help. About the YOU FOUND BUTTCHEEKS just put "YOU FOUND BUTTCHEEKS" that should solve.

About the “???”, I don’t know what to change, perhaps leaving a better connection with pantsu would help.

Sleepy Ship with "mana" scattered around in some places resolves that some people don’t explore certain areas of the puzzle. About the puzzle itself, I liked and would not change.

About the boss in the Hidden Lab 2, I easily figured out how to hit him. It’s weird that he takes damage only with bombs, since we know how hitbox works and blah blah blah. It would not change anything of the fight since bombing the boss is one of the few ways to beat him, then you end up testing.

"you need all dragon coins" can be place in the tutorial.

HP, MP and Difficulty Curve:
I heard from several people that this hack was SUPER DIFFICULT and all, but when I played it.... Was not it? Wakana World is Hard, but there’s a lot of Very Hard Hacks in the site, and all the combat options helps you against the opponents. I played without save states and I didn’t died more than 3 times in a stage, and all my deaths were because silly plays of mine.

And doesn’t need to use the "50 MP". The game already fills you with mana. Also, the player can already Spin Jump if he have problems..
I didn’t have problems with Slide use MP, since as I said before, recover MP is incredible easy.

And the "Impossible Boss" in "Adventure, start!" is easily killed with spam. But a checkpoint in the boss would be interesting.

Most thorns are possible to glide away from them, so I didn’t have problems.

Some enemies could have been better placed, I’m going to send screenshots showing the ones that I think should be changed. (but all of then can be dodged)

None of the women in the hack was trap, 0/10

Seriously now, all "traps" can be avoided with the 6 extra jumps, but if you want, put a platform next to the on/off. But don’t remove the traps, it was nice to have some surprises in the gameplay.

In The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, don’t remove anything, all information is incredibly important. You should add even more useful info.

On the third attempt to go in the Final Showdown, I got to the boss with 99MP and full life, so... Git Gud?

Now i'll speak about your point:

"infinite complaints about the buttons mappings"

But... it's possible switch them. How the heck are you complaining about that? In every modern game you have that learn the most various controls.

Anyway, the fact that you can't run is very strange but isn't a problem here. A pause button would be be great.

"hack needs massive proofreading"
Well, i think that some levels need be polished, right?

I'll separate others informations like best level, worst level, best boss, etc.
But i will need more time, maybe i'll need finish the game again.
i think i shouldn't post here
There's a little bug on "Beach Party" i think its really easy to fix.

About the controls, i think everything about it has been said
That's all i need to say.

plz pm me ideas to put here cause i dont have ideas

I Have Readen the Thread and i Dont Understand the Most Thinks why he is not Accepted I Have Played the First Version of The Hack and i Must say it was a Lot of Fun The Controls working good for Me but first it was a Bit Difficoult to going in a Down Pipe becouse the Slide but it was not that big Problem after a few Times it was Ok The Puzzles they were all made and fun One thing would be the Waka Coins I first found out how the barriers work in the first level of the bonus world my Tipp write a note
in the Tutoriel

Another Thing are the Password to the Special World a Hint or Somthing wehre Nice i Came only to the Special World thanks Big Brawlers Hint

what the Imposible Boss concerns it is a Really Nice Secret i Found it thanks Big Brawlers Hint but i Think thats not of a Problem for a Super Secret like in The Second Reality Projet Reloaded + Cycloboos Challange
what the Creepy Pasta Level concerns i find it not to Dark a Creepy Level should be Dark and Creepy and Somtimes it is necessary slower and more careful to Play

To The Traps in Some Levels

I found the traps very atmospheric and suitable for pyramids and a ghost ship

I Would Acctept this Hack i Hope The Hack will be Accepted with this Tipps :D

Summary of the Tipps

-More Hints for The Passwort to the Special World
-hint for the Waka Coin barriers

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

What traps in levels were there? I remember some floors underneath your feet that disappear after hit an on/off switch in some tower(?) level and I thought they were a fun reactionary challenge.
Super Wakana Land 1.9.1 New version below!

