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Mario's Journey - World 1 Demo

Hello everyone, I'm looking for testers for the first world of my hack Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Length: 6 Exits

Download Link: marios_journey_demo_1-0.bps


Check out the link to the thread in the WIP forums for more screenshots! Thanks for stopping by!
Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Just finished playing this hack. I found some minor issues while playing:

In Koopas' Forest, it's possible to jump over this pipe here.

Is the BG supposed to not scroll here?

In Blue Switch Palace, you exit the room by falling into the large pit. The next room was entered via a pipe, but Mario didn't enter a pipe to get there.

Also sliding into a Goomba damages Mario instead of killing it.

Thanks Green Jerry!

1. There's a actually a small secret related to that, but thanks for bringing it up.

2. I actually meant to fix the BG scrolling in that section but forgot.

3. I should probably change it so the transition is a bit less strange

4. The Goomba sliding issue is an interesting one. I tried to change it with tweaker, but it already had the option to be killed by sliding enabled so I'll have to look into that.
Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
What's up, guy! I've come by to review your hack. Here are my thoughts:

First, I really dig these graphics. They are nice and smooth and match well with the title screen.

In regards to the title screen as a whole, it looks quite good. The custom animation for the Ztar and the such, but the music does need to be changed from the original, of course.

The First Steps
No problems immediately stood out to me in this level. And there is a reason I say 'immediately.' The level starts out and remains up until the last stretch as a simple, generic (in a good way), rompy, first level level. But then I came across this:

At this point the star becomes just a little bit too much I think. Just before the star is where I personally think you should wrap it up. That's where I was beginning to feel like that level was ACTUALLY ending, you know?

Koopas' Forest
This was a super neat level! The platforming was challenging and super fun because of it! I saw no graphical errors anywhere, the layer 3 fit well, there was a good atmosphere around it. And! I found that little secret:

My only complaint is that there are far too many powerups in this level. The level's biggest hazard isn't sprites, there aren't very many, it's the bottomless pits, and they don't care how big you are.

Simple spelling error:

Waterfall Cave
This might be nitpicking but these blue blocks really aren't necessary:

Blue blocks turn purple. You should be able to fix that using YY-CHR (but don't take MY word for it):

Now, I'm only adding this because I'm puzzled as to how you're supposed to obtain it. Because I don't recall seeing any capes or horses up to this point. They've all been flowers out the wazoo:

Explain to me the ways of Moon!

Lava Temple
Overall a great world 1 castle level. Although it suffers from a bad case of sprite overload. While the fireball generator in the bullet Bill cannons is nifty, there are too many placed in some areas and it causes even snes9x to slow down. Try to cut it back a little bit.

Summary: This a very very good start! I'm very much interested to see what you have in store for world 2 when you return. And might I add, this hack definitely doesn't fit into the easy/medium category. Medium/Hard more like.
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I recorded my playthrough of this hack:

It was pretty fun, but it also felt horribly janky at parts. For me frustration from jank outweighed the enjoyment I was having otherwise. I fell through the ground without understanding why, had to make leaps onto platforms I couldn't really see, never quite figured out how the hell the waterfall platforming was supposed to work, and got really annoyed at the fireball frenzy at the end of the castle level.