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Touhou Xtreme ~ A Scarlet Revenge - I need YOU!

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After six long months of hard hacking, I am now read to send out my beta to you guys. What I have made is something different than the ordinary Mario romhack and made something similar to an RPG featuring a new generation of Mush. Kingdom Heroes, a strange youtuber, some new rivals and enemies to encounter, some old enemies with a more dark side, and *E****A & S***** from the Touhou Franchise.

What am I looking for in a beta tester:
- Critical feedback - SPAM this thread with it. I need as much as possible.
- Advice - Levels, bosses, story, etc.
- Support - Maybe... I'm not forcing you to like this game
- Lookout for Bugs - I'm no ASM programmer, but any help would be fabulous
- Grammar Nazi - Go over every single text and help me make this as ENGLISH as possible. Do you even ENGLISH, bro?

Title: Touhou Xtreme ~ A Scarlet Revenge
Type of romhack: Choconilla
Difficulty: Hard
Levels: 33 gameplay levels + 3 cutscene levels = 36 levels (I know it's short, but for a first time, not... terrible? Also, no secret exits and levels are long).
Worlds: Four
Rated: M (Don't play it if you can't handle cursing).
Power of Memes (1-10): It's over 9000
Level of Drama (1-10): 21 (Better love story than Twilight)
How much is completed: What I believe is 100%
Recommended Emulator: ZSNES (Avoid any accurate emulators. I will try to get that fixed sometime)

Scarlet Kingdom - Remilia's Castle is kaizo: light difficulty. Skip it if you can't handle kaizo: light.

When you're ready come and get it. Na na na na.

If you don't know how to apply a .bps patch to a Super Mario World Rom, here's a tutorial on how to do so.

Another note for all beta testers: You will appear in the tester's section of my credits. You don't need to clear all the levels if you can't do it. I'm not forcing you to complete the whole thing.

Once I get enough feedback, I'll make the final version of my romhack and upload my final release. If there is an error earlier in the romhack, then I'll try to fix it and make an updated patch for you guys to test out.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Here we go, my cupcake!
I can see the much effort that you put into this hack.
here some bad things i want to say for now (in general):


I see that you used the famous [.Ips] but the new thing here
now is the [.Bps], okay?

Tip: Use [.Bps] instead.


Ok, the loop ins't a true issue, but you can remove it.
The hack will look more cool, i guess.


The songs are beautiful but some of them are very high.
This can affect the gameplay in a bad way.

Tip: Tone down the main volume of some sampled ports.


Yeah. The game has strange effects during certain moments,
which already gave me the feeling that this would happen.
The crash happens in the first level. All emulators crashes.
You will need fix this ASAP.

Tip: Try to know what can crash your ROM. Maybe a bad patch?


Despite the short time playing i can say i liked it.
This hack have a cool OST and the first cutscene is funny.
After all, it have Touhou and Touhou is life, right? :3
But the crash still a big issue here, lol.

Good luck with your project!
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
Thank you for the tips, but, what in the first level crashed? I never experienced what you did when play testing it multiple times.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Originally posted by Hooded Edge
Thank you for the tips, but, what in the first level crashed? I never experienced what you did when play testing it multiple times.


Once started the first level the intro starts to act weird.
You can see a line crossing the screen here.


While playing this beautiful thing appears sometimes.
Ironically this don't happen in the Zsnes, but...


Well here. The level still playable even here.
If the player dare cross the screen, that's happens:


And so, the crash happens.

I'dont know what's wrong here, maybe some conflict between
patches? By the way your statusbar have a priority issue
that i don't know how you can fix it.
If more peoples claim this same crash i will suggest that
you port your hack to a new and clean ROM.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
Hmmm... I'll be right on it! That, obviously doesn't look good at all! I did mostly test this with ZSNES and not too much of SNES9X.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Originally posted by Hooded Edge
Hmmm... I'll be right on it! That, obviously doesn't look good at all! I did mostly test this with ZSNES and not too much of SNES9X.