After some struggling, I managed to make the first few good chunk of changes.
The change log below:
- Misc minor issues fixed.
- Pausing and quitting already completed levels was restored back. Now it works like SMW.
- The "Impossible Boss", as well as the corruped grassland level which marked the 69th exit, have been removed.
- Music will "fade" rather than ending abruptly when Wakana dies.
- Now the tutorial is a level you have to go trough as first level of the hack.
- Some overworld things were edited: despite nuking two exits, I readded them back by adding a tutorial level, and a secret exit in "The Giant Climb". It still has 69 exits now. Note that Giant Climb has no secret exit yet! The hack has 68 exits in this version!
- Changed how sliding works: now you duck and hold the shoot button to perform it.
- Nuked the "go back and forth in the right way so that everything works out" part in Sleepy Ship. Now you get straight to the boss.
- Attempted to make the stars in "The SUCCen Ship" more evident, even though I felt like any other way would spoil the whole thing.
- Changed buttons for ground pound: now you groundpound with "down" and undo it with "up", just like in NSMB Wii.
- Now you can recover MPs pressing UP even if you are pressing other buttons too. For example, now you can walk and recover MPs at the same time, by pressing -> and UP (not necessarily at the same time; asm is great).
- Probably other things I forgot because I'm dumb.

Things mentioned in Lazy's removal log that I won't "fix":
- Having another icon to address level contains a "lewdie code" rather than random porn. I think it defeats the whole thing of "searching for secrets", and so I will keep it like this.
- I won't specify how many letters to input to enter in the lewd world. Although, I was kind enough to add a message that hints a bit what to do for the buttons combination.
- Some people adored "traps" in "Ancient Building". I also do, so I'm not changing them. It's an idea that I can pull off with Wakana and that won't work with Mario (since he'd just fall unfairly).

What I'll fix in the next version:
- Level design from "Much Skiills" onwards.
- Making you able to move the undertale heart in diagonal. I'm unable to reinsert sprites, so I can't edit them anymore.
- Hopefully the broken english in case some proofreader appears.
- Any issue you'll address in this thread.

If you wish to keep updated with progress, follow me on my Twitter. I tweet something about the hack progress kind of daily these days.

Making this post, I also say a big thank you to everyone who posted in this thread, everyone who suggested me things and voted my polls in Twitter. All of you have been added in the credits.

Go ahead and test this lots! I'm amazed myself for the big amount of progress done so far.
(Note: I didn't fully test this myself. I just went trough the first map and saw that nothing exploded. Don't be scared if the hack crashes somewhere; report it if it's the case).

In vilelaboratories 3, you can get stuck here with no way back.

As far as the whole hack goes (so far I have 50 exits), I haven't really run into too much problems with it. Most of the issues I had (such as how sliding works, how the heart moves in the undertale fight.) seem to be fixed in the newer version; so I'll give that a shot whenever I have time.

There were a lot of gimmicks in this that I really liked. (I won't say which ones because we'll be here forever if I go over them, but let's say I enjoyed almost all of them.) I like how how the game. It makes the levels a lot more interesting. And I also loved the cameo boss fights. (I'm not going to say who they are because spoilers, but for those who have played the hack know which ones I'm talking about.) I found this hack to be very fun to play. I kept an eye on this hack for a while so it's good to see that it is nearing completion.

(Also quick question, if I download the newer version of this hack, can I continue from my current save file, or do I need to start from the beginning?)

Check out my Hack Thread
So i started the testing this afternoon, And got almost everything

Video of a few things
-Since the slide was changed sometimes putting the p-switch pressing "Down+Y" throws the p-switch but also slides
-By pausing in the "Cutscenes" the music can stop
-The "Healing" was nuked completely, Since the Pause button is now Start, Maybe you could put the "Healing" in the button R since that button is unused (In the cave part i was testing every button trying to heal)
-The Boss in the SUCCen ship is nuked, I know that is intended, I forgot that part after i read this thread again
-Music can also be screwed in the castle
-The tile of "Pizza Challenge" is missing
-The boss of the punchs was mentioned already but this is just a suggestion, Why not make that part an auto-scrolling level?
-And Finally, I ended the testing in the Third level of the LEWD world since the rom crashes, not even restarting the rom fixes that

Originally posted by Big Brawler
-And Finally, I ended the testing in the Third level of the LEWD world since the rom crashes, not even restarting the rom fixes that

Checked things around, and apparently, the
part completely exploded. The first two rooms crash the rom, while the third one loads but it spawns wrong sprites. I sadly had to scratch the whole thing. Only the
part will be kept in that level.
I also tried reinserting sprites and... well, I'm unable to do it. It always stops midway, saying errors about sizes or something (I use the old sprite tool). This also means that I'm unable to edit Undertale's heart movements.
I was expecting things exploding at some point anyways, but eh...

