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Member of the Month - September 2018 - 3AM Show with Impetus EP10 (Ft. 1UPdudes and Veck)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month - September 2018 - 3AM Show with Impetus EP10 (Ft. 1UPdudes and Veck)
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The 3AM show is back, now airing at 3PM for the first time ever. That's right, I lied to you. This double interview is a longun, so brace yourselves!

Impetus: Today we're joined by Veck and 1UPdudes, who have both been helping out on the SMWC Discord as discord moderators. For this month, both of them our our members of the month, which makes this a joint interview!
Veck: itt: we interrupt each other constantly
Impetus: Thanks to the magic of word processing, I can make all interruptions far more coherent in the final interview! Technology sure is amazing.
1UPdudes: Pretty sure someone in Pokemon says that in the first town as a series tradition
Impetus: Honestly I'm not used to someone being so clued into all of my subtle references.
I better switch to the questions part before you steamroll me here.
Veck: might as well! leave it to them to always 1-UP dudes
1UPdudes: Well I just found my new user-name, cheers Veck
Veck: always happy to help :>
Impetus: I can already tell this one is gonna be a good interview ^-^

Impetus: Right down to the grittier questions to begin with. Discord Moderation: What were your thoughts on the SMWC Discord before you became moderators, and what made you apply to help our staff moderate the Discord?
Veck: Well honestly I thought they were moderated pretty well considering that there wasn't really much in the "dedicated Discord-only mods" department up until now. Staff had to kinda double up on duties and while it definitely worked for a while, there were moments where other staff just couldn't be there to moderate something or keep things in order due to being too busy or just plain doing other things.
1UPdudes: My main reasons for applying for the role was that I often check the Discord and am quite active on it. I have been around the site for a number of years now and thought it would be a nice way of giving back in a sense. I quite like how the Discord has taken off with it been easier to share and discuss a matter of topics when compared to the old IRC. ( it will be missed R.I.P ) I like how easy it is to get questions answered as well as the casual nature of the community with a lot of different people joining here and there it feels like SMWC still is going strong which is a nice community to be a part of.
Veck: Yeah that's something I quite like too, even if I still miss the old IRC
1UPdudes: People still have IRC quotes in their profiles so it really did have something going for it. I was not too active on it so I really quite like how Discord sorta has opened up but at the same time brought the community closer together in a way.
Veck: It's also just a lot more active than it used to be, which makes it just that much better for keeping in touch and having casual chitchats
I've always liked the community, no matter how much of a pain in the rear parts of it can be sometimes. I wanted to give something back to it, and I figured that becoming a mod would be one of the best ways of doing that
1UPdudes: I agree to that as well. Also the ease of posting memes is much appreciated.
Veck: Gotta love media posting
Impetus: Pretty similar viewpoints then! The point about IRC quotes is interesting, but I theorize that might be because it was a fad rather than Discord magically making users less quotable. Though, perhaps the longer word limit does actually have that effect?
My IRC quotes were actually in the top percentage of IRC quotes. They were funny and easy to share.
Impetus: ahem
Veck: gonna catch that one, 1UP?
1UPdudes: Nah my mate Joey will though
Veck: Ah, damn. Figured you'd catch 'em all
1UPdudes: Like seriously how many are there now? 800 + ?
Veck: Not enough, i say
1UPdudes: Nothing matters after Gen 3 anyway ;)
Veck: oh shush, too much water anyway
Impetus: 807, currently. Still over 300 less than the number of digimon there are, and that series is one year younger than pokemon.
So, if you dislike large numbers of collectible monsters, just remember, it could be worse.
Veck: Yeah, you could be a digimon fan
1UPdudes: Dive > All other HM Moves
You get to go underwater and have that awesome music play. What can be better, Cut ?
807 you say? At least you can trade on the internet now. Imagine doing 800 with the old link cables.
And like that I show my age :/
Impetus: Trading them all one by one through any method sounds like hell. I'm glad the poketransporter allows bulk transfers.
The funny thing is, Digimon actually has an MMO which is the one thing every pokemon fan wanted =p
Veck: is Pokemon Online still a thing?
or was that just a fever dream
Impetus: I don't think they ever even made it work properly, and I don't think it's supported anymore.
But you can play roblox pokemon with other people I guess.
1UPdudes: I feel like we might go down a rabbit hole and just end up talking about Pokemon haha
Impetus: Yeah, we did have other questions to get to!