I mean, Zsnes was mentioned how example because the flickering don't appears with it (instead Snes9X and Higan). By the way Zsnes is a little outdated so is better get the focus on new emulators like Snes9X and Higan.

Good Luck!
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
Originally posted by ThalesMangaka
By the way Zsnes is a little outdated so is better get the focus on new emulators like Snes9X and Higan.

Good Luck!

Better yet get ZMZ, same hardware as snes9x but with the easy to use zsnes gui
Paul '96
I've heard about that emulator before and most of the reviews on it were negative on it.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Two Levels gives me a Black screen with music Playing but i can not Play The Levels The First one is a Level in World 3 Seaside Lands 1 The Second one is Dusted Ground 2 a Level of the Last World and the Chrash of the Rom in Level 1 is for me to Sadly i Play on Zsnes :(
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

The issue seems to sit around when a piranha plant is spawned, it crashes the game (can't seem to see why it does that, but one reason could be because I messed with its stem on STEAR). I replaced the sprite with the imamelia piranha sprites (long and short) and it seemed to do the trick.

For Seaside Lands 1, the plant appears on the first screen. Similar thing for Dusted Grounds 2.

The HDMA is something I don't know how to fix (since it's being used with UberASM instead of sprite format).

The title is something I also don't know how to fix (even I wanted to get rid of the fade)

Once I get them fixed with ALL MY LEVELS, I'll probably update the patch (with a bps file). I'm sorry I didn't see that when testing it. I should've saw that earlier on. I might even add more sprites like the poison mushroom and such.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

A new link has been replaced on the top. This should fix the issue with the piranha plant.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Hello! I played until the first pipe and i'm done... for now. See below a brief review about what you need change it:


I have a bad feeling about the difficulty. The game don't give the player the breath what need it, even though hard.
Sometimes i think you take advantage of health system to put a lot of enemies per screen, what is bad. By the way, this hack is more Very Hard than Kaizo: Light.

Tip: Reduce the number of enemies or\and increase powerups.


Until where i played the hack don't triggered the save menu, even beating a castle or Ghost House. This forces the player to use the infamous savestates. Did you use them while testing your hack?

Tip: A nice autosave system will be great here.


Your hack screams "i need be polished now!" in a cute way.
In some stages, sprites colors and gfx are missing.
Custom blocks don't works and cutoff appears in some levels.
See below for examples:

This is a Cutoff.

A good example of blind jump here. I need put the camera a little forward to see where i'm going.

Piranha plants don't have a proper color here.

Sprite memory. Try change it for 0E instead anything.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
Thanks for the feedback.

I didn't think it was going to be pretty hard (and wasn't expecting too many blind jumps), but thanks for keeping the lookout for that.

The save system... about that... there is no save system... mostly because it would've glitched the game if I were to save it (sadly, but it had to be that way). I'm gonna make it an arcade-based game (even though it's long).

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

So I have tried to make this very compatible with Snes9x, but there seems to be a lot of issues I run into. Until I get it fixed somehow (if I can), I will recommend that you use only ZSNES (or a ZSNES core for something like retroarch if that's a thing). If I can't get it to work properly with Snes9x, I will upload the game and recommend it be used with ZSNES.

Other than that, I am going to make a full tutorial stage (optional, but recommended) where you get to learn some cool tips and tricks you can do with the player and some of the blocks.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Introduction -
Do you not have No More Sprite Tile Limits patched or something?

Anyway, I'll be testing this hack using SNES9x. As per the submitting guidelines:
Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
Immediate Removal if the Hack:
Breaks or crashes in any major emulator (latest Snes9x and higan)*

So, yeah, you might want to work on that.

Oh, and before I forget, I didn't even get past World 1 as the parts I did play require some serious cleaning up...


Major Issue 1 - Sprite Tile Limits & You

Do you have an affinity with cut-off? Jokes aside, there were so many instances of cut-off, mostly from sprite limits.

