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Member of the Month - August 2018 - 3AM Show with Impetus EP9 (Ft. Maarfy)
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Impetus: Welcome back to another edition of the 3AM show, which as usual, has me doing the interview way past the sleeping hours of normal human beings. I'm Impetus, and this month, we're interviewing Maarfy - A otherwise mysterious and lurking user who surprised everyone this C3 and came away with 7 trophies! How are you today?
Maarfy: No complaints. Yourself, scheduling aside?
Impetus: Getting a bit tired, but I'll live =p
Impetus: So, where to start with the interview? Perhaps with the thing everyone knows about you - your C3 submission! How do you feel about the response you got after posting the thread? Did you expect it at all, or was it a complete surprise?
Maarfy: I've long known this community to be extremely welcoming and encouraging, so the response was pretty much expected. I'm certainly no less grateful for everyone's kind words, though!
Impetus: That's sweet of you ^-^

Impetus: So about the entry itself, is it something you've been planning for a long time, or something you only made recently? And how did you get the idea for it?
Maarfy: Having checked into my files after submitting the patch, the earliest iteration of the code is roughly three years old. Certainly didn't feel like it took that long, though.
Maarfy: The idea itself was born from wanting more colors of Yoshi, simple as that. After piecing through all.log several dozen times, I was able to make the colors work, but doing that broke the map sprites, the shell abilities and so on. After everything was stabilized, I was far enough along that I figured I may as well go nuts, and absorb and expand every Yoshi parameter anyone could possibly want to hex edit.
Impetus: Pretty humble origins then, guess you didn't anticipate it turning into something this big when you first started it?
Maarfy: Not even remotely.
Impetus: On the ASM side, whether or not people consider you among the ASM gods, I have to ask how you ended up doing ASM, how hard you found it to code, and how the whole journey from normie to coder was for you.
Maarfy: Hmm... I got started on using patches very early on, moreso than just messing around in the level editor. Having a specific goal in mind, and seeing how the patches didn't quite do what I wanted, led to patch editing. Which of course led to crashes, which led to research, improvement, experiments, more crashes ad nauseam. The completion of the RAM Map was a huge help in the experimentation department (shame there are no proper credits!). It's been a long road, and I've a long way to go, but I wouldn't say it was particularly brutal. It seldom is, if you enjoy what you do.
Impetus: How about the after-effects of your submission? After receiving trophies like "Most Impressive" and "Biggest Game Changer", do you expect to see the yoshi expansion kit make waves in the hacking scene, end up as more of a niche patch which only sees use in a few released hacks, or somewhere in between? Seems like it could end up as a new fad to me, particularly with how easy it is to use.
Maarfy: I can't say what I'm expecting users to do with it to be honest, though "make waves" sounds a bit much. I am, however, looking forward to hacks that'll feature eight unique completely inappropriately configured Yoshis, with screen-long tongues and light-speed runaway sprints. The patch might be too much reading for that sort of hacker, though.
Impetus: Still might happen, tbh. There are some pretty crazy joke hacks out there.
Impetus: Alright, well, anything else you want to say regarding the yoshi expansion kit?
Maarfy: Not particularly. Large as it is, it's fairly simple in practice.

