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Site Changelog

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These are miscellaneous changes from the past weeks that weren't announced here immediately.
  • Hacks can have content warnings for suggestive dialogue, crude language, sexual content, and violence, which replace the old "mature content" tag.
  • An emoticon for the new "Open Layer 3 of level in "Overworld Editor" Window" Lunar Magic button was added. Thanks to StackDino for providing the image.
  • Posts older than 30 days can no longer be deleted.
These are the public changes from November:
  • The (under moderation) text in section lists now shows the moderator who has claimed the submission.
  • Threads, forums, submissions, and profiles have links to their shortlinks. This was suggested by Giftshaven.
  • When editing a comment, the entire comment list is shown below the form. This was suggested by 7 up.
SMW Central will now explicitly opt out of being included in Google's new Federated Learning of Cohorts technology. We believe that FLoC is a serious privacy invasion that must be hindered at all costs.

In addition to this, SMW Central no longer uses Google Analytics or any other trackers. Google Analytics has never been used on SMWC2 pages; now, it is disabled everywhere.
If you haven't seen the news article yet, there is now a new rankset - Super Mario Advance. The old Touhou rankset has also been updated. This was made possible by bebn legg, Tahixham, and E-man38.

Other public changes from May include:
  • Fractional timezone offsets work again. Reported by BlueToad.
  • Notifications about comments will take you directly to the comment. Suggested by Kevin.
  • APNG is explicitly listed as a supported screenshot format. Suggested by HammerBrother.
The only public changes from June concern the SMWC2 beta:
  • The gallery view in sections now shows a submission's authors. Suggested by idol.
  • Images on a submission's details page link to the raw image. Suggested by Ayami.
  • Section lists provide a shortcut to filter by combobox-type fields, such as a hack's difficulty. Suggested by AmperSam.
  • The play button for the current song in the music sections is now more obviously highlighted. Brought up by Ayami.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug with incomplete translations. Reported by Batata Douce.
Comments on section submission have received a massive overhaul. I've introduced the following new features:
  • Comments from the author of a submission get a special badge. If a submission is authored by a group (e.g. JUMP Team), any member of that group will get the badge.
  • Comments can be pinned by the submission author or by a moderator. Pinned comments will always appear above other comments. This is useful for changelogs, incompatibilities, and other important notes.
  • You can reply to comments (up to a single level - you can't reply to a reply), which should clean up the long conversations found in various popular resources. You will always receive a notification if someone replies to your comment.
  • If a submission has older versions, the comments from them will show up alongside the comments from its latest revision. You can also choose to hide older comments.
Note that, like all recent additions, these features are only available in the SMWC2 beta. Users of the legacy theme will see pinned comments and replies, but cannot pin/unpin comments or post replies. They also won't see comments from old versions.

In addition to these changes, updates to submissions will retain the rating and download count of the old version, which is a long-requested change.
You can now paste in a comma-separated list of authors of tags when submitting a file. Thank you for the suggestion,  Kevin!

Also, tags will show up in removal logs now, as suggested by  Koopster. Along with the above change, you can directly copy-paste the tags if you want to re-submit a rejected file.
To ease the process of hack moderation, we're adding a limit on how many waiting hacks someone can submit. From now on, you can only have 2 waiting hacks at any given time.

You will, of course, be able to submit more hacks after one (or both) of your waiting hacks have been moderated.
The usernames of inactive and banned users now appear in italic (alongside having a different color).

Some of you might recognize this as an old feature that was removed a long time ago. We've brought it back in order to provide an easier and more accessible way to tell apart inactive users from staff members and other people with custom name colors.
I've restored the "Clear" button on section filters. As the name suggests, it allows you to quickly reset the entire filter.
AmperSam has kindly provided a new design for the SPC player.

I've also added the ability to change the volume with your mouse wheel.
Regarding the previous change - it accidentally broke the SPC player in the legacy theme. This has now been fixed.
SMWC2 has been released! Check out the announcement and the welcome page for details about the new changes.
The filebin has received a massive update. Here's the new features:
  • You can upload files by dropping them into the list page. This also allows you to upload multiple files at once!
  • Files can be uploaded as unlisted. Other users can't see an unlisted file when looking at your filebin.
  • Unlisted files get a special URL. Anyone who knows it can see the file, allowing you to share an unlisted file with only certain people.
  • Files can be edited - you can change their name and make them public or unlisted. Both of these may break existing links to the file.
  • Folders! You can make folders and organize your files. Moving files around will preserve all existing URLs.
  • Folders can be configured to show the newest file, oldest file, or a random file from the folder when visiting its URL.
  • Links to folders work everywhere, including the SPC player and your avatar. For example, this allows you to set up random avatars!
  • If a folder contains only unlisted files, others won't see it in your filebin.
  • A stricter file filter has been introduced - for example, it's no longer possible to upload commercial ROMs.
Notifications have received several improvements.

First, new notifications are now marked as "seen" when you actually see the content they refer to. For example, a "new post in a thread you're watching" notification will only be "seen" when you view the thread. Opening the thread from somewhere else will also mark the notification as seen, even if you never actually look at the notification itself.

Note that some notifications, such as "submission approved" notifications, aren't linked to any content and will be marked as "seen" when you open your Notifications page. These notifications, when unread, will always appear at the top of the list to make sure you don't miss them.

Second, you'll no longer receive notifications for content you can't see. This finally resolves the problem with notifications about a "restricted thread which you are watching".

To improve performance, old notifications that you've seen more than 2 weeks ago will be discarded automatically.

Finally, notifications can now be translated.
Thanks to  AmperSam, a new scheme is now available - "Ambiance"!
Thanks to  Tahixham, two new schemes are now available - "Doomsday" and "Rain"! Both are based on the popular old schemes of the same name.
SMW Central is now available in Japanese. The translation was kindly provided by Gamer_HS and proofread by  LouisDoucet.
We've begun documenting the public APIs that SMW Central makes available. You can use these APIs freely, of course within limits. You can find the documentation here; it'll be updated as more APIs are added.
The public API has been extended with some minor features and a new endpoint to return info about a section.
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