Here's, but a few instances of that happening:

Figure 1, One of the few instances of block cut-off, I can't actually remember what caused it, I believe it was a Dragon Coin though...

Figure 2.1, Sprite Limits #1.

Figure 2.2, Sprite Limits #2 (That Parakoopa should have wings).

Figure 2.3, Sprite Limits #3.

Figure 2.4, Sprite Limits #4 (Also, what's that pink thing in the background?).

Figure 2.5, Sprite Limits #5, Notice something strange about that Big Jumping Pirhana Plant?

Figure 3, That's right - The Pirhana Plants are redenered behind the bushes!

Figure 4, Priority Block cut-off, why does that block even have priority? (Also see Figure 4.1 to see something strange that happened)

Figure 4.1, Magic (Honestly, I have no idea how this would even happen).


Major Issue 2 - Colour Bars - IN SPACE!

During the intro cutscene, this happened:

Figure 5, What are those, colour test bars?

If this was the only instance, then maybe you could get away with it, but no -

Figure 6, Return of the bars.

At the start of level 1, the bars returned. Okay, okay, but if that was truly it, maybe you'd be okay, but no, it gets worse.

Every single time you vertically scrolled the screen, the background would blink with these bars.

Every. Single. Time.

This leads me to believe you are trying to make me a seizure have either have some form of Freeram Conflict with whichever screen scrolling patch you have or, whatever screen scrolling patch you have is incompatible with HDMA or even, the incredibly unlikely, random conflicting patches!

Unfortunately, for you, the only way to find out what's causing it is to move everything to a blank ROM. To stop this from happening in future, I'd suggest using TheBiob's PatchManager which lists any potential conflicts between patches. I'd also suggest making sure all patches are not Xkas (That can cause some issues) and make sure you are using the most-up-to-date ones you can.


Minor Issues Galore -

Starting off quickly, we have some issues present in the World 1 fortress -

Figure 7, Why are Dry Bones & Bony Beetles missing their eyes?

Figure 8, Just a heads up, the flames found upon the candles are actually a sprite you need to place.

Moving onto quick fixes, we have this -

Figure 9, You see that steep slope, the Player can fall through that.

Figure 10, It's hard to tell have many times the Player has hit the block, suggest making some sort of visual cue (EG, the block changes palette), also blocks that the player can walk through (Such as those blocks seen right of the Figure) should be visually distinguishable from solid blocks. The most way is to make the non-solid blocks slightly darker.

I also have issues with the 'broken pipes...'

Figure 11, At a quick glance, it's not immediately obvious that those blocks hurt the player. I'd suggest making them more visually dangerous (Sharper spikes, etc).

Figure 12, I'd also suggest NOT to use munchers for the blocks, as the sides are, quite clearly, not dangerous. Instead of munchers , I'd suggest using these blocks.

Finally, the harder stuff, which I have no idea how to fix, and you're gonna need someone who is better at this stuff than me:

Figure 13.1, The Dragon Coin text is busted.

Figure 13.2, Ditto.

Figure 14, This sprite changes from gold (When leaving the ?-Block) to blue (When the animation for leaving the block finishes).

Figure 15, This happens at the level intro screen.


Summary -

I'd just like to finish by stating, I will, most likely, not coming back to continue to test this hack. Just my personal decision.

- Wii2
 "Great work! Because this message is prerecorded, any observations related to your performance are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments."
I will hopefully get that HDMA & Sprite Cut-off fixed.

The bony beetle and dry bones are meant to not have any eyes (and no pupil) since they have no souls. #smw{^_^}

The pipe (muncher) has just now been fixed to have the sides not hurt you.

The candle sprite couldn't be added since the castle bg is one block higher than the original, but I can add the light that goes above it instead.

The intro text... I could get rid of the "World _". Maybe that glitch won't be as visible as it should be.

I also just inserted the No More Sprite Limit Patch, hoping it will fix any major issues I have with the rom.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Really excited to play this hack.