Impetus: Obviously, as discord moderators, you've been doing moderation. Without naming and shaming anyone, describe some of your experiences dealing with issues small and large. Hopefully it could give some insight to the rest of the userbase as to the kind of thought process which goes into it.
Veck: One of the issues that I've had the most difficulty acclimating to is figuring out when a discussion is going too far
Like when users aren't explicitly breaking any of the rules, but mods still feel that we need to keep some sort of order while we still can. That's something that I've had to do a few times and I always doubt myself still.
1UPdudes: Interesting Question. I feel as if some issues myself and other mods have discussed before taking action range from small issues to big issues. Humour is very subjective and we want the Discord to be welcoming to everyone so depending on what you find funny it might not be appropriate to post it here. We have some people post current memes without realising that they can be offensive to some. I am not going to lie I can have a very dark and dry sense of humour but I don't just post it anywhere and expect others to find what I find funny. There are plenty of other places for it. When it comes to these issues we often discuss what the best form of action is, usual in a small warning for most cases however with some members it has lead to mutes/bans. Bans have only really been done to those who go above and beyond to break the rules and even harass other members and staff.
Veck: People also forget that history also plays a part in what consequence you get when breaking the rules
Like some people are surprised when we throw 'em a warning or short couple day mute for something that can be conceived as minor, but in reality it's actually a result of the fact that they've done it before and obviously haven't learned
1UPdudes: Yeah small things adding up over time. I guess people like to push their luck ?
Veck: People pushing their luck is also something we've had quite a few experiences in already. Users that really like the skirt the line
1UPdudes: Living On The Edge = Shitposting on a SMW Hacking Discord
Veck: for a bunch of nerds, I guess that can be the case!
For real though, discussion is pretty key in moderating a place like this. Being able to talk about issues plaguing the server and what can be done about them is something I actually really enjoy, and it's always nice to have people to bounce ideas off of.
1UPdudes: Yeah a fresh set of eyes on an issue can go a long way.
Impetus: That's some pretty deep insight. I think in particular everyone has their own subjective view of what is or isn't appropriate, and finding the right point in that space in order to moderate it for the site is difficult. One of the things we've been meaning to do as staff is to make the rules a bit more expanded and less vague, and carrying that over to discord might mean you see a change in the number of cases where people seem to not get what is or isn't considered ok in regards to SMWC.
Veck: Expanding the rules to be less vague would help for sure to lessen situations in which problem users can claim they're "not technically breaking rules"
Just gotta find that healthy balance to where the rules still apply to a good amount of vast situations, while still being specific enough that we can enforce them without it seeming too shaky. I think that's gonna be the difficulty we have while expanding rules.
Impetus: Yeah, the SMWC rules have gone through a great deal of rewrites since the site's inception 13 or so years ago.
They've previously been way too long and overly specific, and our current ones are extremely laconic.
Veck: It's a work-in-progress
Impetus: SMWC is an endless work-in-progress. We can always get better =D
Veck: At least we don't have the issue where people claim we can't change rules...meant to be changed. Like a certain country
1UPdudes: the site been 13 years old is pretty impressive
considering the threads people post with "is nintendo going to shut us down"
Impetus: And all of the kids who have vowed to take the site down by DDoS attacks or hacking. We're still standing though, for now at least.
1UPdudes: Hope I haven't jinxed anything
Veck: That's what happens when you run a site populated by nerds. The angry ones unfortunately have some toys to work with
Veck: 1UP if Nintendo shuts us down you're the first one getting thrown under a bus
Impetus: Tomorrow we find out that Nintendo wants to release Mario Maker 2 for the switch and drops the gavel on Lunar Magic. We'd be out of luck without a hacking tool. We'd have to rebrand or something.
It will be 1UP's fault.
Anyway, I should probably cut the main questions down to just one more, considering how much we've already talked so far =p

Impetus: So, last main question:
Have users opinions of you, your general interactions with users, or just your way of participating in the community altered in any way since becoming a Discord Moderator?
1UPdudes: Hmmm I don't think so. I have always sorta been quite chill with things so I hope it just means people can approach more with any issues they have. I now check all the Discord channels often to see if there is anything that I can help with. That said it means I get to see what is going on with all aspects of the community. Seeing what everyone has to offer gives me inspiration for my own projects.
Veck: As far as I'm aware opinions haven't changed of me too much since I've become a discord mod, though I'm not too sure if that's because I'm doing well or if they just didn't have a (good) opinion of me in the first place. I've made sure to try and limit situations in which I come off as a stuck-up Discord mod. I love to still joke around and have a good time, it's just that as a mod I have to make sure that things really don't get out of hand which can sometimes result in me having to cut a discussion. I'm sure some people don't like that too much, but it's just part of the job. I can still goof around, but letting things slide because "they're a joke" just doesn't work.
1UPdudes: I just hope to help out in anyway I can and if people want to message me they can feel free to at anytime. I'll get back to them ASAP ( granted not when I am at work, nightshift is a pain sometimes )
Veck: Same here. I enjoy helping the community, even if it means coming off as a sourpuss who can't take le ebin meme sometimes. Some users will just never understand, and I guess that's the sacrifice we've made
I hope people just remember that we aren't here to be Fun Police (though that's definitely part of the job ). We're here to help too in cases of harassment or other issues with users.
1UPdudes: Indeed. Someone has to police the shitposting and memes
But seriously its just to make sure that the SMWC Discord is a good place to be.
Veck: Even if that means stopping jokes that can be seen as funny, but offensive to others. Sense of humor is incredibly subjective, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.
1UPdudes: We truly live in the dankest of timelines
Impetus: That's actually great to hear it hasn't changed much, since one of the things which sucks about being staff is that its often hard to maintain your old "relationship" with the site as it were. The staff PR struggle is an eternal albatross for sure.
Veck:The day I become some cranky, disillusioned mod whose only interaction with the community is telling people off is the day I die
at least internally
1UPdudes: I would not worry. The site will be taken down long before that happens ;)
Veck: I don't know, I swear smwc was supposed to be dead years ago at this point

