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The un-official LEVEL contest. Stopped.

Link Thread Closed
This contest has stopped. It will never continue again.
I for one think this is a great idea. Everyone who didn't get a chance last time gets a chance to make a level now. :)

Several important users have joined or left since the last one ended, and some users' level design skills have improved since then.

Best of luck to anyone who joins this contest.
I think I will join this, too, I've gotten farly far up last time, wasn't expecting that. Let's see, if that was only a lucky shot.
I might have a go at this. Then again, I haven't really used Lunar Magic for some time, so I'll probably be a little rusty. Ah well. I'll give it a try.


Aw man, i hate having all this time to work with... I'll get around to doing this, I'm definitively entering though.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
I'd like to join! I think I might have something in mind right now.

Too bad this ain't official.
Oh, it is so on.
I'm in. Do overworlds count?
Is it all right if we enter more than one level?

By the way, I got started on my Level, Frost Bay.
I'd like to give this another go. :D

I hope that I don't make an idiot of myself like I did last time, though. x_x
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Originally posted by uNkNowN5642
I'm in. Do overworlds count?

You can make one, but they don't count..

Originally posted by Sailor Sun
Is it all right if we enter more than one level?

By the way, I got started on my Level, Frost City.

You mean if you can make exit enabled doors and pipes? They we're allowed in last years contest to, so if you mean that, yes... And if you mean 2 levels, no. Only 1.
Hiyoko, I suggest we add the rule that we had last year. The one that said we're not allowed to talk about our levels. So this thread would be for submissions and questions only. Maybe make a separate thread for discussion?
Well if it's allowed to make two different topics for the same thing, one questions, one discussion, I guess I'll do that.
I´m in! The Level?
STAR MAZE! There's a twist about it, I think :s (have not decided yet)
screen shots

It´s quite hard
I'd like to have the level names from everyone who is taking part of this contest, PM them to me, please.
I'm participating in this but I don't know what level I'm making for this yet.

I'm making a submap to go with this level. However, the water level tiles only make Mario do the swimming movements after they're revealed, or when Mario lands on them from another path, as in not starting on it. But, OW doesn't matter, right?
@Waweegee: I guess no. Hiyoko said before that the overworld doesn't count.

I'm joining the contest too. Actually, I was too lazy last year to make my level for the contest, and I'm joining because I found the official contest very nice even though I haven't participated of it, and this also looks nice. :)

Also, I have a question: Can I rip some graphics of the original SMW to use in my level? I want to rip Dry Bones' head to use as a decoration in my level which will be desert themed.
If you want a name, I guess I'll decide for Munchers' Maze. It's the best I could think of so far.
So, are we able to use YY-CHR to do thinks such as make the classic pirianah plant have it's stem? That was allowed in last year's.
Oh, it is so on.
If it was allowed last year, you can do that.

And it is standardly allowed though, if you use the vine and make it the stem for the pirhana plant. As long as the graphics are originally from SMW, do you have the name for your level though?
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