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Site Changelog

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The public API has been extended with documentation about its rate limits and a new feature to get raw field values of section files.
Recent internal changes have required a breaking change to the public API. Single- and multi-choice fields no longer use the old numeric IDs and will use string-based identifiers instead.

This also applies for the website. If you have a link, bookmark, etc. to a filtered section and the filters include choice-based fields, the link may no longer work. If this turns out to be a significant problem, we'll look into restoring compatibility with old URLs.
The Meet the Staff page has had a small-ish design change. On the surface, you probably won't notice much difference, but behind the scenes it makes it much easier for us to keep the page up to date as staff come and go, name colours change, roles change, etc.

Therefore, the page should now always reflect the most recent staff information.
SMW Central now supports two-factor authentication (2FA) with TOTP-based apps such as Google Authenticator or Authy. You can enable it in your Edit Profile page.

For transparency, I want to mention that staff members have had access to 2FA for several weeks. In order to ensure our community's safety, we also have a new internal policy that enforces 2FA for all staff members.
Have you ever made a post in the forums, and ever needed to look back at the source content of the post, but you can't because some dumb forum manager has decided to archive the forum so now you can't hit that little quote link to see it? Well, boy have I got a brand new feature for you.

Users can now View Source of any visible post in the forums. Meaning you can then go back and copy/paste old parts, or whatever you need to do. Enjoy!

Try it on this post. Who knows, it may reveal a secret message.

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