Impetus: Alright, well, I suppose the next topic to talk about is something less hacking related and more community related. You've been lurking on the site for quite a long time, how come you've been lurking so long, what kept you sticking around, and why was this C3 the time where you made your debut on the site?
Maarfy: I'm generally a speak-only-when-spoken-to kind of person. In those rare cases where I feel I have relevant input, someone else ends up saying whatever it is I would have said, and silence suits me well enough anyway. I linger about because you people are all wonderful. I have always, always been impressed with the reigning positivity around this place, doubly so for a community of this size. There are conflicts and squabbles here and there, as there will be anywhere, but I've yet to see it drag this place down as it has elsewhere about the web.
Maarfy: As for why now? I had something to offer, heh. I had been planning a "grand entrance" of sorts for some time, but I never expected to have something of such relevance to submit. Things just happened to align at last.
Impetus: That's a pretty fair answer. You've mentioned a few times before that you think the SMWC community is great, obviously I'm not gonna get into people's different opinions on that one, but as an observer, what things do you think have changed or stayed the same over the years you've been lurking? Are there things you think are better or worse now than in the past?
Maarfy: I don't feel particularly well equipped to answer that in full, as most of my time here has been spent "out of the fray," so to speak. All I can say is that we're just a bunch of well-meaning folks celebrating a cherished old game together - so it was, so it continues to be. If anything's decayed along the way, I sure haven't noticed.
Impetus: That's pretty fair too! Anything you're looking forwards to, or hoping to do, now you're participating a bit more around here?
Maarfy: I hope to have more to submit one day, but in the interim, I look forward to getting to know some of you folks a bit better, and to offer feedback on some projects I have my eye on. I'll need to make myself give the whole Discord thing a proper go, as well.
Impetus: Anything else you want to say, or are you ready to go onto the quickfire round of random questions to round up this interview?
Maarfy: I'd just like to throw out another big "Thank You!" to everyone for their kind reception (and for the C3 votes)!
Maarfy: And with that, by all means fire away.

Impetus: What's the origin of your username?
Maarfy: Heh, saw that one coming. I choose to withhold that at present, though I will at least confirm that it has nothing to do with a certain Pokémon.
Impetus: What's your favourite SMW hack?
Maarfy: Oh wow, I haven't actually played any hacks in years. Uhh... P-Play 100 horizontal???
Impetus: So, gambly nights c;
Impetus: Do you have much experience with making levels, or is asm your main thing?
Maarfy: ASM all the way, for better or worse.
Maarfy: "The main part is that programming has far better defined endpoints than level design - 'is this subroutine faster' can be objectively answered, 'should this Koopa be moved down one tile' can not." -Alcaro, July 2015
Impetus: A quote for the ages!
Impetus: Are there any users on the site you know or have interacted with before this C3?
Maarfy: Not a one.
Impetus: Favourite ice cream flavour?
Maarfy: Butter pecan.
Impetus: Most regretted purchase?
Maarfy: Well over half of my old college textbooks. Quite the little racket, there.
Impetus: What age were you when you had your favourite birthday?
Maarfy: I'll appeal to the infinite wonder of a child's imagination and just say "young."
Impetus: When did you lose you childlike innocence then? =p
Maarfy: Who all says a child's imagination need be innocent?
Impetus: Poets, I think.
Maarfy: Poets. Pfft.
Impetus: What's the scariest thing you can imagine?
Maarfy: A life full of regrets brought to its end.
Impetus: What's the meaning of life itself?
Maarfy: Munchers, naturally.
Impetus: Any last words for the interview?
Maarfy: I'll just put this right here, just to be a twit.
Maarfy: [nice] people don't do this sort of thing, but here we are.
Maarfy: Thank you again for your time, and thanks again to SMW Central!
Impetus: Nice! Well, that's all we have time for. Be sure to tune in for the next episode of the 3AM show, whenever that is. It might be next month, or another year from now. Probably the latter, The Last Minute Show has been getting good ratings lately. All that's for sure is, it'll be at 3am!
ayy great interview

wwll done on the 7 trophy streak btw !

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

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It's fascinating to me, to think there has been someone like you; someone silently lurking and working on something for all these years, someone who did not give up on that thing, and finally released it to the site, all this time later. You've been thanking the community a few times in this interview, but I wanna thank you for coming out of the dark and showing us what you've got! Your dedication is what this site needs to thrive
How to impress the entire site with an ASM project.jpg

I'm still impressed about what have you done. You're part of the SMWC's history now. Pretty good interview as well, very deserved MOTM.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Many thanks for showing what you came up with on the table after years of lurking. Also this interview was interesting.
Crongatumalations, Maarfy!

Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
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