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Exgfx glitching and not saving properly

Ive started having serious (reletive to me) difficulty getting exgfx to function for my custom sprites. (First bit of information to know is im not very good at understaning code,modding, etc, bu am getting better at figuring stuff out, so be patient with the stupidity that is me)

1. The first thing to say about the issue im having is this, i open my custom sprites gfx file in yychr (in this case i will say YI flying wiggler), i open a gfx (gfx02 because its got spare space), and i cut and past the tiles from the wiggler gfx to gfx02 and then save it as exgfx** (in my case 97), and i set the asm file tile information to the new values and save. Then i put the sprite in my level after setting the gfx bypass values correctly, and the issue is revealed in the internal and external emulators my flying wiggler sprite is using the wrong tiles or more recently an entirely different gfx files tiles for an unknown reason.

1.1 i have had the same issue with the angry sun sprite, and i managed to get it fixed by moving its tiles around a bit and changing the asm data again, but this time i got the flyig wiggler fixed (i had to replace the asm, and cfg with fresh ones and using only the included gfx file as the exgfx), but for no reason the default gfx file which contains the regular smw wiggler now glitches the wigglers into taking the flying wigglers tiles even though it hasnt been changed.

1.2 after the wigglers got glitched and the flying one was working i decided to check my other custom sprites (poision mushroom amd angry sun) to see if their graphics were still working correctly amd they had beed conpletely reset and in the case of the angry sun, glitched again.

I dont know why this is happening or the fix but its frustrating after all this time o me trying to ge lunar magic set up and everything keeps breaking, the attached images are screenshots showing off whats happening currently.

The different colors on the seconc images shows what is linked where, the first smaller image is what lm shows outside of the emulations.