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I have a few sprites i'm having difficulty with.

I'm having trouble getting the invincible shell sprite working, it was functioning correctly for a few days then it suddenly stopped spawning when placed in LM although the asm, and cfg are unaltered from the default zip as it was functioning before.
I have tested on multiple roms, clean and patched, and it only sometimes (briefly) works correctly, however the other shell sprites (in kicked state by default) work perfectly fine still. (I use geipy, if it somehow matters, and my roms have patches, but none that should effect just that sprite, a regular disco shell [yellow koopa+shell] works fine also)

Another sprite i recently started having issues with is birdo, generally functions perfectly fine except when it dies, it spawns another birdo in its place, this never cycle never stops.

Another sprite, is ceiling spiny from chris' filebin, apparently it is trasm sprite, and i keep getting an error in piee: "error in 608.1/805 branch out of range"

And finally, smw bros (fire/ice/boomerang), after some help from telinc i managed to make them spawn their respective extended sprites, however they do not properly use them as they simply drop the sprites straight downward with no sideways physics (the boomerangs are dropped also but do turn sideways and fly off after a short time).

The following link contains all the sprites,and some videos of the issues.