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Goal tape randomly doesn't move nor work
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Got yet an other issue: on a couple of attemps, the goal tape in a level wasn't moving, and Mario could just walk past it and the level wouldn't end.
I have a save state at the beginning of the room, so it happened, I reloaded the save, it re-happened, and I reloaded and then it was ok.

Anybody has already seen that?!

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By "not moving", do you mean the actual tape part (not the posts) just wasn't there? Or it was there, and just kinda sitting in place?

If the former, most either the tape couldn't spawn due to too many other sprites (specifically, permanent sprites which can't normally be replaced like P-switches or springboards). Try reducing those kinds of sprites.

If the latter, then it's something else. I've never seen a glitch like that with the original game, so it might be related to any patches, blocks, sprites, or UberASM code you have used. If you have a list of those, it'd help identify the cause.

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The tape was there, at the bottom of the posts. It was just acting lie a BG thing, or dirt tiles.
I don't have any other sprites in that sublevel, other than Mario and Yoshi (and a message box).

I have:
- No More Sprite Tile Limits
- Block Duplication Fix
- Feather Autoscroll Freeze Fix
- Balloon Cloud Clipping Fix
- Time-Up Fix
- Walljump/Note Block Glitch Fix
- One OR Two players only
- Auto-scroll speed customizer
- Creating/Eating Block Sprite Editing Patch
- Custom Mario Palettes
- Spinjump picker
- Wind Blocks (through UberASM)

- Infinite Lives
- No manual scrolling
- No Bonus Game
- No Coins (counter)
- No item box
- No score
- No power-up at midways
- No "x" on top of overworld
- No yoshi coin counter
- No Small Stars1 and No Small Stars 2 (to get rid of the small bonus stars)
- Change graphics of Yoshi egg in castle destruction
- Change Wendy's position
- Palette of the THE END picture change

EDIT: oops you've asked for blocks and sprites too. Need to work on that...

- piranha_sideways.cfg
- thwomps/thwomp_left.json
- thwomps/thwomp_right.json
- bros/boomerang_bro.json
- bros/boomerang.json
- bros/hammer_bro.json
- bros/shell_bro.json
- stationary_magikoopa.cfg
- thwomp_homing.cfg
- MosaicThwimp.cfg
- thwomp_left_down.cfg
- thwomp_left_up.cfg
- thwomp_right_down.cfg
- thwomp_right_up.cfg
- thwomp_mad.cfg
- CeilingThwimp.cfg
- MosaicThwimp2.cfg
- 64mole.cfg
- Blue.cfg (blue koopa disassembly)
- bowser.cfg
- ball-n-chain-pendulum.cfg
- SMW_Hammer_Bro.cfg
- lotus_down
- piranha_firespit
- thwomp_rightslow
- RedPiranhaHorizontalShort
- nipper_smb3
- SuperKoopa
- vertical_bill.json
- CustomShooter
- torpedo_launcher
- Vertical_Scroll

- walljump.asm
- stickyceiling.asm
- switch_act.asm
- switch_act2.asm
- switch_hurt.asm
- switch_hurt2.asm
- NoPass.asm
- PassonDcoins.asm
- one_way_down.asm
- one_way_up.asm
- one_way_left.asm
- one_way_right.asm
- NoPassBC.asm
- NoPass04.asm
- kill_muncher.asm
- NoPass74.asm
- Message.asm
- kill_muncher_and_yoshi.asm
- switch_hurt3.asm
- anti-balloon.asm
- NoPass95.asm
- teleport.asm
- NoPass01.asm
- switch_hurt4.asm
- sprite_muncher.asm
- WindBlk_Up.asm
- WindBlk_Right.asm
- WindBlk_Down.asm
- WindBlk_Left.asm
- kill_muncher2.asm
- Min-Max1,7.asm
- Min-Max1,7_2.asm
- Min-Max1,7_3.asm
- Min-Max1,7_4.asm

(a couple of them aren't even used in the hack...)

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Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
(I had completely forgotten about Sprites and Blocks... sorry. I added them)

Super Mario Pants World
Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
Took me over an hour to list all that, no feedback? #tb{:(}

EDIT: that's a really butt move, to stay polite, to ask me to do all that so you can help me, to just ignore me in the end.

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Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
Replaced the goal tape by an orb, and from time to time (just got it twice in like 20-25 attempts), I get this:

Although I can take it as an orb and finish the level which is already better.
Quite a weird stuff. I thought it would be a no sprite limit patch problem since I realised this level wasn't on 10 (which is the no sprite limit slot), even though there aren't many sprites in that area. But I changed it to 10 and it's still like that.

Super Mario Pants World
Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
I'm also having the same issue but only in one level:0FF but I didn't insert any patches or sprites.
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