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A game I guess

I guess I'm still a member here so yeah I have a fangame and I need some more supporters because we need helpers of the project.
it's right here.
This is another place where I can show it off so please check it out, i don't want to put work in it if nobody enjoys it!
please click this!
Describe the game and post some pictures? There's no way for us to help you if we don't have an idea of what it's like beforehand
That's why I put a Discord link, check it out please!
because there's tons of that kind of stuff on the server
Description: it's an EarthBound fangame which I have been making for a while.
I put the discord here so I can get supporters.
please click this!
not everyone has discord or is willing to join a rando discord. with pics and a better intro you can intice people to join or support your project. unless its supposed to be a secret, there should be no harm in having at least a pic of the title/logo

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