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Custom sprite help, possible spawning code issue

First off im using telincs' updated/prototype geipy (which is important as mentioned later)

The issue im having is the whacky mole, aka rock/bomb throwing mole by leod, it doesn't select or throw the correct sprites (rock/bobomb respectively) instead it throws somewhat random items which change based on level or situation, such as in level 105, it will spawn (and drop) p-switches unless i put two together then one will throw beach koopa, while in level 106 it will spawn 1-ups, and if i put a different sprite near it it may spawn parakoopa.

My assumption is the spawning code is messed up with the tool however telincs version of geipy fixes spawn problems some pixi sprites have on geipy so ot shouldnt be the only one with an issue.

The link following is for a zip which contains the asm, cfg, exgfx, videos and an image of the issues im having so perhaps a solution can be reached.
Okay, I finally got the time to look into this. The sprite's spawning routine is completely wrong; it spawns a custom sprite without calling the appropriate routine, which somehow ends up working fine under older sprite tools. There's no real way to check if a sprite is doing that, especially with GIEPY's handling of the extra bit, so even my custom version can't catch it and correct it. Fortunately, this is the only sprite I've seen so far which spawns another custom sprite like this.

The simplest way to fix this would be to correct the sprite spawning routine by adding JSL $0187A7|!BankB on line 542 (it should be preceded by JSL $07F7D2|!BankB).
That made it spawn the correct sprites, but now its still just dropping them on the ground instead of throwing at mario. Kind of makes land mines with the bobombs as they explode at mario contact.