I shall list my observations by stage

Stage 1-1:
The background frequently flashes red lines across it when going up or down. I'm playing on the Zmz emulator, so I dunno if that has something to do with it.

No Time Limit! which is good because it means I dont have to pause to type this up (even though the music doesnt stop when pauses, which is neat)

Remilia stole all the question blocks and replaced them with 'A' blocks! That fiend! That absolute Devil! (forward note. all puns are completely intentional)

Axe bros are chunky and toss axes. the timing to get through them kinda reminds me of that one section of Fire Man's stage from the original Mega Man where you had to go under fire dropping on your head with a really strict timing

Piranha plants spit baseballs at MC(who i cant remember the name of help) now, which is fun.
also, triangles.

I like how the score that usually pops up when you kill a thing now says "pow". I think. Tiny & blocky text is hard to read.

Ilia (It has an 'ia' at the back I'm sure of it) has a neato air stall thingy. for some reason it only acts as a spin jump when you're not trying to bounce off of spiky enemies, though that may just be the plants.

I like the use of both smb1 goombas and world goombas(who I shall from now on refer to as "galoombas")

Not sure if this will be a blessing or a curse in the near future, but the hud hides behind both layer 1.

Health counts down dude.

Not sure if its just the camera (which may be a little wonky at times), but Green Peach seems really floaty when bouncing off chucks.

Chucks are blue now. which is funny because Rilia is green, unlike in the original smw world where Mario had blue and chucks were green.

a r m o r e d a r m o d i l l o o h y e a h
wow talk about a tone shift amirite?
The screen went to a blue gradient while loading this area, so i was scared something went wrong

gotta say, lava lotuses in tight spaces are spooky

now back to the overworld, which has both positives and negatives (ha!)

... and immediately into a mid boss. with SMB1 AXE BROS! AAAAAHHHH!

SMW axe bros are now chunky axe bros now.

Although the axes that fly off the top of the screen dont come back down. oh no.

Stage 1-1 is done

Talia! That's her name! I knew that!

This overworld theme is really familiar, but I can't place it.

A save system immediately makes this better than the original smw.

Stage 1-2:

Man I wish I could type in line breaks

Jumbo sized goombas dude

gotta admit, the broken pipes got me dude. I didnt realize they were hurting me, and I wondered why I was taking knockback.

Speaking of, thats a lot of knock back! you get sent back like, a jumps worth of distance, unless you DI it away

ok, so that thing with the air stall doesnt let you spin on any spiked enemies. good to know.

gotta say, the skull and coin switches are neat. kinda reminds me of the moniters from Sonic.

Jumbo ninjis are immune to shells. oh no

the jumbo koopas must have a shrinking aura on them or something, because the shells get really big when you jump on them

Also, dont take jumbo shells through pipes

aw man now im gonna have to test this with normal shells

big boolet spawners dont spawn big boolets. oh no

This is a very spooky, almost blind jump

Watch out for bridges with invisable paint on them

ok so the hud isnt hiding behind anything this time. also there may be just a tad too many sprites at screen at once.

The jumbo jumping plants, however, are hiding behind both the trees, as intended, and the leaves on layer 3. now this wood be a problem, but it just makes it a bit more fun for me.

Im weird though. I have an odd sense of difficulty.

good coin block

but what if blue coin was YoShI COn1!!!!1!!!111! (you should probably change the tree or coin posistion)

going off screen and back on replaces the bottom part with a yellow texture with a black grid

Time for the second midboss: simon belmont bros

Stage 1-2 done!

ok so going back to stage one, the pipe lakitus stayed alive long enough for me to notice that they toss blue hedgehog balls that turn into red hedgehogs upon landing. good pallet consistency. The regular shells do not glitch out when brought through the pipe, btw. Good to see the start+select exit trick is stil a thing.

Stage 1-3:

Chainsaws are green now. nice

Any reason koopa shells make a tiny splash when they fall into a bottomless pit? or is that unintended. Chucks also do this, i noticed

circular koopas dude. woah. the wings tend to despawn though, so it looks like theyre just floating around

shorter level than the other 2, for i am now on the miniboss.