Impetus: Well, are you ready for the Quaintly Quixotic, Quintessentially Quizzical, Quantumly Quoined Quickfire Quiz, where one Quests to Quickly Quench a Quarry of Quirky Questions?
Veck: Lost my seatbelt somewhere along the way but I'm ready
1UPdudes: I have never seen that ammount of Q's in my life
Veck: You ever watch a James Bond movie?
1UPdudes: I can only remember the old ones. None of the new ones.
Veck: A shame
Skyfall was quite good actually
Impetus: Skyfall is the only one I've watched, but I liked it.
1UPdudes: I like the soundtrack for it cause Adele is great
Impetus: Anyway aren't I supposed to be the one asking questions here =p
1UPdudes: oof
Veck: :X
1UPdudes: Bring On The Questions

Impetus: Who's the greatest pokemon trainer on SMWC?
Veck: Gotta be Noivern
takes a great trainer to actually become a pokemon
1UPdudes: Anyone who likes Shuckle is a winner in my book
Veck: I have a feeling this was a trick question
it was obviously impetus
Impetus: When Nintendo nukes the site and SMWC becomes the post apocalypse, who will rule supreme?
(Now, this one is obviously Impetus.)
1UPdudes: Anyone who has a good amount of SMWC resources downloaded. They'll sell them for Bitcoins or whatever cryptocurrency is doing well...
Veck: Zandro
the new overlord
they've got us by the hypothetical balls
1UPdudes: Pokeballs?
Veck: we just got off the pokemon question!
1UPdudes: We are going full circle
Impetus: Rap battle between 1UPdudes and Veck, who wins?
Veck: i feel 1UP has that UK rapper vibe going for him
think i'd stutter the first few lines then have my grandma pick me up
1UPdudes: The UK is good for tea and rain. Not rap.
Veck:speaking from experience?
not the tea and rain part, that's a given
not gonna lie though I actually did want to become a rapper once upon a time
my problem is that I can't talk
1UPdudes:Behind The Scenes With Veck
The Rap Dream
Veck:it's true!!
I just can't talk
not in the "i have no mouth and i must scream" way, but more in the sense of stumbling over basic sentences
it's why i talk so slow
1UPdudes: I can speak too loud sometimes but I blame that on been a Geordie
Impetus: I mean, if Veck's grandma has some hot rhymes she could still win this, but I'll cede it to 1UP for now.
Impetus: What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?
Veck: In terms of taste, probably some dry-ass green bean casserole that my mom made
in terms of "i probably shouldn't have eaten that", then I think fried ice cream takes the cake
1UPdudes: Banana Peel for a fiver. I only ate half so I got £2.50 instead.
I can't even describe the taste but your mouth feels so squeaky as you eat it.
Veck: I just shivered from reading "mouth feels so squeaky"
Impetus: I've always wanted to try fried ice cream.
1UPdudes: Sounds quite nice. We deep fry Mars Bars over here. I dunno if they do it else where?
Veck: you english folk have nothing better to do than deep fry what could have been decent food, smh
real talk though, not a fan of deep fried ice cream myself but who knows
1UPdudes: I love hot & cold foods
Sticky Toffee Pudding & Cold Custard is lovely
Impetus: We fry a lot of food tbh, that or oven cook. You don't see so much grilled stuff round here.
So I actually have my own terrible food story to make a change and answer my own question.
I once mixed marmite and mayonnaise together to use as a dip for spicy doritos.
The combined flavours was incredibly gross but because I was younger at the time I refused to admit it was gross and finished the entire thing.
I was so nauseated after that I ended up throwing up.
Veck: that physically hurt to read
Impetus: If it hurt to read imagine what eating it was like ;-;
Veck: think i'd rather eat a stick of deodorant than eat marmite
1UPdudes: I thought I was stubborn. Thats some true dedication.
Impetus: I refer to it in my head as the marmayo mishap.
Veck: remind me to name my next level after that
you know, in the next 7 years when I make another level
1UPdudes: I am surprised Marmayo is not an actual brand name
unless it is o.o
Impetus: It's not because nobody in their right mind would eat it.
1UPdudes: You would.
And Have...
Impetus: It's up there on my top 100 lifetime regrets.
Anyway, next question =p
If you could freely travel to and from one fictional universe for any amount of time, which one would you pick?
Veck: No matter how typical this answer may be, I'd probably choose something like Harry Potter
Impetus: Man, that seems like a bad choice. You'd be too old to go to magic schools, and probably just a muggle too.