If you want, you can skip the crashy level with a cheat code (00A70649 would work) so that you can test the rest. Or you could wait the next version. Your choice.
Not that it's a guarantee, but it might help if you were to do a complete rom transfer. There's many a time when I've found I couldn't do anything more with Lunar Magic, SpriteTool or AMK and my only option was to port the rom to a new one. Often enough, it did end up working like I wanted to. Only downside is, if you need to change something else, you'll most likely have to end up porting again.

I understand that you might not have the patience to do this over and over again, but I think it's still better than getting rid of something you worked hard on, even if it's just one level.
Super Wakana Land 1.9.2 New version below!

Change log is the following:
- The "Dr.Wakana" part of "Titris & Dr.Wakana" has been nuked, since it exploded.
- "The Giant Climb" has now a secret exit.
- Restored limit of auto MP refill to 50MP.
- Pausing and unpausing is now much faster.
- Pausing in places that don't need it has been disabled (i.e. cutscenes, Jerry Scotti's level, etc..)
- Titris now recovers your hearts before each "boss".
- "Much Skiills" is easier.
- "Slippery Dark" is easier.
- "Culprit Showoff" is easier.
- "Vilelaboratories #1" is easier.
- "Vilelaboratories #3" is a tiny bit easier.
- Fixed the 2nd boss in "Vilelaboratories #3". Now you're forced to go to the extreme of the screen.
- "The Final Showdown" is easier.
- "Creepy Pasta" has brighter pasta.
- "Sacrifice #5" is easier.
- "Sacrifice #6" is easier.

What I'll fix in the next version:
- ...nothing planned pretty much.

I'm sorry if I'm disappointing, but I tried my best: porting to a new rom never works for me, simply because of the big amount of patches and stuff to add. I tried porting to a new rom various times this morning, until I gave up.

I'm also sorry if something you mentioned won't be fixed. AMK crashes the rom upon next insertion, and so Sprite Tool does. Even reinserting ExGFX crashes the rom.

At this point, I'm hoping that patch up there works well and there are no crashes or something. If there are no major issues, the hack will be submitted in the section as it is now.

I again say thank you to all those who showed interests in helping and testing me this. While it has been fun, I reached a point where this is pretty far from being enjoyable.
So far so good, I had no problems from World 1 to vilelaboratories, But i have Bad news

Idk if this was intended, But i can't access the "Lewd World", The star was revealed already even when i didn't reached the "???" level

Originally posted by Big Brawler
So far so good, I had no problems from World 1 to vilelaboratories, But i have Bad news

Idk if this was intended, But i can't access the "Lewd World", The star was revealed already even when i didn't reached the "???" level

I'm dumb lol.
Since I edited overworld events a little since the last version, the secret exit of "The Great Climb" triggered the same event as "???", so you were able to see the star for the lewd world already. Of course, you weren't able to go trough "???", since the event was already triggered.

I gave it a different event now, hopefully it doesn't conflict with stuff again.

Super Wakana Land

Hopefully the actual definitive one.
Super Wakana Land 2.0

Finally submitted again. I'm posting here so incase you want to get some extra point for feedback, you can do it here.
Full changelog is in the .zip, as well as some known bugs I was unable to fully solve.

I hope this is much more enjoyable for you now.
I played the newer version and again, i had no problems with the hack, But i found two little details

-For some strange reason you can "Ground Pound" in the "Lewd Space Trip"
-If you beat the boss while she is breathing fire, The fire can still be active in the "Goal sphere" room

And that's all, IDK what happened to the "Nightmare fuel" level

Still no luck with it working on real hardware, seems to be an audio issue of sorts that causes the game to crash. Not sure if you'd be able to do anything about it.

Played through a fair amount of the newest build [in an emulator] and haven't encountered any problems so far!
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