I had 0.5 seconds to react to and dodge that pitchin chuck on the left. oof

Stage 1-3 done

Stage 1-4:

aww Kooper thinks Thaila is cute. Kooper x Bailey otp.

After a short discussion about prostitution, we enter Scarlet Castle #1

its scarlet.

podobos are blue now. that's her attack

thwomps seem to be a bit more aggressive if I do say so myself. or at least some of them are. guess they had a bad spike day

kooper king

I missed this meme, and Im glad i did

Yeah Taila! show him that youre an independent woman who dont need no man!

Boom boom, but with podobos. and WINGS!

(obligatory orb joke)

Stage 1-5:

Kirby music is fun. the red lines of doom are back, too.

Cant say i expected this track for a cave. I was sure some SA music would be used

Regular ninjis are shell killable. ok

wow. thats a lotta chucks... which Callie's baseball danmaku are completely useless against. oh no.

then, its BULLET HELL. This section slows down my emulator, which is not fun

afterwards, the midboss appea- jesus fuck thats a lot of axes.

axe chucks still throw axes when charging at you, which is good to know.

Stage 1-5 done

Stage 1-6:

(cue sonic x intro)

sm64 goombas are sleepy dude

I managed to find a moon here, and i noticed the HUD is hiding again. Just a bit inconsistent.

what... what are these? jackals? i dont know this reference help. they do act like rexes though.

also, a pirannah plant in a bottomless pit. why

This blue coin is just rude

Midboss was much easier this time around. I also like the sonic 1 boss theme more then the s&k one

Stage 1-6 done

Stage 1-7:

Well this level was an... experience

Someone could probably get motion sickness from the bg

Can't say im a fan of the enemy placement, though, if only because of sprite limitations

Why do some boos die to spins, and others don't? theres not really a good way to tell the difference between the two

Also I have no idea where to go help 2nd room too stronk help.

~~50 quadrillion years later~~

Ok so after looking at the level in the editor (no im not ashamed), i can determine that the reason for my struggles were due to the fact that a moving hole, while in the correct place in the editor, was moved to a different spot in game.


so I "fixed" it (Read: putting a hole in the tiles)

oh boy. A familiar face, in a not so familiar place.

So that boss was a real fun guy[/pun], although he ended up doing the jumping attack more often than not.

Stage 1-7 Clear

Oh boy! now onto... Yoshi's island 4? hmm...

oh wait its just another cutscene. I figured as much, considering how that boss seems like it would be a good place to end the world.

Oh boy! New PC, with an easier to remember name!

Alright, so this post has gone on for a bit to long, so im gonna save world 2 for another time. (once more the overworld music just escapes me)

So far this hack has been enjoyable, though there has been a few rough spots, and im not really a big fan of ghost house levels. We'll see what adventures await Pyrrha and Artemis Soon(tm)
"The problem with Internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their authenticity" ~Benjamin Franklin, 1706

I make a little bit of everything!

Current Projects:
Super Mario World 358/2 : Mario Harder
Finished Projects
Super Mario Kart Hardmode
So after porting everything into a new rom, I fixed the HDMA and many of the other crashes that affected the previous rom. I hope to get this new rom all patched up for the next beta update soon.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

I didn't realize it until I began playing the hack again, but the save system doesn't actually work in the version I tested. It sends you straight from the title screen to the introduction and a new file.

It's not a problem for me because I (unashamedly) use save states, but I can see that becoming a problem for others.
"The problem with Internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their authenticity" ~Benjamin Franklin, 1706

I make a little bit of everything!

Current Projects:
Super Mario World 358/2 : Mario Harder
Finished Projects
Super Mario Kart Hardmode
I'm turning this rom into SA-1 and hopefully plan to get it out sometime. Somethings are gonna change and some things are gonna be fixed. You won't deal with slowdowns in the near future and I'll have enough room for more dialogues.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

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