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Kaizo Experiment - The Beginning


Due to several problems of my previous hack, I suspended (not cancelled!) and decided to start small scale kaizo hack based off previous hack. (Sorry! :P)

This hack have different direction when you compare my previous hack. (Super Mario World Kaizo Paradise - Old name : Super Mario World Alpha)

First, trolls (ex. invisible coin blocks etc...) do not exist.
Second, this hack will have short length than previous hack (currently plan : 5 exits total.)
Third, featuring trick-only level designs (some exception can apply tho.)

Stage 1 - Chuckrounds
Stage 2 - Night Acrobatics
Stage 3 - Wacky Eggthletic
Stage 4 - Mountain Tightrush
Stage 5 - Kaizo Skytower (+ ending)

(Screenshots from stage 1 ~ stage 2!)
(Although, some screenshots slightly outdated...)

Download :
The stage looks neat! The design is very friendly and the music fits it very well. I would just advise fixing the glitched pitching chuck graphics, and some of the cutoff that is seen on some parts on the end of the stage.
Overall, an simple, but fun looking kaizo.
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Thanks, natanmv! :) (Also late reply!)
Actually, I fixed problems you mentioned after I finished recording of stage 1. :P
Anyway, here's stage 2 preview!
The second level doesn't look that bad so far [and I don't see a problem with the SMB1-like scrolling], but try to avoid being too repetitive with what is given to you. I know there's not too much to do, but innovation is always great to see once in a while.
Good luck!
Thanks, Katerpie! (Way too late reply! :P)
Anyway, I finished stage 2!
Featuring shell acrobatics + puzzles!
Here's demo version of my hack if you want play two stages for some reason.

(Keep in mind this hack intended for expert kaizo players! Anyway, good luck! :))
I finished half of stage 3!
The stage looks pretty good so far, unlike some of your past stages, this one doesn't look repetitive so far.

Man I have to fix my hack soon so I can put these boxing gloves there too, they look so fun!
Listening to metal, loudly.

My Youtube

Thanks, natanmv! :)
I finally finished stage 3! Check it now!
Finished Stage 4!
Basically, really fast-pased remixed gimmick speedrun stage!
Sorry, everyone. I think I finally ran out of idea completely! ;-;
So, instead making full stage, I decided to make boss-only stage!
Anyway, here's video(+ ending)!
And here's file if you want challenge yourself!

I will upload screenshots of stage 1 ~ stage 2 soon!