Impetus: You basically just picked our current timeline =p
Veck:You roll the dice with these answers
1UPdudes: Hmm I would say the Marvel Universe. I could have a totally niche superpower but at least I would be guaranteed a movie to be made about me.
Impetus: Wow I never said either of you would automatically get the powers of a main character lmao.
Veck: Well yeah, but the whole wish fulfullment stuff
Impetus: Though marvel is probably the better pick, you could still get a job at Shield or something and be non-powered.
1UPdudes: Ant-Man / Iron-Man have no powers ;)
They do have advanced tech but sssh
Impetus: This is true.
Just hurl yourself at every symbiote, gamma radiation burst, cosmic energy and every other power giving event you can possibly get near.
At the worst you'll end up a super villain.
1UPdudes: Or get bitten by any animal
Probably easier.
Veck: Behold my magical powers of
Impetus: Try not to end up in the same project deadpool did tbh.
Veck: In that case, maybe Star Wars. Something fantastical even if no powers
Impetus: Star Wars seems like a good pick. Traveling the vast myriad of habitable worlds in space.
Seems like a chill time.
Space trucker.
Veck: even something as mundane in that universe as like, space janitor would be neat as hell
Impetus: Space janitor, you literally clean up debris from space.
1UPdudes: Get bitten by one of those Water Bears. Become Immortal and capable of surviving in an airless vaccum.
Impetus: I guess Immortality is fitting of the name 1UPdudes.
Two more questions:
Pitch any movie idea to SMWC right now!
Yeah I lied, that's hardly a question.
Or did I? Maybe I'm still going to ask two more questions.
1UPdudes: Movie Pitch: an entire movie where everything is intentionally unsatisfying with huge build ups to rub salt in the wound even more.
Veck: Pitch: a superhero movie where the protagonist is just some normal guy witnessing all the grand events from a distance
you can cast 1UPDudes as the protagonist
1UPdudes: add in me having underwhelming reactions to said epic events
Impetus: What would you name your biography, and what's the theme?
Veck: Overcoming Blandness: a book about having all the advantages in the world and still doing almost nothing with them until it's just about too late
1UPdudes: I'd call it "From the North yet I hate football" the impossible tale of a young adult who grew up in Newcastle who can't stand the footy.
Impetus: What's your closing statement for the interview?
1UPdudes: Trying to think of something witty but my lack of sleep is effecting my brain. I'll just end on thanks for the interview. It was nice to discuss various topics with no real correlation yet somehow there was.
Also thanks for having us and I hope to see people around the Discord. ^.^
Veck: Even though we mods may come off as Fun Police that only serve to ruin all your ebin memes and be prudes that don't like nsfw, remember that our ultimate goal is making the SMWC discord the best it can possibly be. Not everybody will agree with how to do that, but we're doing the best we can regardless.
1UPdudes: Yeah this too. :D
Veck: We mods are here to help, not just enforce rules and be mean.
Even if that's what it comes off as sometimes.
1UPdudes: we scare because we care
Veck: Thanks for the interview though, appreciate it a lot! You two should probably go get some sleep
1UPdudes: I should but Sonic Mania is arriving today
Veck: Priorities, priorities.

Impetus then collapses after being awake for 24 hours to do and post this interview.
Man the way its presented it looks like we talked for ages.

Either way thanks for the interview. Was nice getting to discuss various topics and subjects relating to the SMWC Community.
I hope that you and Veck enjoyed the interviewing as much as I did.
Pokemon comes up a lot lol

That said I happy to be a part of the Discord team of moderators and hope to help in any way I can. Thanks once again.

Sorry for keeping you up 22+ hours Impetus #wario{<_>}
Congratulations to the both of you on MOTM! I think you guys make very good Discord Moderators.

This is a cool interview to read too. I'll never know what the IRC was like though.

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
we scare because we care

Lol, true.
Congrats you guys, being a mod on such a large server can be a lot of pressure, I don't think I could do it
Reading about the server makes me want to hang out there more, sometime in the future #smrpg{:3}
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