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Would anyone knowledgeable of sprite asm/cfg be willing to set up my rom with sprites, and graphics?

Would someone who is knowledgeable about setting up sprite asm/cfg, and graphics amd who has free time on their hands, be willing to properly set up my rom with my sprites, and graphics?

I have been working to set up my rom for months (and with help i understand how to set the stuff up mostly), but every time i make a little progress i get various errors or issues of all sorts and it has begun to lose apeal to me at this point but as i want to create levels (primarilly for myself) i want to finally get everything set up properly so i can enjoy lm without all the annoyance of repeatedly setting up the same files over and over to have them break again.

As i said above i have learned after several foolish mistakes how to properly set stuff up for he most part, but between graphic, insertion, and the random crashing errors i dont find it all that worthwhile to keep doing the same things to make no progress.

Going back to the original question, i have a fair number of sprites and have tried to keep them themed to level type (level theme[desert,water etc], or level era [smb2/3,smw] but i havent made any real progress in the months ive been working on this stuff either from my inability to understand things or just various other issues.
I don't really think this is a good idea, as you would need help from somebody every time you need to change or add something to the ROM. If you are more specific on the issues you have with some tools, I may help you.
Ive been in contact with thomas and telinc and even though i get something set up i end up having errors

graphic glitches such as when ,even when the numbers are correct for its sp3/4 slot, such as angry sun, had it working then without even altering it, it glitched again and i had to fix it again, this has happened twice and happens on more than one sprite, ive had sprites which continue to select different tiles despite the numbers being right (even if par of it works fine, such as chainchomp having one tile work one not)

Then i repetitively have issues inserting sprites where a sprite i havent even edited said "could not find jsl getdrawinfo/suboffscreen]" but this fixed itself randomly the other day and now it is back for no reason even though i havemt even touched the sprite once yet, amd a few recently we managed to get past which were my fault (i had difficulty understanding some of the concepts to do sprite insertion, ive gotten better and understand most of it except coding/errors).

With finally figureig out roughly how to insert and setup sprites sucessfully i thought id make progress, but every day i seemingly have to restart or stall on what ive already done because of random nonsense.

Thats basically why i figured id ask someone else to set it up so ot actually works, changing something i could probably do, but i may be willing to retry more work on it as long as i actually make permanant progress, i want to be able to make fun levels not only focys on setting up lm, if you want to help id appreciate it and may hit you up on discord, but i do seem fairly dumb when it comes to understanding this stuff.