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short mario adventure

hi im making a short mario adventure with short levels


anyway its mainly level design and exgfx and with a few custom sprites and stuff.

its my first real rom hack so don't expect it to be anything near jaw dropping.

mario's overalls are purple now


and mario has a sunburn when he gets a fire flower

those red coins are bad coins, they take away coins
and that is one of the few custom blocks

the hack doesn't have many custom sprites or blocks

and i don't know what else to say it has custom music.... and some patches and stuff

here are screenshotss

yay i finally decided to record gameplay -world 3 castle

this overworld is not complete so expect some weird tile placement
current awful hacks im working on
short mario adventure
Hey there! We usually say to look around the site before making your first hack, just so you can get some knowledge on how to make one. But so far, it doesn't look bad, but besides the shot with the red coins, there isn't a lot of action going on here. I would get a video of one of your levels to verify how the obstacles are laid out.

Also, not a huge fan of the grey-only palette on the title screen. Just makes it looking boring.

Don't let that get you down. Keep it up! :)
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This looks like its off to a great start. As for those negative coins, I would try a darker shade of red or even black/Grey, generally in the Mario universe a red coin is worth 5 coins, and you wouldn't want someone draining their stash cause they thought they hit the jackpot.

I'll try it when a demo is ready.

But I'm 6'5" does that mean I'm too tall to go on the short adventure?
Lemme ask you something

Paul '96