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Site Changelog

Link Thread Closed
There is now a New Reply link at the bottom of PMs, too (it was previously only at the top). I guess it should make it, uh, easier to reply?

...It was in the todo list, don't blame me for the idea.
I have added a new field to your Edit Profile page - email visibility. It's under the email address and it allows you to control who can see the email address you've provided. This is an old suggestion from June which I only now got around to adding.
On December 2, 2018, I finalized and merged the new voting system for the annual SMW Central Mosts. You may find the list of all events here.

There were some follow-up changes to the system. I removed the Check Progress button from the voting page after several people questioned its usefulness. I also hid categories with no votes from the "All Votes" section of the event page, also based on user feedback.
Based on user feedback in #general on our Discord guild, I made the dropdowns in the Mosts voting system ignore holiday names. Instead, the holiday name will be displayed in the subtitle under the user.
I've fixed two aesthetic bugs reported by Shiny Ninetales in the Bug Reports thread. I'll also thank RanAS for providing an explanation for one of the bugs before I managed to look into it myself.

Neither bug is fixed in a proper way, but it's the best which can be done with our current internals.
I've updated the Submissions page (the one which shows what resources a user has submitted) to make it sort the submissions by title. Previously, the order was arbitrary and seldom made sense.
When rainbow names are enabled, inactive users will receive a darker name (which still follows the rainbow pattern). Most, if not all, disabled users are naturally inactive, so this will apply to them, too. This resolves issue #73 reported by Emerald Shell.
I've internally added the ability to display a warning when replying to an old thread in a forum. As of the time of writing, no forum actually uses it, but it will presumably be put to use soon by the forum team.
There is a new field at the bottom of your Edit Profile page, trophy grouping. It allows you to control how you see trophies on people's profile pages - by default, it preserves the current behavior of grouping trophies relatively loosely. You can also have them grouped by their exact category or use the old behavior of not grouping them all. This resolves issue #71 submitted by Koopster.

I should mention that the internal category data for some more recent trophies is a little messy. Some trophies may display in an incorrect category - this is not a site bug, we just need to go through the current trophy data and clean up the categories.

Additionally, I've also addressed an older request regarding the lack of clarity when the trophy list is collapsed. I'm not fully convinced whether the new UI for it looks great - feel free to send me suggestions for improving it. At any rate, it should be better than the previous rather obscure design.
I've added a feature which allows a link on any page to summon an SPC player, much like the one in the music sections. If a link points to the filebin and it has the HTML class spc-preview, clicking it will open the SPC player. This only works for SPC files (which will be played directly) and ZIP files (which will be searched for any amount of SPCs, just like previewing in the section). As mentioned earlier, you can only link to the filebin for technical reasons.

There is also a new BBCode tag, [spc]. It works just like the [url] tag, but will automatically generate an approprite link for you. There is also a new button in CuteEdit for it, but it might not appear immediately.

This implementation resolves issue #76 by WhiteYoshiEgg.
To complement the previous change, you can now also link to an SPC file in the sections should you need to. As I mentioned in issue #76, it's done by giving a link the spc-preview class, as well as a second class which denotes the section and the file you want to embed a player for: <a class="spc-preview smwmusic-17850">. The site will handle the rest for you, including the href attribute.

As I mentioned in WhiteYoshiEgg's thread, this feature is currently not too easy to use. It will be revised if it becomes more popular than I expect.
You can now preview your entry when submitting or editing a memory map address. This resolves issue #82 by Shiny Ninetales.
The header above thread titles in forums now allows you to sort threads by their creation date. This resolves issue #77 by Deputy BS.
Polls are now publicly available for all users. You will see a new heading, Poll Options, when creating or editing a thread. You can delete your own polls if nobody has voted in them yet.

Note that the expiry field will not display properly in Firefox - this is a known issue. It can take a lot of date formats, but you should use YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.
As per issue #80, I have implemented a new type of collapsible spoiler. You can use it with the new [collapse] BBCode tag. There is also a CuteEdit button for it, which should appear soon.
I've made some changes to the on-site SPC player. There is a new button which allows you to turn off infinite looping, which is the behavior of spcplay (the SNES SPC700 Player). By default, looping is enabled. This resolves issue #75 by Katerpie.

For tracks which have a defined duration, the player will also show the elapsed time, even if looping is enabled. The timer will stop ticking after the specified duration.

Note that the fade out after "the first loop" depends entirely on the SPC's data. There is no other practical way to tell how long an SPC can play for or when it will loop. AddmusicK automatically sets correct durations for SPCs, but this may cause problems for older SPCs or ones created by a different program.

Another minor change is that sudden changes in the volume slider are now applied with a short fade, not instantly. This isn't very noticeable, but I felt it was nice to have nonetheless.
You can now put the sortable-table class on a <table> element to make it sortable. You can see an example in this old post of mine.

The underlying library is tablesort by Tristen Brown. All of its features, including all sort types, are available. The HTML filter will allow you to use the related data-sort, data-sort-default, and data-sort-method attributes.

If you're not using complete table markup (with <thead>, <th>, and <tbody> elements), you should disable sorting on the first row of your table (<tr data-sort-method="none">).
The author name filter in sections is now case-insensitive. This resolves issue #92 from Knight of Time.
A cake icon will now be displayed next to your username on your birthday (as set in the Edit Profile page). Hovering over the cake will display your age if you've set a year.

The icon used comes from the Peach's Castle site scheme. It's 16x16, so it looks a little unnatural, especially if it's next to the donor coin (which is 8x8). I'd gladly change it to a better one (an 8x8 one) if someone provides it.

This resolves issue #91 by LethalBrownies.
Section comments now have Link and Quote buttons. They behave just like the ones you can find on forum posts - Link is a shortlink to the comment, while Quote will insert a quote with the comment's content in the editing text area.

This resolves issue #96 by Gloomy.
Link Thread Closed